SATH – Art Angel: Just Ask the Kids

“I’m sure that art can transform spaces but also people!” -SATH

Photo: Antolín Avezuela

Above: “Team work! Wall in progress for Greenpeace Thailand.”

Below, the finished product: “Windmill is a project for Greenpeace during Wonderfruit festival, in Thailand, February, 2017.”

Artist: SATH & children -Windmill

When I first met SATH, he was involved in a project, SOM-RIU This is a  participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities at the Joan Mesquida Special Education Center, located in Manacor (Mallorca).

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

This project continues, and here is the latest mural.

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

“I present to you Caterina Infante, the student chosen by a raffle to be portrayed during the project Som-Riu of this edition. As always, a pleasure to share time and colors with the students.”

Artist: SATH

Above: “Student” painted in 2016, This girl welcomes you when you get into the office of Save the Children Thailand.

Below:  SATH got married in the summer of 2016. Check out his proposal!

Artist: SATH – Photo © SATH

When I asked him where this was he said:  “In front of my parents house! “ Click on the pic to read an article on SATH’s most unique proposal.

 Sath says: “I just moved back with my wife to Mallorca, my island in Spain. I will miss Bangkok but I’m really excited for the new projects here.”

Artist: SATH

So, what does SATH do when he gets back to Spain, he paints a child titled “Want to fly” at “Saladina art fest, in Mallorca.”    ‘

His sense of humor follows his dedication to children’s & human causes.  As seen in –  Monkey business | 2016 – I hate Mondays.

Artist: SATH


You can now buy SATH’s art in prints & on many products at Society 6 I have bought many things from S6 & I must say the quality is excellent.

“Cheetah” on a tote

SATH, an acronym for Sandro Thomàs, is not just an amazing artist, he is a wonderful person.  The world needs a lot more SATHs. You’ll want to visit  SATH on FaceBook or on SATH’s Website


❤️ These 3 videos from Som-Riu will melt the “cockles of your heart” ❤️ They are about 3 minutes each.

Header Image: Bi-polar bear | 2015 – Thailand

Artists: SATH and Mauy

I have bought many products on Society6. The quality is excellent. Keep track of discount days & free shipping days. Sometimes both happen on the same day.

Click on LOGO to go to SATH’s shop.



43 thoughts on “SATH – Art Angel: Just Ask the Kids

  1. Remarkable!… I like the “veux- tu m´épouser” and the ring with a key on it… A key to the other person´s heart, I´d say… Excellent post, dear Re! 😀 ❤ Happy new week

  2. Pingback: Wonderful Street art post from: Resa | Rethinking Life

    1. Thank you so much! I agree that art… all art(s) is powerful. SATH is a great artists and a wonderful person. I feel he is young, and his best work is yet, to be done! I am happy you are touched by this post! MAKE ART, NOT WAR

    1. Brenda, I so totally agree with you about SATH.
      We’ve both enjoyed his work for a while now, and your poetry to such is excellent. He has expressed his pleasure about your writing re: his work to me more than once.
      His proposal mural makes me shiver. I think he is a true romantic…. a renaissance man.
      So gLad you came to see this article, and weigh in! XOXOXO

  3. So much going on here, Resa; you’ve certainly outdone yourself ~ which is a rather hard thing to do, me thinks…. 🙂
    What an incredible individual is SandroThomas; and the children being helped by him is also quite astounding and heart warming.
    Then there’s his bride. How fantastic that must have been to be taken to a ‘proposal’ mural; and how creative a proposal it was!

    1. It was easy & awesome enjoyable to write this article on SATH. 😀 I admire his art & how he shares it with the world. Yes, what a wonderful surprise his girlfriend must have had when she saw the proposal mural. All in all, I am very pleased with this post. xoxooxo

  4. Carolee Croft

    The children look like they’re having fun with the painting. Art is such an awesome way to reach kids who are challenged in any way. It’s very calming for them too.

  5. What a beautiful post Resa, I have enjoyed a lot, I love it!
    Sath is a great artist and a wonderful person, aware of the problems of this world that we have to live, in children is our future … the opportunity to improve.
    Thanks and congratulations for your complete report.

    1. Thank you, Belén
      SATH is a wonderful artist doing fabulous work. I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Yes. children are the future. No children, no future.
      Much love xoxo

  6. Oh, what a beautiful – wonderful artist! Love his work [need I mention with which one I’m in love with? 😉 ] I’m popping over to his s6 shop! Love to you for featuring him, Resa and many many hugs!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Marina!
      I’m answering from my Art Gowns blog. I’m working on a new post.
      Let me guess your fave here… the POLAR BEARS!!!
      Much love and many hugs to you, Hera and all you love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. LOL!!! Multi hugs to you! !!!!!! LOL. Okay I got the Art Gown posted. They take sooo long to make and do. I need to drink a lot of coffee in my Poppies cup, when I work on one. It is always with me. xoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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