50 thoughts on “She’s Got Betty Davis Eyes

    1. I really like that song. I sort of don’t make the connection to the art, but if that’s what the artist says, so be it!
      I’ll make it work!

      1. Timothy Price

        I’m not sure there’s a connection. Kim Carnes’ voice is really rough and sexy sounding in the song. It’s great.

    1. Well, you have linked it now, thank you, Frank! I enjoyed watching that, so unique. At 65 million + views, it’s pretty great. Steaming nipple, or abstract blob?
      So happy to be back at one of your concerts, yesterday. 😀

  1. Nice one, the mural and the beautiful song from Kim Carnes I believe. don’t know if she just sing it or compose too, as for the mural love those fiery colors, should look at a Bette Davis pic if I see the same fire.

  2. I marvel at the creativity of found in our communities. And now cities are celebrating the excitement and well-being these mural provide to their communities. I am looking forward to the 2019 Vancouver Mural Festival is coming August 1 – 10th. Come on over…the party is just starting…

      1. Absolutely! I’m trying to collect all of the murals from last year!. I am so glad that you are capturing these murals because they are not permanent installations. When buildings are demolished, the murals are lost. What is remarkable about these artists is that they give to their communities, knowing that there will be an ending. I am uncertain whether you can access this video from last year. So much mythology in this mural: https://vimeo.com/293839250

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