Prince Paste-Up

I don’t find a lot of paste-ups any more. However, in this time of Covid, the paste and run mentality makes total sense.

I adore Prince, and was beyond thrilled to find this.

It’s brilliantly pasted over a throw-up. I loathe throw-ups.

My fave Prince song, and one of my fave vids….ever!

Pics taken by Resa – May 19, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist is unknown ❤

I’d love to see your fave Prince song/vid. Please post the link & not the actual video in your comment. A Frank Angle taught me that… so my browser won’t crash.

You enter the link, but add 1 character after the link. It will come out a link, and not a vid! Don’t worry if you didn’t get it right. I’ll make it right! Love & Peace!


110 thoughts on “Prince Paste-Up

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a nice Prince past-up. You might remember I did a parody of “When Doves Cry” called “When Owls Fly”.

  2. I adore Prince. I loathe throw-ups… This is the first time I’ve been introduce to a paste-up – and how wonderful that it be the Purple One! You chose an excellent one and for my first wedding.. ahem… we dance to Damn U which still remains one of my (many) fave Prince songs

    1. What a beautiful song, Dale.
      You know, ⚡️💥, after getting to know you a bit out here, I see you very much as a person filled with so much passion that you would feel Damn U when someone would make you love them so completely.
      I don’t know if what I just said makes sense to you, but in my awkward writing way…. I’m attempting a sweet point.
      OMG… Prince is so tender in his performance, of that pretty and passionate song!
      What a talent!
      On a shallow note, Damn the band looks great. They always had the sharpest most creative looks.

      1. I take it you did not know it? I absolutely love it. When his voice goes way down near the end and then shoots back up… butterflies.
        And yes. I think you have me pegged correctly 😉
        And yes, he is so very tender. I can’t believe such a small man had such a huge sex appeal (I may have had a dream or two…)
        And yes. The band always looked great!
        So glad you enjoyed my submission, Sorceress!
        I might have to come back and put another 😉

        1. I agree about the part where “his voice goes way down near the end and then shoots back up…”
          My legs are shivering thinking about it.
          A dream or 2 … huh! I MAY have had a few about …. Robert Plant… LOL. He sure wore some tight pants WHEW!
          Great submission! Do feel free to submit again! Also, as this is not an AFA production, you do not have to wait until tomorrow! 😉 😂 😜

          1. Such a range he had… My, my, my.
            Oh, Definitely Robert Plant. He was the epitome of sexy (still has some)…
            We ain’t dead, are we? Love this!
            And yes, I shall come back with another shortly!

  3. Hi Resa, this is another amazing find and what an artist Prince was. I used to play 1999 as a keyboardist and it always had an effect on the crowds. As for my favourite Prince number however I would just pick out “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World” as another example of his talent and out of this world vocal range.

    1. Wow! Great tune! I forgot about it, and I don’t remember ever seeing the video!
      Hahaha! I’ve got Oannes Mick Ronson podcast set up to listen to, but I’m suddenly busy doing the Prince songs people have left!

      1. It was a brilliant song and the video was very impressive at the time [design wise] as typography hadn’t been used before in a musical video.
        Sending hugs to busy bee Resa, with love and many many kisses!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
        Hera was here too!

      1. It was a great song… and the video was very popular in the design world as typography hadn’t been used this way in a musical video before (no artist in it, just the words). 😘😘

  4. I know little of Prince save for his remarkable guitar solos the titles of which I never knew. Splendiferous post for unusual times. ‘…the paste and run mentality makes total sense’ the most worthy sentence of the month. Regards, TOF

    1. Yes, dear TOF, we are def in the paste up and run days.
      Sentence of the month! YAY!!!
      No applause… please, please!
      Well, that was fun. Now what?

        1. Okay TOF….
          1 street artists
          2 children from 3-6 years of age
          3 Severe alcoholics (although they may not run in a straight line)
          Did I get it right?

          1. You certainly did, young Resa. For me it would be;
            1. An angry mob collective
            2. A dyslexic pastor keen on getting more believers to his place of wereship.
            3. A bereft lover living at the seaside with no glass bottle within which to place his all-important letter having little choice but to paste said message andleg it.
            Regards, TOF

  5. I really love this cause I love Prince , paste up thrown up … I don’t care! When Doves Cry is one of the most beautiful haunting love songs ever and get I get chills when U hear it. The sketch of The Purple One is spot on right down to the fluffy shirt! love this Resa , great find. xoxoxo

    1. IKR!
      I thought Prince was a fab act. Then when Doves Cry came out, it moved him into a whole new realm for me. I think it was the same for many people, as he moved very swiftly at that point, from popular band to Super Star.
      I was a great find. It’s raining so I’m sure it is melting away. However, maybe the same artist has another rock star paste up!
      I’ll be in that alley on Monday, on the way to the art store!
      Look out pencils! Here I come!

  6. I think you should start tagging regions of Toronto for yourself. Turn it into a sort of fashion slum. Where only cool looking sorts can vandal… art the place up.

    1. 🔥🔥🔥⚡️💥🔥🔥🔥
      Sweating it out over here!
      What a BODY of work he has!

      Ya know, Thunder, I think the Art Gowns are up his alley, in a wardrobe kinda way.

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