Classic Face w/ Writing

This is new since the lockdown.

I found it in an alley I frequent.

Egads I adore it! What a classic!

A different angle. I adore the drainpipe integration.

Pics taken by Resa – May 6, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Unknown at this time (Can u read the blue/gold writing?)

70 thoughts on “Classic Face w/ Writing

    1. I suspect who did the face, but as it was during lockdown, I’m not surprised it is unsigned.
      I adore it!
      Also, very excited about the next PBH post, on Art Gowns.
      I got onto a 3 day drawing spree, and there is a new PBH Cheetah outfit and more.
      I’ve been blocking in the post. I’ve got 3 tree pics and a Paris night shot in there. Marina’s Pear Tree is in.

  1. Beautiful face but I don’t like where the drainpipe is on her face. I think it detracts for her loveliness. I can’t read any of the words. I can read the artist’s initials: hfb. Do I get pints for seeing them twice? 😉🥰

    Happy Monday, Resa.


    1. I know… the drainpipe!
      Yet, I love her, warts and all! LOL!
      No pints for HFB, but maybe glasses! 😉😉 Not sure who/what that is. Lol!

      Happy Tuesday, Janet!

    2. I was just enjoying your blog. Seems my comments are not going through. Perhaps, for some reason they need approval, or have ended up in you SPAM folder. Would you be so kind as to check?
      Thank you xo

  2. Brilliant and iconic, Resa! I was reminded of The Lady of Shalott painted by John William Waterhouse in 1888, reflecting Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s final scene, which is so in keeping with our current reality. We have amazing artists – so grateful for their creative spirit.

    1. Yes, I can see that, too!
      I was so smitten by this piece & finding it, that I didn’t see the sadness through my joy.
      Many comments here have pointed out that combination of beauty and sadness.
      It really is indicative of now.

    1. I know about the molepipe.
      Yet, as far as alley art goes, it’s fabulous! (the molepipe)
      I admire that the artists will paint where they can, when they can; over wires, pipes, signs, knobs, etc.
      Theirs is a harsh canvas. ⚡️💥

    1. I know, the drainpipe is ….. there.
      Someone made the interesting comment that, as this is painted during the lockdown, they meant it to be there. It could be a statement of trying to breath/ventilators.
      Knowing artists, and street artists, I’d say that is a definite possibility.

  3. Oh I love this Resa. It’s very classic beautiful but not overdone. I do admire the wall artist they paint wherever they can and don’t let a little drain pipe or anything else get in the way. They just incorporate or work around it. Both so brilliant. They are amazing. Wish I knew who the artist is but can’t read it either. Maybe you’ll find out one day! ♥️

    1. Yeah… in an alley!
      The alleys in Toronto are an adventure and a joy. I got out today, but didn’t find much. I didn’t hold a lot of hope, as I knew where I was going. I’m too afraid to go on public transport right now, so it is only where I can walk. Still I found a few pieces, and I am happy!

  4. Given this wonderful piece of art was painted in the lockdown could the ‘pipe’ be her ventilator? I don’t say this in jest, more that the artwork is saying even the beautiful can catch the virus. I’m most likely wrong. Jolly fine work, young Resa. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. Interesting take, TOF!
      I have met many artists in the alleys and on roofs. From what/how I know them, I’d say yes, it could be a ventilator. As it is unsigned, I’ll have to wait until the artists are legally allowed to paint, again. Then I can ask around!

      Beauty is no escape from Covid 19! Neither is ugly, age, kind, mean, stupid or…… there is no escape. There is only evasion.

          1. Winifred Drawer is a much fabled nasty piece of work. Oft times she cannot help herself. Crushed fingers her speciality, whereas Svetlana Wardrobe is a diamond gal who never harms The Old Fool, not unlike her best friend, Anny Clothes-Peg, a creature of habit.

  5. Curious why the artist integrated her with the pipe and didn’t set her left or right of it. But when you see a fuller shot with the barred window over her head, and the yellow and black speed bump in the road which seems to trail from her hair… it makes a unique ‘bigger’ picture.

    1. True, the bigger picture works well.
      Someone suggested, as this is painted during the lockdown, they meant it to be there. It could be a statement of trying to breath/ventilators.
      I thought that was an interesting comment.

    1. I was so thrilled to find this. It’s been painted during the lockdown. I think there is some message in it.

    1. It was a thrill to find it! Not much wall art being done during the lockdown!
      PS. N gave in and has been playing Scrabble with me!!!!

  6. Hi Resa, these are gorgeous, and I thought of a tracheostomy when I saw the drainpipe. Too much focus on Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂 I wonder if there was any intentional purpose or maybe we’re just thinking too hard. Great pics! ❤

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