Gather Around the Chickmas Tree

The holidays are upon us, and this is one sweet Chickmas Tree!

I’m not good at waiting to open presents, so I opened my gift from the Chicklets! OMG! It’s a new Art Gown!

HOLLY opened hers, too! This hat is the best hat, ever. Holly is trying to NOT eat the candy cane!

Wow, look at BETH‘S new reading chair! It’s waiting by the Chickmas Tree for Beth, and here she comes now! I know let’s all sit around Beth and her chair, and sing “The Twelve Days of Chickmas”!

The Best Chickmas song ever! The Twelve Days of Chickmas” – by Georgiann Carlson

Let’s pretend we sang the whole song, and now it’s the Twelfth Day of Chickmas. Let’s sing it out loud!!

🎵 On the twelfth day of Chickmas 🎶 my true love sent to me 🎵








🎵 🎵 🎵 FIVE GOLD RINGS 🎵 🎵 🎵





This is one of the sweetest, cutest, smartest and creative 12 days…ever!

To see many more Chicklets (© Georgiann Carlson) posts go the the category link CHICKMAS

🌹💙🌹 Thank you, Gigi 🌹💙🌹


106 thoughts on “Gather Around the Chickmas Tree

  1. I’m so delighted with all of these, ( thank you Gigi) the Chicklet’s are busy little fashionistas knitting away! I adore my hat, it’s keeping me very snug. I especially love the Roaring 20’s gown Resa.. you will knock em dead in that! xoxoxo

    1. I will knock ’em dead on Chickmas Day in my new Chicklets Art Gown!
      Your hat is the cutest!!!
      Oh, and I am busy drawing… you know what!
      It’s roaring! xoxoxo

            1. Tassels too!
              The garments were wildly adorned with beads and embroidery..tassels… trims, trapunto, montessori, ruching, pleats, gathers ..and more. Then the outfits were accessorized with beads, bracelets, gloves, furs, cloches, beaded headpieces… nothing was too, much! 👯‍♀️xoxoxo 👯‍♀️xoxoxo
              This is going to be fun dear Meece!

                1. Me too, until the 30’s hit!
                  Then the war. At least we can live vicariously with our RR & AGMs.
                  I am in a very happy place when I draw the Art Gowns creations.
                  Boogapony also gives me a lot of joy.
                  Thank you so much dear Meece, for all your input AND the big idea for the 20’s!!!! xoxoxo

    1. Dahling Marina,
      I know!
      The Chicklets are adorable.
      Animal sweetness abounds on Gigi’s blog.

      On the 13th day of Chickmas Hera brought to me 🎼 13 sponges yellow and kisses for everyone all free! 🎼

    1. Merry Chickmas, Tim!
      I hope all your magic trees have a wonderful day off!
      Kisses to all the kitties.
      Joy to you and your entire family and loved ones!

  2. Incredible Chickmas Tree. I love the humor and sweetness of the chicklets. This is my first time seeing this. Also wanted to thank you for liking Chapter One of my historical fiction book,Three Years of Her Life, on my blogsite Before Sundown. I didn’t realize I hadn’t changed it. The final version is posted now. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Resa. 💚🎄💚

    1. The Chicklets are wonderful, as you say, sweet and funny.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you, Christine!
      We are in the busy days now, so I’ll be by over the holidays to read the final version!

      1. Awesome! Thank you, Resa. I’d love it if you have time to read chapter one final version. It’s exciting when a virtual blogger friend is interested in my book writing. The launch will be early 2022-Amazon ebook & print. Have a wonderful-filled Christmas & New Years. 🎄🎶💚

  3. Resa, I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful and sweet post. I’m so grateful. The chicklets are sending peeps and chirps of love and appreciation. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s wonderful.

  4. Pingback: Gather Around the Chickmas Tree — Graffiti Lux Art & More (Resa did a better job than I did, as far as Chickmas) This is the most wonderful gift. The chicklets and I are so incredibly grateful for this amazing and sweet present…thank you Resa.

  5. Oh my! This is brilliant, joyful, hopeful and a wonderful Christmas present for us all. I am gathering around the Chickmas Tree with you, the Chicklets, and all friends. Thank you Gigi for sharing your marvelous talents!! Thank you Resa for this post. We just have had more restrictions come into place in BC effective tomorrow, so joining a virtual community is a powerful affirmation of hope!

    1. So happy to have you sitting around the Chickmas Tree with us.
      Gigi’s Chicklets are worthy of being children’s books that adults can enjoy along with their kids.
      Yeah… more restrictions here, too, but not enough as far as I’m concerned.
      I think Jan. & Feb. will be sad for many, especially the health care workers.
      Anyway, you are right!
      A virtual community is a wonderful thing. It seems to me, in that regard, WP is a great platform. (in spite of its constant unneeded upgrades) {{{HUGS}}}

      1. My thoughts are with the health care workers these day. The best way I can help them is to stay healthy, keep focused on the positive and to think of others. We are in this together. As Don reminds me, if we stand still, the world comes to us. And he was right. I am sitting with you and all my friends under the Chickmas Tree. It is a heartwarming way of celebrating this festive season. Sending many hugs and love!

  6. Hi Resa, this put a smile on my face! Though I think the second Chicklet in the “Seven Chicklets Swinging” picture has been driven “Batty” by the festivities!
    If I don’t get to chat with you again before may I wish you and your readers a very Happy Holidays however you observe the season and I hope it is a fun, loving and peaceful time for you all.

  7. Your post amazes me Rosa . This is humorous and creative….and optimistic .( this becomes rare ).
    I am wondering who creates the cute chicklets . Is you Resa or Georgiann Carlson.?
    Whatever I like those little cute characters and compliments for the use you made of them..
    I wish you a merry Christmas, Resa.
    Love ❤

    1. My friend Georgian is the artist of the Chicklets. I made this one post from many of her posts.
      These imaginary Chicklets bring me a lot of joy, all year round.
      Merry Christmas to you and all of yours, Michel! LOVE xoxo

  8. Haha, I love the chicks! I had to reread the title as the first time around I saw “Christmas” not “Chickmas” 😉 So many chicks, so little time! Merry Chick… I mean Merry Christmas to you and your hubby, dear Resa. All the best to you this holiday season and in the New Year xxoo

    1. YES!
      A better Covid managed world!
      My nephew has Covid.
      My sister and her hubby have Covid.
      I know so many others AND they are all vaccinated!
      The pandemic of 1918 took many lives and many years, but it was then gone.
      We may have to wait for that.
      Sending best wishes & LOVE! Resa xo

    1. Agree! These Chicklets are wonderful creations.
      I’m imagining a face with 12 smiles. 😀 {{{hugs}}}
      Heading to your blog to grab the cover of Journey 1!

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