47 thoughts on “A Face, Flowers & Fractals

  1. Timothy Price

    Do you remember Iron Butterfly’s song “Flowers and Beads”? This is Flowers and fractals. Like flower and fractal power.

    1. No… but I remember In A Gadda Da Vida, so I know the band you speak of. Well I guess I will try to find that on Youtube!
      Yeah.. onto something… Flower Fractal Power … could be an art guitar!

  2. ‘Nothing like a great face on a garage door’. What an uncanny coincidence for it is exactly the final words tossed my way by my first wife as she drove into me.To this day I limp something chronic. That said, super post young Resa. Best wishes, The Old Fool

      1. My face? The face that broke a thousand mirrors? If the truth be told I’ve never been keen on having a garage. Once we had a house with a large garage, yet our cars never saw the inside for no other reason that within was our museum of dust and confusing rubbish and things that might have been pliers…and my 100 year old club hammer that never had been used in anger, also. Where we now exist the cars live under the apricot tree…we live in hope the gang of small children from up the road don’t nick the apricots this year. Regards, TOF

        1. No, no, your face that launched a thousand mirrors!
          Of course as mirrors aren’t great floaters, I’m sure they all sunk down to Davey Jones locker, where the image of TOF has been terrifying fish and other sea life for years!
          Mmmm, apricots!

    1. Hi Frank!

      Glad you got to see this. More, I’m glad to see you!
      Hope you & yours are faring well!
      If you need a brief escape, check out the Jimi Hendrix post Holly and I did on Art Gowns.
      Miss you, much!

  3. I love your archives. I was reading a very interesting article today on murals and how the law views the rights of the artists. Very interesting. Can graffiti be copyrighted? It seems it can, which I find very satisfying. These artist are truly amazing.

    1. Yeah, the copyright thing is interesting. Of course, as it is public art, anyone can photograph it and use it for whatever they want ……. except to make money… basically.
      Think about famous architecture, the statue David… public art is there for the public. I have seen David on all kinds of product. I had David magnetic paper dolls, at one time. The Eiffel Tower is on a ton of stuff.
      I have a Marilyn Monroe magnetic paper doll on my fridge.
      Being as that she is a more contemporary figure, she has an estate that owns copyright of her image. Yet, there are bootleg products everywhere.
      When I started this blog, I consulted 2 lawyers.
      Many were encouraging me to do a coffee table book. It sounds like a great idea, until you have to call all the artists for permission, and cut them in on profits, or buy the usage rights. A lot of work, unless it’s a book about 1 or 2 artists’ work.
      The lawyers also pointed out that if say, I put someone’s art on t-shirts and sold them, without telling the artist, it would be up to the artist to find out, and tell me to stop.
      If I did not stop, they would have to take me to court.
      Unless I was making money hand-over fist, it wouldn’t be worth the costs of taking me to court.
      If taken to court, now it could become about who has more $ and/or a better lawyer. Or, there are cases where artists lost, because the t-shirt person had taken the photo and altered it, so it became theirs.
      I’m thinking of a case that’s about 10 years old. A woman was taking Chanel images, which are copyrighted, photographing them and doing a digital art thing to them.
      She was putting them on canvas bags. She won the case.
      My Norman is a musician. All his music is copyrighted. Yet, he finds it pirated online all the time. Youtube is filled with copyright infringed music and videos. Again, it’s up to the artist, or record company to do the policing. He doesn’t do anything about it, because it is not worth the expense. Of course if it was being used in a project that was making $$$, he would follow through.

      Personally, I respect copyright laws.
      I had a MAJOR hotel chain contact me about a photo from this blog. They wanted to use it in their Toronto hotels… in the lobby, in rooms. So, as the person who owns the copyright of the photograph, I could agree to them using my photo. However, I researched and found an email for the artist. I told the hotel chain that I would work a deal for my photo, but first they would have to prove that they had worked out a deal with the artist.

      I could go on and on.
      However, I’ll just say internet has made pirates of many, perhaps most of us, even if inadvertently. I’ve seen my Art Gowns and pics from here used in places they should not be used. I’ve asked them to desist. Some do, some don’t.
      I’ll keep my eyes open! If someone is making enough money, then I would consider legal action.
      Ahh, but what if the person lives in Russia?

      1. This is a very interesting discussion, one that will play out as new technologies unfold. I’m with you on the copyright laws, but as you say, everything is blurred. For example, I recently found out that the copyright on the Eiffel Tower has lapsed so anyone can take a photo in the daylight. But what still remains in copyright is the lights. So therefore anyone who takes a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night is infringing on a copyright. I have been following CC and have noted that many museums have made their artwork available. We share the same desire to promote our artists and creatives for they add so much to our lives. I am forever grateful for these amazing individuals for they encourage us to pursue a creative life. https://chasingart.com/2019/08/07/the-art-of-remembering-portraits-of-persistence/

        1. I went to the post, and remember it well!
          Things will play out!
          So far the country that has been the most respectful to copyright is France.
          They even include fashion design.
          China doesn’t recognize it at all.
          It is true that 50 – 70 years after an author, artist’s death, things become Public Domain.
          This is changing now as more and more estates have gone to court to get extensions for 100 years or longer. IE: Prince, Marilyn Monroe (58 years gone), Hendrix (48 years gone)…..

          It’s one of those things where everyone needs to respect, or the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

    1. TY,Lauren! ❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹

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