Princess Blue Holly – 2

Princess Blue Holly is the first Superhero who changes outfits, crime dependant!

Above: Princess Blue Holly avenges Crimes Against Animals in her Cat-O-Nine Tails ensemble. The 9 tails braid themselves into 1 tail in the back, when not in use. Best not to get lashed with a tail! The ends are equipped w/ spiny holly leaves & poison berries. Scratches, with berry juice seeping in, will make you see the light.

It all began with Crazy Free Art to music. I wanted to draw PBH, but she already has an outfit. I went renegade, & just did what I felt like. It’s scribbly, but we thought this could be an outfit to avenge Eco Crimes, Monsanto specifically!

Holly & I are working on PBH, together. Click on the poem, and visit her blog!

Below: Princess Blue Holly decks out for a night of fighting Crimes in a City’s Dark Corners. Rapists, muggers & murderers watch out! She’ll clean your clocks w/ titanium boots featuring retracting needles loaded with concentrated poison berry venom.

 Some may remember PBH’s original outfit. It’s her default essence, and some would say her “Robin Hood” look. She can fight any crime in this look, and win. Note the eyepatch!

PBH’s eyes are digitally engineered. This is part of her back story. That will be revealed in a future episode. Her eyepatches can see in the dark, can see lies, can see for miles & miles & more … but only 1 eye ability at a time. Hence different patches, on each eye.

Princess Blue Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Princess Blue Holly drawings © Resa McConaghy

In Honour of Earth © Holly Rene Hunter

Princess Blue Holly will need an anthem. Holly will write the words, eventually. The music will come from..??? Well, Rene Rosso (© Resa & Holly) will do the vocals!

In the meantime let’s use this poem By Leonard Cohen… “ANTHEM”

“There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in”

108 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly – 2

  1. PBH is getting a following thanks to the genius talents of Resa and soon we will have many advocates fighting climate change and assault and animal abuse…etc. Lovely work Resa, Your choice of music is superb! you are the best, a sparkling gem, see how you shine! 🔷

    1. Thank you… yet, it’s how we both shine.
      Your exceptional poetry expresses it all. I hope our light blinds the villains, and illuminates good.
      You have been a wonderful inspiration to me. Much adoration your way! xxoo 🔷
      Princess Blue Holly rules!!!!

        1. In the name of all past loves, and all loves today: Keep the outfits rolling!
          PBH rules!
          We Rule!
          Rene Rosso says: Like… I rule, too! I am the alter ego.
          Drawing more RR gowns as we speak, especially Tango Art Gowns! xo

                    1. Yowzer… slayer woman, dressed to kill! ❤
                      It's the first vote all over again.
                      Suffragettes all over, again.
                      Can we just be equal?
                      I will draw another 1,000 PBH slayer outfits if I have to!

                    2. We have this big election coming up…start drawing! I’m going to have to round up as many suffragettes as possible so we can just be equal! Well, I want to be a little better………

  2. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    PBH super hero, advocate for the earth, animals, assault on women (and men) climate change issues, etc. is getting quite a following and (quote unquote Resa) “She will clean one’s clock w/ titanium boots featuring retracting needles loaded with concentrated poison berry venom.” So, please enjoy the amazing artwork of Resa and get on the bandwagon. Princess Blue Holly.

                1. Hehehe! The berry venom is a secret concoction. They can know about it all they want, but they don’t know the recipe.
                  PBH rules, and there is nothing the bad asp ships can do about it!

                    1. Hahahaha!
                      In a general apocalypse…no. However, in a major governmental meltdown, yes. You see, it’s all a con game… a part of the rigging.
                      UCH!!! Student loans are def an evil PBH needs to take on.
                      Working on an outfit for that. The eyepatch will come in handy here!

                    2. That’s crazy! I’m working on an outfit to fight the corporate money bleeders. Probably in a smart tweed with side pouch for berry poisoned money. One touch, and they’re dust.
                      I have to go do human stuff. I’ll be back later! xx

  3. Hyperion

    Awesome! PBH is the perfect antidote for all the unnecessary evil that plagues us. I think those titanium boots will ring their nefarious bells and bring some good order and kindness to this angry blue planet.

      1. Thank you Dan, Resa has taken care of the essentials, like the berry juice venom, PBH is on the job saving the planet! Have a great evening, you can rest easy, I’m out there.
        Does that frighten you? 🙂

      2. Hyperion

        PBH is proof you can look your very best while liberating bad people from their bad activities. I think the collaboration is First Class Kool 😎😎😎 at your place.

    1. This is lots of fun!
      The new Art Gown is coming along. I’m well into the first phase. Lots to do!
      In the meantime, I’m drawing RR in Tango gowns for a followup post.

  4. Resa, awesome post. Love the Princess Blue Holly superstar! Leonard Cohen has been a favorite poet from 1964 when I bought one of his poetry books. Look forward to read how you put his song Anthem in vocals. Happy Sunday! 📚 Christine

    1. Leonard is amazing! I adore “Suzanne”.

      Princess Blue Holly is a Superhero for today’s needs. The fact that she has different outfits to fight different crimes seems to be resonating!

    1. Thank you, Timothy! The world needs a superhero like PBH! I’m so happy now that I can draw different crime fighting outfits. I was a bit down about only having 1 outfit. NOW, woo hoo!

    1. Thank you! I’m getting better at drawing the more I do it. I don’t want to use a digital program.
      I prefer the old fashioned way.
      Holly writes the best poems. She has a gift!

    1. I won’t argue with you there! Planet earth needs a PBH at this point, and finally, we have a superhero who changes their clothes.
      Enjoying O’Roarke’s Destiny, a lot! Almost 1/2 through. xxxxxxxxx

    1. Love to you, too!
      You are like a superhero who fights crime with a super dog….. probably named Hera!
      Thank you, dear Marina! ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o

  5. Hi Resa, as always fantastic art and a great message behind it. As you know I am a Star Wars/lightsaber fan but we are also eco conscious and a good friend of mine, Master Medwyn, made a tribute to Planet Earth in the form of a choreography using lightsabers. I thought you might like to see it, the link is here:

    1. Well, that is absolutely wonderful!!! I love it! I am a bit speechless. Let Master Medwyn know how much I adore this video! I’ll go over to Youtube and follow!

      1. Hello again, I will be sure to pass on your kind words to Master Medwyn. He is a great martial artist and the choreography was created from real world sword techniques. During the Water section you can even see him advance and retreat just like the waves whereas the Fire has short flickering movements like flame. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Oh my Goddess, Resa! I’m covered in goosebumps. This post …. how do I possibly describe my emotions of what is portrayed here. I LOVE this earth so much and to see the devastation and what man is doing not only to Her but to all Her creations, breaks my heart again and again. I LOVE your superhero! I’m going to join forces with her! And I will be my own superhero in my own corner of the world. And that song at the end ….. Oh Lord! I’m so moved ….. How are those of us who SEE and CARE and who LOVE this earth ever going to bring wholeness to Her? More of us are rising up, I swear! We are ready to fight and we are, darn it, all in the Name of LOVE! You and Holly …. bless you both! *wiping tears* ……

    1. YAY!!!
      It means an awful lot that you are joining forces. 💓🌹💓
      PBH is just getting started. She is the Superhero for today’s world. We will be identifying earth crimes, and writing the stories, drawing more sketches, etc.
      I need to learn to draw villains.
      PBH’s backstory is really cool. I won’t spill the beans, as we want the info to come out with the posts. The Likers and Commenters will be our proof of originality. I can see someone stealing her!
      The Leonard Cohen song is a beauty. He’s gone now, but he left us some gems. Will be attaching more to posts!
      Best wishes and all good things to you, dear Amy 🌹 Rose! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. DARN IT!!! I just refollowed you, Resa. I must keep up with your blog so I can follow what is going on with PBH. I look so forward in reading more ….. Brilliant what you and Holly are doing! I do believe you shall spur on many who do read to take up the torch and become superheroes all their own. It’s up to us to save this world! And we shall!! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Sue! Holly and I are having a fun time with this character. There’s a lot to clean up out in the world, now. Maybe one idea, such as this, can help. 😀
      In some way or form, a superhero may be the only answer. xo

  7. Great post. But what else can we expect when two beautiful and talented ladies collaborate. Outifts are sexy and gorgeous (definitely, my style). The poem was perfect. And your narration perfect and fasscinating.
    Bravo to Resa and Holly.

        1. I won’t! PBH is too, neat. I enjoy drawing her, too much. Holly and I are working on a back story for her. I also totally adore drawing her alter ego, Rene Rosso… the torch singer who wears gowns.
          RR’s been in several posts here and on Art Gowns!

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