Thoughtful Minds United

In thanking TMU, I start with the “M” from a hot Graf Mural by BSM Crew.

Artists: BSM Crew

“M” is for Mind. “BSM” is Body Soul Mind. “TMU” is for Thoughtful Minds United

Artists BSM Crew

Felicia, from TMU invited me to link my Submit page from TMU’s Get Involved page.


TMU is a group blog that features a very wide range of writers & topics. You could say they are a “Blog Crew”!


It was announced with an Introducing post that went live on September 3, 2015!


Many thanks to Felicia & the crew over at TMU for this gift of sharing. Also, many thanks to BSM Crew for your ongoing most fab, gorgeous, captivating & wanted graf art!


Pics taken by Resa – August 24, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Check out Thoughtful Minds United

Love to BSM Crew


21 thoughts on “Thoughtful Minds United

  1. It might be odd to say it concerning graffiti art, then again it’s not – but I like the palette of this piece, like I would like it across my kitchen cabinets or something. 🙂

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