# Free Oleg Sentsov

It’s been a long, long time since I found heavily political street art in Toronto.

This piece is on an indiscriminately tagged stretch of construction site board fence.

Sentsov is a Ukrainian film director who Putin put in jail. It was 2 months after Russia illegally occupied Crimea. He is serving 20 years.

He is on a hunger strike, and will die. The most recent article I can find is in Variety Magazine – July 10, 2018. Click on the LOGO to read the article.

Here is an earlier article from June 4 in The New Yorker.

Pics taken by Resa – July 30. 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Rocksy? I curled down the left corner.

28 thoughts on “# Free Oleg Sentsov

  1. A very different post for you. Not the usual beautiful post. Unfortunately, this is a sad case of one’s self expression being denied. I laugh when I here people praising the wonderful virutes
    of communism and then we read the reality of cases like these.
    Good post Resa. .

    1. Dear Lonely Author,
      Yes, it is different. One does not find many pieces like this in Toronto… the city of pretty street art.
      I might have let it go, but I’ve read “Red Notice” by Bill Browder.
      A lot of what Putin is up to re: America & many other western countries, including Canada, is about the “Magnitsky Act”.
      I hope Bill Browder is not the next poisoned person in the UK. Thank you for commenting on this post.

    1. Thank you, dear Aq! There’s not much street art like this in Toronto, but I am moved after reading the research. Also, I read “Red Notice” by Bill Browder.
      I will never visit Russia.

            1. It is worth it to understand what the hell is going on. It is what is behind all of the Russia/trump intrigue, and the meeting at Trump Tower. Mind blowing. It’s about a man named Magnitsky who was Browder’s account in Russia. By accident Magnitsky discovered how the Russian government had cheated the citizens out of millions of dollars. They threw Magnitsky in jail, and tortured him for about a year, until he died. Since then Browder has traveled the world getting countries to seize all funds of the government criminals and prohibit them from coming to their country. Putin’s ability, ,and the ability of his guys to enjoy their ill gotten gains has been curtailed. Putin wants trump to get rid of the Magnitsky Act in the states. XOXOXO

              1. Wow 😮… sounds taken from a movie… sometimes reality overpasses Fiction, I’d say.
                I wonder if Russians really took part in USA’s election, as many sources tend to suggest.
                I have always found Putin a bit scary and makes me think of a sort of Godfather (in the sense of the analogue movie, you know) …. he is as rich as Trump… maybe even more, as far as I know… Money and power could be a dangerous thing these days… 😘

  2. Though this may not be the most dramatically colorful it may be the most important work you have photographed Resa. Another example of the ruthless regime of Putin and his Oligarchs and to even imagine that our president has gone behind closed door and even our NSA does not know what was said or what went on is chilling to the bone. I hope this victim is rescued from the evil clutches. Thank you dear Resa. xx ❤

    1. You’re welcome, Holly! I’m glad you commented. I think it’s important, too, especially after having read “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. I’m sure Putin wants Browder to be the next poison victim. So does Browder. However, when Putin mentioned Browder at the summit press conference, The Magnitsky Act, which everyone living should know about, went viral.
      The Magnitsky Act is the whole basis behind the infamous Trump Tower Meeting
      I felt like people were maybe avoiding the Sentsov post due to its heavy duty political nature.
      Well, it’s done, and I slept well.

  3. Hyperion

    As alarming as Sentsov’s situation is to the west, he is representative of 100 years of consistent policy to silence critics of Russia’s leaders and government. All of those voices silenced forever remind us that personal freedom is elusive and if enjoyed can be taken from us on a whim by those put in power to protect the freedom, quality of life, and dignity of the citizens. Sadly, it’s not limited to only Russia. We must be united and vigilant if we are to enjoy the freedom to have an opinion or tell the truth as we see it.

    1. I agree! I don’t want my voice or freedoms taken away. I stand united. There is not much graffiti like this any more. I hope I find more & I will post it.
      The crazy thing is, I was reluctant to post this, at first. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Yes, Christy, it is different. The street art in Toronto is all very pretty, gorgeous and lovely. Pieces like this one are reminiscent of real graffiti from the past. (not tags)
      If I find more, I will post it. Actually, I hope I find something about women being oppressed in second & third world countries. I’m not holding my breath. ❤

  4. Oh it is so poignant that someone in Toronto painted this mural. Alas, most of people care of all these affairs only because they hate Trump. When Trump is out of the picture, they will lose interest in Putin and move on. People seldom read more than the headlines, and political murals seldom have a long life. Congratulations on the find though, and your always wonderful photographs.

    1. I haven’t found a political piece of street art since Mayor Rob Ford. Our ex-crack smokin’ mayor (may he rest in peace) was all over the alleys. Nonetheless, this piece moved me, especially since I’ve read “Red Notice”

      1. Reality is much worse than any book. I am in touch with someone from Ukraine. There is a war going on, people dying, and the Western world has no idea. Even the downed Malaysia flight didn’t impress them much. Now suddenly everyone is upset with Putin. Where have they been before? Like 3 years ago? I suppose this mural is a rarity. It is really moving to see it. Thank you Toronto.

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