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Photo © Norman Orenstein - Taken Feb.25, 2014 - Miami
Photo © Norman Orenstein – Taken Feb.25, 2014 – Miami

To submit photos of street art to Graffiti Lux & Murals

Email decent size photo(s) attachment(s) to:

Include your name & link to your blog. Include the name of the artist(if possible), and location(city, town,etc.) Please remember  GLaM covers Toronto & Winnipeg in Canada.

The person making the submission must be the photographer. Your photographer credit will appear in the post & under the pic(s) along with the Artist’s credit (if known)

Include, briefly, anything you would like to say about the art. You will receive an Email back saying your pics will be published, or why they will not be published. (ie: The file size of pics is, too, small, or that particular piece of art has already been published on GLaM.  You will receive a second Email when the post is published.

GLaM will link the post to your Blog. Also, your blog will be always hi-lit and linked on GLaM’s sidebar.

⭐ ⭐


Re-blogging is permitted.

No other reproduction of submitted materials can be made without contacting GLaM and/or the photographer.

Once photos are submitted to GLaM, the person making the submission is credited as the photographer. Upon publication, the credited photographer assumes all liability for false photographic claims.


22 thoughts on “Submit Graf

  1. Well, Sherrie & Poopsie have now submitted pics to the cause. Prior to my plea for pieces, Bill (from BW Thoughts) & Norm Orenstein have contributed.
    We’re off to a slow start! Yay! Whew! Hope things slow down so I can get ahead of it all! “LOL” ♡

    1. Well, I can only cover so much territory!
      I’m hoping to get to NYC and shoot some Graffiti!
      Maria, thank you so much for sending in the murals from Puerto Rico! I want this blog to show Street Art from all over the world.
      You are helping to make this happen!
      Thank you so very much!

      1. I would like to post the submission guidelines in our “Get involved” page. However, if you have an intro or a post ready, I will look into posting it, too 🙂

        1. Okay Felicia!
          I would like an intro posted with it, or possibly as a post itself… an intro post.
          Will email you at the mail connected to your comment.
          This is a lovely idea,
          Thank you!

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