The Silence of the Butterflies

I’m finding lots & lots of butterfly art in the alleys.

Did you know butterflies are important to pollination? The Monarch Butterfly is the second most important insect pollinator, after bees.

I will be posting a lot of butterflies in the next months. Take heed of the message!

Pics taken by Resa – March 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:


I was invited to a music session. I found it difficult to just groove, while the musicians created away.

Well, there were napkins & pens, hence this napkin art. “Helter Skelter” was raging on while I penned the above.


65 thoughts on “The Silence of the Butterflies

    1. Thanks Timothy!
      It’s crazy about the napkin art… but I like it! I’m glad I took pics. I’m sure the napkins will go the way of all cat claws…. eventually! 😀

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    1. Yeah, the Monarch is mighty important. Of course man has driven down their numbers (and the bees) with insecticides, herbicides and other pollution. I live on a Monarch migratory path. When I moved here18 years ago, I would see clouds of Monarchs during migration season. Now, I see a few each year. We planted some milkweed in the back. It’s the only plant they reproduce in. Also, there’s a butterfly sanctuary not far from here, on the Lakeshore, but it’s not enough.

      1. Yes, man is the most destructive animal and a threat to all other species here on earth. We are a very arrogant ruthless race! I love Monarchs , so beautiful , my grandma had a huge butterfly garden just full of the big Monarch, one day I caught one and when I let go his colors were on my fingertips, I cried. I love the poem Milkwood, it is one of my favorites.

    1. Yay! I’m on a migratory path. I used to see clouds of Monarchs, but not for the last 10 years. Maybe they will replenish here, as well. Although, it’s not drought here, it’s pollution and chemical herbicides and insecticides.

      1. I complimented both: ‘excellent butterfly’ = garage door +’and napkins’ means that the napkins are also excellent. Maybe you should have posted the napkin art separately in order to avoid dilution of compliments . Do you do street art yourself by the way?

    1. Well, I was thinking of slapping around a tambourine, but I gotta tell you, the musicians are in the A+ category. My tambourine playing isn’t even in a category. Hey, they were impressed with the napkin art! Good enough for me!

  2. Butterflies have always been a prism of beauty and life on it’s own; so much we can learn from them and their cycles. The graffiti is beautiful, I love the way it feels so natural to the wall, as though it was not sprayed on at all, but the wall was simply made that way.
    The napkin drawings are beyond lovely as well!

    1. Butterflies are so beautiful, in all the ways you have said here. Man is killing them off. Man is no butterfly, even in a poetic sense. So nice to see you here!!! ❤
      Thanks…about my napkin art! 😀

  3. Oh no ! Butterflies are now pollinating garages ! It must be a Canadian thing, probably something to do with maple syrup I expect 😉 Whatever next ? Love from Austria dear Resa xoxoxo ❤

  4. I love butterflies (said every woman ever! 😂) can’t wait to see more. Will you post your own butterfly art work or just others’? Please say your own!

    I liked the last sketch of yours the most. Not sure why..the two people I guess it felt like a dance.
    Hope you’re well ❤️

    1. Butterflies are hot this year, and I’ve got lots to post. Lol! Yeah, the napkin art, maybe I should frame them!! 😀 (only half kidding)

  5. Those eyes are rather disconcerting yet the butterfly is just as powerful. Very cool.
    As for the napkin drawings, your rock Sorceress! 🧚‍♀️👗

    1. It’s giving us a message to take care of our butterflies, our mother nature.
      Yes, each napkin is not only a drawing, it’s an incantation! 😀 ⚡️💥

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