The movie was called “Braveheart”…

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

.. but the man was Sir William Wallace.

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

He fought for Scotland’s independence.

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

At 35 years of age, he was hung, disembowled, beheaded and drawn & quartered by the English.

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Barbaric, yes, but this mentality still exists in our world.

Artist: Jennifer Johnson
Artist: Jennifer Johnson

A beautiful mural all around!

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Pics taken by Resa – October 27, 2016

Winnipeg Manitoba

The Murals of Winnipeg

The Artist:



Artist: Jennifer Johnson
Artist: Jennifer Johnson

32 thoughts on “Braveheart

    1. Winnipeg has more than several female muralists who do breathtaking work! I have a couple of extraordinary works by women coming up soon. One is exceptionally special!

    1. And to think I left it “off” the list because it is 11 years old! This mural has remained in mint condition. TY so much for driving us back to the mural after we spotted it with the corners of our eyes! xoxo

    1. It is a wonderful piece. I love the way… or not …the artist’s incorporate the reality of the surroundings.
      The worst is parking signs after the fact.
      Sol should arrive any day now! We are waiting excitedly!

  1. The artistry is quite amazing, Resa; the colours fabulous. It really does justice to Sir Wallace’s experience.
    I also really enjoyed the movie of his battle for independence in which Mel Gibson starred, and also directed (quite a feat).

    1. Yeah… barbarism should be a thing of the past, but it isn’t.
      Men oppressing women should be a thing of the past, but it isn’t.
      This is why I love your blog…. When Women Inspire… because it is!!!!

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