Silence Louder Than A Train

Dean J. Baker, writer extraordinaire, penned the poetry  Silence Louder Than A Train

Dean’s 20/10 visions break bold, clever, sarcastic, cynical, brutally honest, bare faced, bare-soul, telling off, alone, deeply passionate & extremely vivid visually.

STrain #2

The poetry left me pensive, painted into a corner, or suddenly wrapped with a loving arm (crying out loud) , or dropped into a comedy (laughing out loud).

 STrain #6

As I read, Dean’s words kept coming at me, relentlessly, with increasing  speed. I couldn’t put the book down; I read poems to anyone who would listen.

STrain #4

Dean’s style is rebellious. Capitals, punctuation, starts, ends and rhymes are where he wants them to be. His consummate skill works it all beautifully. So just read on without expecting a period at the end

STrain #3

When I reached the end, I began reading the book from back to front.

STrain #5

Then I was at the beginning again.

STrain #1

  I very recently bought my first Dean J. Baker book for Kindle, Poetry & How It Gets That Way. I own 4 more of Dean’s titles, all in paperback.

Silence front

In my humble opinion, Dean J. Baker is a writer most worth reading.

Silence back

Dean is a prolific writer, and all of his many books are available on Amazon in EBook and/or Paperback. He even has his own Amazon page.

Dean J. Baker’s Amazon Page

51ErddOT4xL._UY250_41fK8y6FbRL._UY250_51eWJJqbj2L._UX250_414nURUNVzL._UY250_A few more books by Dean J. Baker

Visit Dean on his website Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and Prose Poems

Dean has several other interesting Blogs that you will find linked at the bottom of  his site.

7 thoughts on “Silence Louder Than A Train

  1. Resa, you are great at unique book reviews! The train image sounds perfect to pair with Dean’s rebellious writing style as you called it in the review. Nice to learn more about Dean’s book here!

    1. Thanks Christy! I can hardly wait to review your new book! (in my unique way)
      Did you check out Dean’s Amazon page? It’s quite an interesting concept. You may have seen one before, but it was new to me. It’s like having your own virtual bookcase with reviews and followers.

      1. Hi Resa, yes I did see Dean’s Amazon page. It’s neat how authors can now set up profiles there and showcase the books so nicely. I marvelled at all of the books he has written! That’s so nice you want to review my new book when it comes out too; that’s really nice of you!! You are beautiful, inside and out ❤

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