Sun Face

Found this on a closed restaurant’s patio.

I adore the face.

It makes me think of the sun.

The rest of the mural….????

That does not look like authentic writing.

Here’s some writing, aka burners or lettering.

Says – In Sight

Says – Breathe

Says – Poser

Says – Putin Go Fuck Yourself, in Ukrainian

Says – Tensoe

What does below say? I’m not buying it!

Pics of Sun Face taken September 13, 2022

Other pics taken 2017 -2021

Toronto, Canada

No artist: a mural company

“Uhura Queen of Comms” Saber – A tribute to Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols

The Emmys are tomorrow night. I hope they pay some tribute to Nichelle Nichols.

Nichelle was one of the first African American female actors to appear as a main character in a tv series. She went on to work with NASA.

When she considered leaving the show, Martin Luther King Jr. convinced her to stay aboard the Enterprise because she was such a positive role model.

Tyeth has made a lovely light saber, as part of his tribute to her.


nuqneH and welcome to the other franchise of the final frontier….Star Trek. Today I present my tribute to the actress and space pioneer Nichelle Nichols who portrayed Lt Nyota Uhura in the original Star Trek series (and the first six movies) and sadly passed away recently. It was the news of Nichelle’s passing and a conversation with my friend Resa (from Graffiti Lux and Murals – Link: ) about Star Trek, the Emmy’s and Nichelle’s role that prompted me to create a saber in Ms Nichol’s honour.

Nichelle was (and still is) THE Lt Uhura, communications officer from the original show and canon movies. Uhura however was very nearly named Lt Sulu but this was changed to help the show’s creator, Gene Roddenberry achieve a diverse cast and George Takei’s character was named Sulu instead. Whilst reading for the part of Uhura, Nichelle had a book with her titled…

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Beauty from Holly – Motion in Poetry

House of Heart

There is a bird whose wings are the shades of a rainbow.

When he grieves sighs pervade the caves of broken dreams.

His  sound is the laughter of children  flowing like rippling  rivers.

His tongue drips the honey of desert flowers and his eyes are  an ocean of shimmering shores.

When he is thirsty he  sips  viscous dew from feathers painted in his colors.

When adventure calls we lift our wings and fly away.

Blue Heron Sunset

Art by Timothy Parker

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Whorls of My Mind

Okay, I’m way behind visiting blog pals! I dislike the reader, and prefer to visit your actual blogs. I need to try and catch up!

Charlotte Hoather’s Art Gown needs me to focus until I get a good start. After all, it will be the first Art Gown that I will be sending to someone to actually wear. She’s my fave soprano, and is the 1 person I know who actually needs gowns.

Drawings are done for the next Gowntoons instalment, on Art Gowns.

I need to work on the post, and AGM Holly’s input is critical. So, I need time for emails, critique and whatever else the 2 of us do.

Time – the most intoxicating perfume of all. With this time I’ll visit you from GLAM or from Art Gowns. I look forward to visiting!

When I return with my next GLAM post, I should be all cleared up….maybe.

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Unsigned, I think I know, but guessing is just guessing.

life without mountains

It doesn’t get more powerful. Words by Holly, and image by Marina equal a feast for the senses.

House of Heart

There’s nothing here to climb, just sand swept shores that seem to

go on forever. I have grown accustomed to flat lands covered in mangrove,

disappearing islands and painted seas.

Outside my window, palms lit with emerald parrots seem expected.

This is what life has granted me, exploring sea caves in dreams, secret passageways to an

underworld that come dawn I can never remember.

The hand of wind is in everything, tilted green leaves chase, rise, playfully tease the

summer wind only to catch among the bushy roots of hibiscus and jacaranda.

I’ve grown accustomed to living without mountains, watching storms form above the sea.

Art by Marina Kanavaki

“ sea abstracts”

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This mural by the most unique artist, Elicsr, is about 8 blocks from me.

He is saying something about communicating.

There is no business nearby, like a cell phone or computer place. It’s in the parking lot of a gourmet food shoppe.

It’s massive and goes up quite high, so the pics were challenging to take.

There is a person in a wheelchair on the far right.

That person seems alone, isolated… not in communication with the rest. Then again, no one seems in communication with anyone.

Got lucky with some great car/mural reflections.

Pics taken by Resa – July 23, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The artist – It’s signed 2001? but I would know if the mural was there for 21 years. I walk by often.

I’m sure SIGHT did the lettering.

The Deceit of Pink Oleander

The brilliance of Holly’s poetic acumen is a match to the Oleander’s beauty.

House of Heart

Sun showers mist the window

pane in veiny tributaries that trickle

down with a warm touch.

Trajectories of icy trails run down

the mountains, an affirmation of

summer, pink buds of oleander.

Remain with me until birds

sing of our disparity, until

reality overshadows illusion

and dew drops blend with tears.

Then we will part.

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