Crazy Free Art to Music

Once or twice a week, varying professional musicians jam in the space below me. The music pours up through the old wood floors, and fills my apartment.

Holly Lightly

My Art Gown sketches are a bit stiff these days. To loosen up, I decided to draw with the music. No erasing! Just do and go and paint and flow.


These are a few of what I’ve done over the last several weeks. Some of the titles involve special friends!

Georgiann Era

They take 1.5 hours on the average.

Cora Nebulas 

Most are pencil w/ watercolour pencil. Holly Lightly is black sharpies w/watercolour pencils. Cora Nebulas is water colour pencils, only!

Little Richardesque

Dolly Flowers

Amalia Argentina

All images © Resa McConaghy

Toronto, Canada

Ballerina Mustavseena

Madame Madiglipoe

93 thoughts on “Crazy Free Art to Music

  1. Those are cool. And cool you became inspired by the live music drifting up to your work space. They definitely have a flow and vibrancy to them. Georgiann, Amalia and Cora are my faves – they remind me a bit of 19th century French lithograph ads.

    1. OH! Love this comment. Do you have any 19th century French lithograph ads? Omg, I’d love to see those.
      Anyway, Georgiann &Amalia are faves! ❦

  2. These are beautiful Resa. I personally love Holly Lightly best (hehe) the others are awesome too! I would like to see a Resa Rock Star among these. I think she would be a mix of Nicks and Joan Jett. Think about it! ♥️♥️

  3. These are so filled with movement and so alive. They’re wonderful! Thank you for naming such a beautiful painting after me. Very grateful. I’m 100% with Holly. We need RESA ROCK STAR, most definitely.

    1. Thank you, Gi! I’ll try to do Resa Rock Star… but it’s hard enough to write a bio about me. I’ll see what happens!
      If I get good enough, I’ll do you, Holly and me as a trio, a rock trio! One of us would be on drums, one singing and one guitar.

  4. Timothy Price

    These are fantastic. Alive and full of movement. Connecting with the music as you work is a really nice way to spend an evening with free music.

    1. It’s the best, Timothy! TY for understanding the impetus for one helluva fab evening!
      It really is fun doing these, but I honestly do need live music.

  5. Well these are special! What a great way to unleash the power of your creativity. (And btw, Cora Nebulas was wearing exactly the right thing to have just gone right downstairs and danced it up with them.)

    1. Yay!!!
      Thank you so much J!
      Well, I’m invited down to dance it up this Wednesday. So, I guess I’ll take a cue from Cora Nebulas.
      Honestly, I prefer to stay up here and be creative. However, I have been invited, and there will be another musician’s girlfriend there. Oh, and I get a free dinner beforehand. 😀
      Next session, back to art!

    1. Yay!!!
      Thank you so much J!
      Well, I’m invited down to dance it up this Wednesday. So, I guess I’ll take a cue from Cora Nebulas.
      Honestly, I prefer to stay up here and be creative. However, I have been invited, and there will be another musician’s girlfriend there. Oh, and I get a free dinner beforehand. 😀
      Next session, back to art!

    1. Yes, I’m having a lot of fun!

      You are correct with your remind of the dinosaur joke: Doyouthinkhesaurus?
      I don’t know that joke. However, Ballerina Mustavseena is a similar take on an Elton John song, “Tiny Dancer”. 😀
      “Ballerina, must have seen her”.

  6. Holly Lightly and Amalia Argentina are absolutely doing it for me. They’re all wonderful, but those two are the most vibrant for me.
    Whatever you did clearly works brilliantly for you!

    1. I just want to be creative. I find it more enjoyable than sex, not immediately, but in the long run, perhaps?
      Holly Lightly and Amalia Argentina are 2 of my faves. Georgiann Era is in there for me as well!
      Thank you Fiery! You are a flame!

      1. I absolutely get you. I feel the same way about writing to an extent, but I feel EXACTLY that when I sing. The best sex in the world doesn’t compare to that feeling of opening my mouth and moving people and my own soul with a beautiful song. Sadly I don’t get to do that anymore but I have the memories of the feeling.
        It’s my pleasure. You have a talent. Always embrace it and love it and nurture it and will become even more beautiful if that were possible.
        Many kisses (artistic ones, obviously 💋💜)

          1. You’re welcome! 😘
            I have a little recording here on the blog. I’ll find the link and send it to you if you like.
            Just need to dig it out…lol

  7. Oh Resa, you are brilliant! A wonderful way to begin my week. Music is essential for creativity. There is a study out from Berkeley that suggests that “listening to happy music promotes more divergent thinking – a key element of creativity. Since music has been shown to improve cognition and enhance learning, and memory in other studies, it makes sense that perhaps it has an impact on creative thinking, too.”

    1. Rebecca,
      Your summation sounds logical.
      I can add; I did not say to myself…I want to listen to live music when I draw.
      I heard the music, grabbed my art supplies and began drawing.
      Also, listening to music when I work on an Art Gown is a must. Janis Joplin remains in my top 10.
      Art on!

        1. Rebecca, So far I’m just keeping them safe. I really don’t know what I’ll do.
          I’d like to have an art show, and will have an opportunity in the future.
          I have the Art Gowns canvases I’ve been working on, and now these music art drawings.
          I’ll be doing more music drawings every time there’s a jam. I plan to name one after all the wonderful women I’ve met out here.
          One day “Rebecca” will appear in a name. I would be honoured to send that one to you, if you like it…. when it happens.

  8. Dolly Flowers and Amalia Argentina all the way for me! Terrific sketches, Resa 😀 What kind of music do they play below you or are they different genres of music, depending on the day?

    1. Ah, Dolly Flowers! You are the first to point her out. I found some fab technique for flowers and net with her.
      The guys play a lot of vintage Rock, and R&B. It’s not the day, it’s “who” shows up to the jam.The musicians that show up are all skilled (even known).
      Wednesday is the next jam, and I’m invited down. I’ll be going. Nonetheless, I’ll be looking forward to the session on Friday. I’m feeling a wedding gown coming on! 😀 x

    1. Thank you! This music art drawing is a joy and a relief. It’s difficult to describe how I feel when I complete one. Gigi and Holly are wonderful.I think of them a lot! 😀

    1. I always have music on when I create, especially the Art Gowns. The live music took me to a different creativity. So, last night I was invited down. The music was great, but I felt like doing the scribble drawings. So, I did it on napkins with ballpoint. 😀

    1. Aww, thank you Ste J! Admittedly, I have been inspired by street artists.
      I’m told talent is not my problem. Turning it into $$$$ is! Be well, friend!

      1. I hear you on the turning it into money. I am eager to get my name out there and offer articles out but having trouble getting responses from anywhere decent which is annoying but will have to refine my working practises.

        1. Keep slugging! Hey, the hardest thing I ever tried was selling my book, 9 Black Lives. So, I tried giving it away, which only worked slightly better.
          I’ve done a few “Guest Posts” on a couple of credible blogs, but those are freebies. Who knows where that can lead?
          I’ve got a Guest Post coming out on April 9 on Christy Birmingham’s blog.
          Burn The Bra ….. and I burned one of my bras in the backyard. Did lots of research, too. Okay, be well!

          1. I do love the research aspect of writing, I spend so much time doing that, even if it is just for a short blog post. I’m looking at blogs, journals and such as well. I wouldn’t mind if I don’t get paid much as long as I can get my face out there and work towards something decent. If nothing else I can publish them on the blog at some point. I always have that platform! I will check your article out when it goes live!

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