Goddess in Green

She’s the feature of a gorgeous graf mural on Niagra Street at the corner of the Queen W. alley S. side.

Green #-1

It seems to be a group effort signed: Robert Ryan Cruz – Doz, Nose, Cora, Anto, Wizwon, Flur, Markis, GF Crew, (Buck?) and with a “Thank you, Edith”

Green #-1b

She’s a sultry beauty, and is my Spring Celebration Mural!

Green #-1c

Stunning on black!

Green #1

With so many elements

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Now if I can just spot a crocus, or a Robin Red-Breast!

Green #2

Green #0

Pics taken by Resa, on December 1, 2013

Toronto, Canada

11 thoughts on “Goddess in Green

    1. I agree! it is a wonderful piece of street art. 🙂 I love street art so much now that I don’t go to galleries anymore. I go for walks in the alleys and streets with my camera…… well…. IPhone! 😉

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