I’m very homesick for Toronto and it’s alleys.

Here’s some  cheesy slices of what I’m missing out on!

Hsick #4

Hsick #2

Hsick #5
Hsick #6

Hsick #7

Hsick #5

Hsick #0

Pics taken by Resa, from Nov. 2012 – March, 2013

Toronto, Canada

12 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. I keep trying to focus on the street art but your gowns distract me. I had a dream I wore the Ballroom Luxe one for some reason. It was exactly as you designed it……Hope all is going well with you. The street art rocks too. It’s almost as good as your gowns!

    1. Cindy, how sweet of you to think of my gowns in a dream. They are all dreams to me. I can hardly wait to design another one, but alas the mini-series I’m working on in Ottawa will take up all my time until late October.
      I’m trying to think of another post for my Art Gowns, and in the meantime I’m finding some graffiti in Ottawa!
      Take care! _Resa

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