Nine Black Lives

A man becomes who he has pretended to be.

A who-done-it with humour!

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Nicky is an actor, vain, jaded and tired of Hollywood fluff. He holes up, brooding in his New York apartment only to accept yet another “detective” role scheduled to shoot in his grey and gritty home turf. As stalkers move in and a real life murder taps him on the shoulder, Nicky enters a dangerous Neo Noir world. Peril looms to all those around him, including his love Lara and their unborn son. With the chill of premonition creeping over him, and wielding his “detective” skills, Nicky must awaken the true man within before time runs out.

6 thoughts on “Nine Black Lives

  1. Hi Resa,

    This sounds really good! I wish it was available in paperback because I don’t have a kindle. 🙂 If it is on a site that I’m not aware of, please let me know. Hope you’ve had a great weekend. ❤️🥰

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