Tat Face Beauty

Temp was +40C w/humidity. We were cooking in Honeyland .

Photo © Zena Fares

Nonetheless, when Zena & I spotted this piece on the way home, it was a must capture. It didn’t matter that my hair was drenched in sweat. (Uch!)

TatO #0

It’s a classic, and I love it!

TatO #1

TatO #2

Click on below & see the full glory!

TatO #4

Pics taken by Resa, June 26, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me, but the signature/writing surrounds the beauty.


15 thoughts on “Tat Face Beauty

    1. Yes, melting is a good word. It’s the humidity (humidex) that makes it feel like 40. It was about 35 in dry degrees.
      I really like this piece. It’s different. xoxo

    1. I get the N.O. reference. Yes, the heat, but also the death & voodoo connection. It is very expressive, & I hope some are not repelled by this “KISS” like image of this awesome face.

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