Winter Butterflies

From my spring 2014 visit to Winnipeg…

Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour

… are these butterflies painted on a heavily stuccoed building.

Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour

To me, they are a reprieve from the cold and snow.

Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour
Artist: Tiff Seymour

Pics taken by Resa – April, 2014 

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artist: Tiff Seymour




32 thoughts on “Winter Butterflies

    1. Well, it;s a small house.
      I’d estimate the butterflies are 3.5 ‘ high. Width depends more on the shape, which appears more narrow, wider or more square depending on the perspective of the capture. 😀

  1. A reminder of the joys of nature and the spring soon to come…it’s about time as well, getting sick of all this wintery weather. The stucco really adds to it as well.

    1. It is dark grey here in Toronto. It poured melting ice all day. (aka cat and dog popsicles). Ste J, it’s hideous outside, and it will be the joys of spring soon.
      Yes, I’m stuck on stucco. Hahaha! 😀

    1. I love the happiness, too!
      It rained a gruesome melting ice all day here, today!
      Kids month will be great to ride the winter out on. All the Kids’ stuff is colorful, sweet, happy and cheerful!

  2. Ah, a nice summery brightness to this cold day, Resa. I appreciate these butterflies for another reason, too: Tiff has decorated the building with real life species, adds a touch of class in my eyes.

    1. I didn’t realize the butterflies are real species. Thank you for that info!
      Now, I’m wondering if these are real as well? (not that you have to go check)
      I did the little building in 3 or 4 posts in sequence. This was the first one. Each side featured a butterfly (side 3 is a Monarch, I think) bugs and flowers. They all might be real. I hope they are, as it is in a kid’s park. That would be uber educational!

      1. Hi Resa, I did go back and looked at Mary Popiens’ murals, and they are all real life too. So fantastic! The Bako & Hrishkewich Spring Brings 2 mural was not all real, as far as I could tell, but mostly (though I’m not a true expert) — and also so very lovely. Cheers to nature!

        1. Yes, Cheers to Nature!!!
          Also,cheers to street artists, and all artists who go the extra mile to bring us a taste of all nature’s creatures, including flora and fauna that we might never see. Especially in this century, this time of man when perhaps elephants & polar bears are in danger of extinction, I appreciate the realism in tributes to nature.
          Jet, you are a gem!

    1. I like what you say, Charlie.
      We all know who our best friends are. Yet, do we know who our spirit’s best friends are?
      Perhaps the butterfly’s presence, their wings are a beautiful freedom that we aspire to. ⭐

  3. What a beautiful mural !! … a little bit of light in this cold winter.
    I like your colorful butterflies, my inspiration has also flown to a warm season … this week I modeled blue butterflies in my workshop, the subconscious still looking for the warm spring.
    Much love !!

  4. How gorgeous, Resa!
    Though, I had to smile when reading ~
    “To me, they are a reprieve from the cold and snow.”
    From here, Resa, a little snow would be quite welcome in our ‘over 104 degree temps’ of late. Thankfully, today is raining and in the 80’s…
    It’s all a matter of perspective!
    Butterflies are simply perfect, no matter the temp! 🙂

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