Versions Of The Self

Christy Birmingham’s  new book of poems is one of the best you will ever read.


Through what I see as 8 versions of her self, Christy reveals 8 versions of my self.

Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown

Yes, her metaphors are cunning, and her near rhymes, feet & other poetic abilities are alluring,


  However, it is her ability to stay focused on the self that make these poems very special & simply personally meaningful.

Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour

Read “Versions Of The Self” & be wiser, as you will discover in Future Selves.


BTW, the concept of “Versions” itself, is poetry! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Pics (not the book cover) taken by Resa – 2014

Don’t miss out on”Versions Of The Self” available in hard copy on Create Space


OR: in KINDLE from Amazon

Pathways to Illumination


is available at the Redmund Productions Book Store.

Also, check out  Christy’s blogs Poetic Parfait & When Women Inspire

17 thoughts on “Versions Of The Self

    1. Christy, I really enjoy your poetry! It must be shared!!!
      This was a fun post to do.
      Have a wonderful week ahead, & try not to work, too hard!
      {{hugs}} xx

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