Guns Guns Guns – “Eagle all Gone & No More Caribou”

When I found this eagle I thought:

AH, a simple post… I’ll dedicate it to my nature pal Tim

….and maybe my pal Cindy who said she saw more Bald eagles in Canada than the USA.

I sure hope this is an eagle!

In my world, I see more nature in alleys, than anywhere else.

Pics taken by Resa – May 5, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Guns Guns Guns – by; The Guess Who

“God Speed Mother Nature, I never really wanted to say goodbye”

A song of warning from 50 years ago.

I’m in tears.

On a more reflective image:

Eagle drives the car

90 thoughts on “Guns Guns Guns – “Eagle all Gone & No More Caribou”

              1. The squirrels. They have everyone fooled here into believing they are you own private squirrels. it is hysterical actually. The mums and dads bring the babies along the walls and fences to show them where the nuts are. (Probably all of us) The foxes are magnificent but keep their distance. They probably live in far better and bigger gardens than ours. (There’s seriously big garden grounds here. And all of it borders on countryside) They are quite urbanised and even use the pedestrian crossing up at the local spaghetti junction!

  1. Beautiful and timely post of this wall art. The Bald Eagle was on the endangered list due to hunting and DDT, they are a protected species. Long may they live. xoxoxo
    I’m against all hunting for sport. Need a law against it.

    1. Dear Meece,
      I know we feel the same about this.
      I forgot about this song. Did you watch the video? It’s a heart breaker. One would have to be made of poo-tin for it not to affect them.
      I’m starting to recover.
      A simple post.. right!

    2. Agree! Why do we need to hunt? It’s gross. It’s not like we are living in days of yore and need to survive by killing.
      As a matter of fact, there is MUCH to be said to moving predominantly to a plant based diet.This simple post has ripped me apart.

      1. I know, mankind is our planets worse enemy ( and it’s other inhabitants). I understand that there are tribal people in the far regions of Akaska that rely on wild food. Outside of that there’s no excuse to kill, and yet there are many many who consider it their sport. It’s sad disgusting. 🥲

  2. Nice mural, like the shot (phone camera), don’t like that other type, like the ones in Buffalo, South Carolina too I believe and probably many others towns, including mine Montreal…back to the shots we like, murals, and the one reflecting that beautiful eagle and the photographer, mice post Resa that show some beauty, there is still some around, thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thank you JMR!
      It’s a magnificent bird, and it’s making a comeback. Thank goodness!
      Aww, reflecting me and the eagle… I like being included with the eagle. I feel important.
      Have you been finding any murals lately? There is some fantastic work in Montreal.
      Are you near the Leonard Cohen mural? I’d love to have pics of that!
      Okay, JMR, take care, and keep painting! xx

      1. No not been downtown or near St Laurent street for a long time, I don’t have a bike and it is a fairly long walk, I guess I should kick my b…and start going out off my place…:D

          1. Yeah, my back is not too good, but I think walking was helping or at least did not make it worst…I will start thinking about it, maybe it will trickle down to my legs..:)

              1. Hello Resa, guess what ? I had to go to my dentist appointment this morning, checked on google, the Leonard Cohen mural wasn’t that far…30 minutes walk…manageable for an old man with bad back…I will email you pics of it and 3 others I found walking there

  3. Love this one and your last two photos. It doesn’t even take an eagle eye to spot you in that last one. 🙂 When I hear “guns” and think of songs, the first thing that comes to mind is “Send lawyers, guns, and money.” I’d be happy to share–just send me the money and keep the other two. 🙂

    1. Ya, that’s me, masked and muffed. It was a chilly windy day, but I find dressed right, it’s pleasant for a walk.
      Not sure if I know that song, but I’ll take the $$$$ too! 🤔🙄

    1. Yeah, the eagle is quite well done!
      I’m so happy that I’ve been a veggie since teenagerhood.

      So, I have been working on an answer to your last post that I read. I’ve managed to write a short essay on the whole thing, without even answering your question. I’m good at that.
      It all began when I googled Pulitzer Prize winners, and saw the exact (apparently) definition of what the prize is for.
      The Good Earth did not fit in, but it won. So why not 1984, or 100 Years of Solitude?

      Let me see if I can edit it in time for my next visit!

      1. Wonderful that you’ve been a vegetarian since your teens, Resa! I’ve been vegetarian for about 25 years, and vegan for the past 15 months.

        Yes, some awards contests do bend the rules from time to time. While the Pulitzer Prize for fiction is for U.S. authors, and “1984” and “One Hundred Years of Solitude” are of course by English and Colombian authors, those novels are certainly as memorable or more memorable than most Pulitzer winners. 🙂

  4. Perfect post, Sorceress… Beautiful Eagle and accompanying song. The images used in the video are heart-breaking.
    Unless you are hunting for food, clothing, etc… don’t be hunting. I loathe the ones who do it for sport.

    1. Thank you dear Thunder! I know that song, but I did not know the title. It is heart breaking.
      How can trophy hunting, or hunting for a tusk or horn be a sport? Hunter has a gun. Animal does not. This does not fit my definition of sportsmanship.
      Anyway, I was just going to make a simple post, and it turned into this. xo

    1. I figured you has eagles where you are. Although, I believe they nest very high, so not as easy to capture as the owls. Plus you’ve made friends with the owls.
      I think of you when I find wildlife art.

      1. Timothy Price

        I was told by a member of the Santa Ana Pueblo who had an eagle feather in his hat that the eagles nest on the cliffs of the Jemez canyon near where the Jemez river joins the Rio Grande.

          1. Timothy Price

            I’ve heard the eagle populations are at pest levels in some states. Since they are protected, they can’t be controlled easily. I read chicken farmers have sued the feds trying to get compensation for loses due to Eagles stealing their chickens. Thanks, Resa.

              1. Timothy Price

                I believe a lot of our water problems in the west are due to wiping out the beaver a few hundred years ago. Beaver are important “keystone” critters creating bio-deverse wetlands and managing water systems.

                1. I agree with that!
                  I’ve seen what the beaver do in northern Ontario. Thy create swamps/wetlands with lots of dead trees. It looks like there was a forest fire, then a flood.
                  It’s a rich piece.
                  Of course tourism is now a big deal in northern Ontario. Many don’t like how it looks…. what the beaver create.
                  They’ve been cleaning things up, building lodges. NOW, we are having bigger forest fires than ever up north. It’s not all the fault of getting rid of the beaver, but it is part of the equation.
                  The aboriginal peoples of Canada respected and admired the beaver.
                  Meanwhile….. it’s grey almost every day in my city, rains too much & floods basements and properties causing all kinds of water damage. Meanwhile, forest fires are increasing in numbers and strength up north.
                  We need to learn to live with nature, not against it.
                  Thank you Tim!

  5. I like the eagle. Funny, about “seeing more eagles” – I see eagles daily when visiting my parents near Cleveland and see eagles maybe yearly, if that, in beautiful, forested New Hampshire… Powerful video

    1. Trent!
      Apparently the eagle has made a huge comeback. Yay! (Even if there is a lawsuit by farmers against the US gov’t. Apparently they are making off with many chickens in certain areas.)
      Seems we just keep mucking up.
      Yeah… the vid is powerful. Seems like the song was written yesterday, but it is 50 years old.

    1. TOF!
      Of course you like birds. You are a sweet person. Enjoying the book, slowly, the way I enjoy all books.
      Should get a chapter in tonight!

  6. Nice job. Liking that green gradient backdrop. And also the clever reflection shots.


    1. Ahh,I can’t take kudos for the art, but I can for the reflection shots.
      Thank you, Graham! ▫◽◻◽▫▪◾◼◾▪

      1. Yes! And take kudos for sharing the art, too. 🤗


    1. Lol! Apologizing is more of a Canadian statement. Perhaps the eagle is grumpy from apologizing all the time. 🙄
      Enjoy the rest of your week, Michael! xx

  7. I love your ‘nature’ post, dahling! Fantastic shots!!! The eagle is gorgeous and look at that, he’s driving a car!!!!! Wow! 😉

    1. I laughed out loud when I saw the reflection, and eagle was driving!
      It’s always a thrill to find well painted animals. I found a blue wart hog… but it lacks the majestic feel of the eagle.
      🦅❤🦅❤🦅❤🦅❤🦅❤🦅❤ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an eagle!

    I dig that reflection in the car window, it looks like the eagle is ready to hit the road. And it makes me wonder, where he might head to?

  9. Beautiful mural and beautiful photos–the reflection ones are so cool. And that Guess Who song–yes, so sad that it’s still so timely. I don’t know how anyone can consider hunting a sport! If you want to shoot, then shoot clay or targets. Not animals and not people.
    Sometimes I see eagles flying around the river. They are amazing. A woman in the park told me that an eagle swooped down in.the road in front of her the other day to grab some poor creature.

    1. Boy, I sure gt behind blogging.
      I’m good at that!
      Not animals…not people….RIGHT ON!
      Yeah, there are many birds that prey on little creatures. Gotta keep our cats inside!
      Still, how wonderful that you see eagles.
      We have pigeons. They don’t swoop down on anything. however, their poo swoops.

  10. Wow, this post went straight to my heart, Resa. The eagle is gorgeous and as much as I love The Guess Who, I’ve never heard this song. Strange, but what a powerful song and video that brought tears and is still so relevant. We’ve seen eagles on some of our backpacking trips and it’s a real treat. Eagles, elephants, rhinos, tigers…there are so many animals that are destroyed by humans, and yet, they need our help. Sigh. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    1. It is a more remote Guess Who song. …. 50 years ago!
      Seems some things don’t get better.
      At least the eagles are making a comeback!
      Poor animals, we should treat them with more respect, not just some of us, but all humans. ❤️❤️

  11. Oh Resa what a wonderful affirmation of our beautiful world through mural art. I am so glad that you dedicated this post to Tim and Cindy – bright lights in our blogging community who share their love of nature and all who share our world.

    1. Sharing our world through blogging… I like that Rebecca!
      I was so excited about the LC mural that I didn’t finish up here.
      Catching up!

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