Another Pretty Face

Starting with the eyes would be more logical, but I love these lips.

Found her in an alley in Kensington Market.

Was all giddy and happy when I did.

Amazing how a pretty piece of wall art can make my day.

Fortunately, the tagger didn’t annihilate the beauty.

Pics taken by Resa May 5, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

134 thoughts on “Another Pretty Face

    1. Tim!
      Cruz, the artist is a male. I always wonder when I find female faces painted by a male, if it is their GF, wife, or a dream girl… or girl they lost, or ? So much goes into a face. As you say, this one is pouty. Obviously the artist is good enough to know what he is doing, so I believe he means it.
      Someone mentioned Amy Winehouse… Kind of, but I don’t think so.

  1. Hi Resa! I hope you are well, and all is fine. Sorry, for another delay. It seems i am not really back in time, more in another galaxy, or lost in translation. Lol What a wonderful artwork, you have gathered again. I never before have seen such a detailled painting, and this on a mural, and not only on canvas. Thanks for sharing, and have a nice rest of the week! Best wishes, Michael

    1. No worries, Michael! I’m always happy to see you whenever you come around.
      Thank you for the reblog. I still can’t link to your blog, but if I happen to be in the reader (not a lot) I can see your posts and comment from there.
      Be well!!!!

    1. Agree! Thing is I am missing out on a lot of art since the pandemic started. Everything I have found in the last 2 + years, has been within walking.
      I’m not ready to take the TTC to other areas of the city.

      I’ve been musing on your last post. Hopefully, I’ll have a comment …. soon!

          1. I agree, Resa! Lot of benefits to not living in the “best” areas of a city. I happily did the “not-best” thing when living in New York City for 15 years. πŸ™‚

            1. Ahh, NYC! I love it there. However, it was a lot more fun and free prior to 911.
              I haven’t been there since Covid.
              Seems like if humans won’t change,(bad habits causing climate change, overpopulation) nature will cause change. (storms, pestilence, disease, etc.)Nature even includes war. After all, those that perpetrate bad things, are born of nature.

              1. I lived in NYC prior to 9/11. It was indeed a good time to be there — partly because it was of course much cheaper and much less gentrified than it is now.

                Yes, nature responds when too big a portion of humankind treats it badly. 😦

    1. Shey dahling!

      I’ve been hooked on street art for 9 years now. I can’t get enough. I just hope my feet hold up for my 4 hour walks.
      SO, I am about half way through sewing on (by hand) about 600 inches of delicate ribbon ruffles. Quite the Zen event. Once that is done, it’s the home stretch.
      Check out the new “Gowntoons” on Art Gowns. It’s Drac’s fault…again!

      1. NOOOO. Been away in Prague my darling where I think you might have liked the John Lennon wall. But home now and picking up on everything. I will get to this post YES!!!!

        1. Prague….oooo! Are they worried about russia there? A JOHN LENNON WALL!!! Did you take pics?
          Anyway, glad you got away for awhile. I trust you had a blast?

          1. They are not worried about ANYTHING there which is why it was all so epic, amazing and wonderful. Ukraine flags everywhere and have taken in something like half a mill refugees. I have got a pic of the wall featuring Putin as Hitler. It is on my last personal fb post. Not my author page just my people page in amongst other pics but will email you it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Another pretty finding or catch with your keen eye, nice piece, I like it, thanks for sharing all those beautiful murals Resa, as usual it is a pleasure to look at.

    1. Thank you, JMR! I adore having an outdoor art gallery around me.
      Crazy thing is, due to the pandemic, I haven’t been to other areas of the city. I would have to take public transport all the way across.
      So, it seems as far as my legs take me, I live in a street art rich area. However, there is so much I am missing.
      Take care!

      1. Yes it has not been easy with that pandemic, me too I do not tend to go out much anymore, work at home, zoom with friends, stay in the atelier these days, I guess I will have to get use to live a normal life again..eventually..:)

        1. I wonder if life will ever be as it was? Probably a new normal where I still always wear a mask when not at home, a booster every 5-6 months and I will probably never eat in a restaurant again.

          1. Yes you are probably right, we will always be a bit weary of other people, and never feel quite safe I guess, maybe after a while, but I am afraid it will take long before it does come back to some sort of a new ‘normal life’.

  3. I am totally impress with Toronto wall art and more so with your Anita track it down and share it with us. This is a real beauty. Love the deep colors and very expressive eyes , a little attitude going on and I love that. Thank you so Meece xoxoxo

    1. Yes, I have fab Anita senses. (Effin auto correct) LOL!
      I do love this piece. I had only found an stunning eagle prior to this.Then I decided to backtrack a bit into an alley I hadn’t been in for awhile. Bingo! I also found a Star Wars piece.
      She is a pretty thing, and does have attitude. I thought she was purple, but it’s a mix of the colours that made me think that in the light in the alley. On the computer I saw the separation of colours.
      Looks like I’ll be heading out on Monday or Tuesday, again. Gotta walk off some of the weight that attached itself to me during the Poundemic.

        1. I know… this alley is not too bad. Just rats, people using drugs, mostly smoking pot, etc. I spend most of my walking time in alleys. Cars using the alleys is the most dangerous part. I stay very aware.
          I wear a hat with a marijuana brand on it. “TWEED” (Toronto Weed) This seems to be going over well!

            1. Hahaha! If I actually had a real bat (not a baseball bat) on my shoulder, I would become an urban alley legend. A TWEED cap, sunglasses, a mask I made with a pink rose over my nose and a bat on my shoulder…..if only!
              xxπŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡oo Sort of flying Meece!

              1. Flying Meece, that’s what you need in those scary alleys. How about some fake bats velcroed to the shoulders of your β€œ Don’t even think about it” shirt πŸ‘š and your Tweed hat. Meece, I’m worried bout you in the alley!

                1. Aww, don’t worry dear Meece! Right now alleys are about the most exciting thing in my life. Fake bats? Hmm, real rats would work better. OR trained attack bats would be cool.
                  A β€œ Don’t even think about it” t-shirt could be good. I wear XL T’s so there is no body shape to speak of.
                  And of course, real cool sneakers get me some respect!
                  I’m running with the pack! I’m good.

    1. I can see that. Maybe… I did go and look at a bunch of Amy photos when I read this.
      Perhaps the artist is taken by Amy, and has done his own dream version?

  4. I say more than just another pretty face πŸ˜‰ She is very moody. Those eyes, a bit sad (blue?) and hurt, seem about ready to flash in anger. Beautiful artwork and great presentation.

    1. True,she is moody. The artist did put a lot into her. It was instinctual to be overjoyed when I found this. Now, after posting it has become more intellectual.
      Thanks on the presentation. I try to share the way I see the art when I find it. I saw the colours first, then the mouth.

    1. True! TOF, the thing about outdoor art is that it’s free to look at, and ALL artists can paint outdoors.
      You don’t need a proper $how.
      Many patrons have found street artists, and have backed them for projects and shows.
      The city is a fab canvas!

  5. nice


  6. Ah, Resa, what a beautiful find! I especially love the flower and leaves entangled in her hair and colors. πŸ’™πŸ”΅πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ”΅πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ”΅πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ”΅πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ”΅πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ”΅πŸ’™

    1. Agree, she’s a beauty!
      I walked for 2 hours and all I had found was a wonderful eagle’s head. Then, I backtracked into an out of the way alley, and there she was!
      The colours first caught my eye, then her lips.
      Listening to Oannes.

    1. Agree, Isadora! It was YAYAY time when I found her.
      Seeing her on the blog, looks different than in real life. This is why I try different angles, close ups and far shots. 😍😎xo

      1. I have a niece who has dark mediterranean Israeli eyes like that( yes, she is Israeli from her father’s side). She always looks intense, but isn’t. The lips are the same as my granddaughter. She has puffy pouty lips that people think have botox. LOL This mural is a combinations of both of them. LOL … I love it ❀️

        1. Very cool, Isadora! A combination of the two is interesting! Sounds like you have a beautiful niece and a gorgeous grand daughter! Take care!! xoxo

    1. I know! Roberta, there is so much great art, and I have not left walking distance since the pandemic began. It’s driving me crazy knowing there is so much more art out there. Oh well!

  7. I LOVE this mural, Resa – third time around for me. I tried to locate the artist, but the name was hard to read. What I did find was Toronto’s commitment to street art at this website: β€œ

    It seems that cities around the world are supporting and encouraging mural artists!! It is a wonderful affirmation of art and of vibrant city life. Thank you for your vibrant and colourful posts – that always make my day pure sunshine.

    1. Yay!
      I know that site well. As a matter of fact, I live about 3 blocks from the opening mural. I posted it about 3 years ago. You were there!
      I put a Buffy Saint Marie video in the post.
      The title off the post is: You’ve Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind) w/ Sundance Song
      As for the artist: I thought it said Cruz. He’s one of the first I ever found in Toronto. Now I see it says J.Cruz. I thought it was an odd shift of style for him.
      I can’t imagine my world without street art! {{hugs}}

        1. Lol!
          It would be a wonderful world if serial kissers were all we had to worry about.
          Saw your comment on Art Gowns. I’ll be back there soon, log in and answer.
          I’m 2 people. One here. One there. xoxo Mouah!

    1. I was so excited to find her. After 2 hours of walking, all I had was a wonderful eagle’s head.
      So happy you saw this, Merril.
      Monday I’m heading out again!
      You’ll be musing. I’ll be muralling.

    1. In a few months, she will be toast. grrr
      However, I expect another beauty will take her place.
      I think I am driven to record this art, because of its ephemerality. ⚑️πŸ’₯

    1. Agree!
      This piece has provoked many thoughts. I didn’t see everything until I got home and looked at the pics. Real life viewing vs. photo viewing. Both hold something of value.
      Thank you for your fab comment!

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