Thank You to “Featured E Magazine”

Featured E Magazine did a Street Art piece which hi-lit Graffiti Lux & Murals.

Artist: Skor Tabe?
Artist: Skor Tabe?

Featured E is a new Blog Star on the block.

Featured EThe site is slick, attractive and exciting like graf reflected in a car.

FPost #4

Anyway, the article made me feel like I got an award!

FPost #5

I’m so excited, I could explode …

Artist: Spud
Artist: Spud

… but Peace rules,

Artist: José Ortega
Artist: José Ortega

Which is way more cool!

FPost #7

So love, love and thank you

FPost #8

To Featured E Magazine


Check out Featured E Magazine

Featured E

and, of course especially Featured Street Art which features GLaM (We’re at the end of the article!)

All pics taken by Resa – 2013 -2014

Toronto & Winnipeg, Canada

16 thoughts on “Thank You to “Featured E Magazine”

    1. Thanks, Ann! I wish I could take you on a graf tour of Toronto! Let me know if you ever come this way, and I will make it as worth your while as Wynwood!

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