The Twelve Days Of Chickmas

The Best Chickmas song ever! The Twelve Days of Chickmas – by Georgiann Carlson

Let’s pretend we sang the whole song, and now it’s the Twelfth Day of Chickmas. Let’s sing it out loud!!

🎵 On the twelfth day of Chickmas 🎶 my true love sent to me 🎵


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson

🎵 🎵 🎵 FIVE GOLD RINGS 🎵 🎵 🎵

© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson


© Georgiann Carlson

This is one of the sweetest, cutest, smartest and creative 12 days…ever!

Apparently, Georgiann created this in 2014 & might be doing another for this year, 2017.  To see many more Chicklets posts go the the category link CHICKMAS

🌹💙🌹 Thank you, Gigi 🌹💙🌹

Luv Cat

I fell in love with this cat art.

I did my best, but it was in a dead end crevice, about 4 feet wide.

There was no backing up within the slot, to shoot.

I shot weird angles from the street at the edge of the crevice, and from across the street.

The pics aren’t great. There was no way to capture the entire piece, but the cat is so fab, I’m sharing anyway.

Pics taken by Resa – April 26, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Sergeant Tommy Prince

Born in 1915, a citizen of Brokenhead First Nation, N. of Winnipeg…

Artist: Fred Thomas
Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

… great, great grandson of Chief Peguis….

Artist: Fred Thomas
Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

…. He is a Canadian hero. Sergeant Prince served in WW II and The Korean War.

Artist: Fred Thomas
Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

He was awarded many medals by the Canadian Military, as well as medals from Korea, The United Nations & an American Silver Star.

Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

He is an outstanding role model from the Aboriginal Community.

Artist: Fred Thomas
Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

Read more about Sergeant Tommy Prince!

Artist: Fred Thomas
Artists: Nereo Eugenio & Fred Thomas

A sobering Remembrance Day to all!

Pics taken by: Resa – October 27, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

The Artists:


Street Art Poetry: Resa and I – Collaboration

This is the 3rd Street Art Poetry door Charlie and I have done together, even though we live 2,520 miles away from each other, and have only met in the blogosphere. MAKE ART NOT WAR
I’ll be closing comments, so head to Charlie’s blog to see the entire presentation & comment.

Charlie Zero The Poet

Our 3rd collaboration in ‘Street art poetry’.

Resa’s interpretation of my words ‘Mermaid’.
The color palette and the eye brings out the beauty in a mermaid.
She gives life to the painting and the words speak for themselves.

The eye of the mermaid sees beyond truth and love.

Resa is a rock star and a talented and wonderful human to us all here on WordPress. Her contribution to the arts is phenomenal. 

Without further ado our collaboration! Resa is the best and she really did such a beautiful job.

My vinyl eyes
hot orgasm.
The eerie rose
spilled cryptic commas.

I noticed the mermaid is forming a heart around the words.

The Beautiful Mermaid feeling some sun. 🙂

Miss Mermaid is now in the shade staring right at you to read the poem.

Beautiful colors on this door. The colors blossom brightly. 🙂

Resa is an incredible photographer.


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Waterford Walls 2019

You must check out this spectacular post from Inese!!!!! Thank you Waterford Walls!!! AND thank you, Inese!


Making memories

I was out of town during the Waterford Walls festival this August, and only recently took some photographs, probably covering only a half of the walls. Here is a link to the previous Waterford Walls blog posts if you need it for a reference. Please visit the artists websites. All the links in this blog open on separate pages and your reading won’t be interrupted.

Yasja’sNorthern lights-inspired work wasn’t included in the festival map, but I knew it was a recent work. I would have noticed if it has been there before. Yasja is a brilliant artist from Amsterdam and I choose her work for my opening picture.

I walk wall to wall, and it takes me about two hours to see all these wonderful murals.

Niamh Curry  grew up in Clonmel, Ireland. She is a self-taught artist, and her works are recognizable for their bright colors and…

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A Ghost in the Kitchen — Launch Party Trolley through Haunted Savannah!

Congratulations to Teagan on her book launch “A Ghost in the Kitchen – (Three Ingredients-2)”!
The launch is a ride through haunted Savannah, and she takes many of her friends along. Generous & creative, she also shares her friends blogs and books, and my “Nine Black Lives” is there! So, hop on the trolley, and enjoy the ride!

Teagan's Books

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Welcome to the launch party for A Ghost in the Kitchen!  It’s a wild ride on a magical trolley through haunted Savannah, Georgia.

All the Pip stories by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All the Pip books by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene. Purchase links: The Three Things Serial Story, Murder at the Bijou, and A Ghost in the Kitchen

Hi everyone. I’m sorry to interrupt The Delta Pearl.  My steampunk riverboat serial will be back next weekend.

Today I’m doing a very special post. I’ve finally “bookized” the third novel in my Roaring Twenties series about Pip.  I’ve brought a bunch of friends for this shindig on a magical 1920s trolley.  First let me tell you a little about this novel. 

When my character, Paisley Idelle Peabody (better known as Pip) came along, I started writing a type of fiction that I never expected.  Pip is a flapper. Her stories took me…

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On Murals of Belfast

Thank you to Frank, for sharing these murals from Belfast! I’ll be closing comments shortly, so head over to his blog with your thoughts!

A Frank Angle

While cruising the British Isles in 2017, Belfast fascinated me. In my past post about Belfast, I opened the post with the following: Belfast, Northern Ireland is beautiful, interesting, and gut-wrenching – and we were only there for a part of one day. On one end is the natural beauty, architecture, vibrancy, and history – and the other end The Troubles – what the locals call the Northern Ireland Conflict (1968-1998).

Belfast, Northern Ireland has a history of conflict – especially in the past one hundred years. Many of us remember the conflict from fierce conflict that raged their land from the 1960s well into the 1990s – a conflict centered around politics and religion. Today, Belfast is a beautiful city. Yet, visitors who have a sense of history about The Troubles carry a strange and troubling feeling during their entire stay.

The Peace Wall that separates sectors of…

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