This is for Holly…

Holly, the sweetest Bad Ass on a bike you’ll ever meet!

Rethinking Life

she was bad
and beautiful
on Halloween night
when her bike
came alive
looking for a
good time
people stood back
and watched her
ride down the street
her red hair fluttering
behind her
a smirk on her face
she was one bad-ass
sipping on a Frosty
and doing her thing

Photo:  Mauricio Leduc

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Welcome Rugs

In Little Italy, an artist has painted welcome rugs right on the sidewalk.

They are mandala – like.

She explains her concept at the end of the post.

I adore these painted rugs!

Pics taken by Resa – October 12, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:


From my fave poet, the fruit of her words. Thank you Dahling!

House of Heart

The trees are filled with blossoms
they wave beneath the pale sky
like pink hands of impish children.
Meet me in the orchard
before summer slips away,
I want to dip my hand in
the cold brook just to feel
the ache.
Naked among bird of paradise
sun-drenched thighs wet with dew
feed me sweet red apples
while they are nothing more
than fruit. 

Why Was There Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden in the First Place?

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No Town too Small for Street Art

“Diana” – Prolific writer, book reviewer extraordinaire and lover of life & love others have for life; has shared some groovy (amazing) street art from her home town, Verona (population 2300).
Now I share it with you!
I strongly suggest you go over and see it for yourself!
– Thank you, Diana!

Myths of the Mirror

I live in a little logging town in the Coastal Range of Oregon. Almost no one passes through because there isn’t anywhere to go. If you roll into Vernonia, it’s because you live, work, or play here, or know someone who does.

Despite having a population of about 2,300, we just painted the town red. Not with rowdy revelers, but with murals!

I love Street Art. It’s bright and beautiful, accessible to all, and free.

Resa, over at Graffiti Lux Art & More, wanders around Toronto, Canada searching out street art. Her posts are gorgeous and inspiring, and if you enjoy murals, definitely stop by her place. I promised her I’d share my town’s new paint!

Behind the Black Iron Grill

Outside the Dentist’s Office

I love the 3-D look of this one.

The wall outside the El Amigo Bakery

The long wall outside the R&S Market (above)

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Are Three Heads Better Than One?

I was totally dizzy, having crossed a foot bridge over railway tracks.

Descending back to earth with these gorgeous heads all the way down, was cause for more dizziness.

One head is usually enough.

I suppose 2 are necessary, if you’re sharing eyes.

I’ve posted Kizmet 32’s white eyed women, before. This one is the most unique, so far. I’m a fan.

Pics taken by Resa – November 6, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Two-fer the Road

This is from the side of a power box.

This is the side around the corner.

Together they equal this.

I found this Elvis up the road. It’s painted on an opaque plastic, with kind of tiny bubbles in it.

I’m heading over to Art Gowns to work on a Special! I need to focus, so comments are closed.

Pics taken by Resa – July19, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Box Artist