Hallowe’en 22

I see you got the inbite, ….. erm  ….invite to my special Hallowe’en bash & birthday party for Resa’s niece Sherrie.

Say “hello” to Snarl, my co-host for the evening.  Snarl, say “hello”to our guests!


Some of the regular alley skulls have dropped in.

We usually eat the guests with flesh on their bones, but this year we’re serving skull cream cones, instead.

Big Daddy Devil has made an appearance.

He’s brought his rotten son, Little Boy Devil along.

For fun, they rode in on their giant pet, Mothy. Sweet thing!

Entertainment wise, two alley ghouls are performing incantations and spells. Line up on the left for special hex requests!

I hope you have enjoyed your evening of horror here in our Hallowe’en hell-hole! Meet King, our bouncer!

Everyone OUT! It’s over! Don’t linger or I’ll sick my Vudu cat on you!


Pics taken by Resa – 2017 – 2022

Toronto, Canada

Some of the artists: Cruz, Mista Tour, Horus, Dudeman, N. Sweetman & C. Mazzula


I’ll be doing a review of all of Robbie and Michael’s books, down the road a bit. However, I couldn’t resist a mention of “Haunted Halloween Holiday”.

Even kids’ books can have spoilers, so I’ll be brief

Meet Count Sugular. He is one of the many characters in this and other of this series of kids’ books. Like all, he is an artwork made of fondant, an edible sugar clay…in a way. Edible glue is used & edible food colouring.

Kids can eat these characters. SO, all children must brush their teeth after eating one. Above is Skelly the Skeleton. Below is Jack Frost.

I’ll repost this link when I review the series. https://robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com/fondant-art-how-to-make/

105 thoughts on “Hallowe’en 22

  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. spoooooooky!!!!!
    I love all your monsters and look forward to your Robbie and Michael reviews!
    Hera says Wooooooooooooooooooooooooof!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, I couldn’t sleep last night I was so terrified!
      I have to finish reading “Necromacer’s Daughter” first!.. The that review, then I’m onto Robbie and Michael’s books!
      HERA!!!!! xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽xo🧽🧽

        1. 😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽😘🐾🧽

  2. splendid! 💖the 3D effect on that marvellous moth.

    have a spookstastic time 👻💀☠🧹🧙‍♀️🧹☠💀👻


    1. Plenty more art available, that I have never posted. I keep posting my faves, then the rest wait for a moment like this.

      I figured King would be a good bouncer.
      He’s single if you know any available gals?

      What a unique art Robbie is engaged in!

  3. Halloween art and text to die for! (Dye for?) Wonderful/hilarious post, Resa, and I look forward to your review of the work of the ultra-talented and ultra-prolific Robbie Cheadle and Michael Cheadle.

    1. Thank you Dave!
      This was fun to do! Die & dye both work here.
      It’s going to be a fun review to do!
      First, finishing “Necromancer’s Daughter. Reading faster than usual, at 2 turtle speed.

  4. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful and creative post. “I see you got the inbite” Hahahaha! That made me laugh. I love all those ghoulies you collected. King is the bouncer of bouncers. Brilliant post, Resa.

        1. What a fiasco of flour!
          I made cherry, blueberry and apple. We will eat the blueberry, and freeze the apple and cherry.
          That means we have 3 apple, 2blueberry and 1 cherry in the freezer.
          Next weekend I’ll make 2 peach and 1 strawberry.
          Just washed the flour out of my hair. xx

          1. Timothy Price

            My my miss Canadian Pie. No Chevy at the levy, but a freezer is well stocked. Speaking of Don McLean, he gave one of the best performances I have ever experienced.

            1. I’ll be making pies every weekend until sometime in Dec. I buy fruits when they are in season, and inexpensive. Then I make pies from the frozen fruits. It’s a good system.
              Love that song! I never saw him live. Lucky you. One never knows the real energy until they go to a live concert.

              1. Timothy Price

                McLean was part of a guitar series at the Kimo Theater in Downtown Albuquerque in the mid 80s. The theater is small and intimate, which made his performance majical. There were only 50 or 60 people in the audience and we were all close to the stage, so he really connected with the audience.

                1. That is the way to go! Not much of those kind of concerts around anymore. Used to be record sales was where the money was. Now, it’s big concerts, because of streaming.

  5. You are so witty, Sorceress. What a great collection of murals with the perfect commentary! I’ll have me a skull cream cone to go, please…
    Happy Hallowe’en!

    1. Thunder, it was a hoot and a half making this post!
      The skull cream cones are proving popular.
      Your pumpkin Art Gown will be on Gi’s blog tomorrow! xoxo

  6. Pingback: Hallowe’en 22 — Graffiti Lux Art & More (Resa has the perfect street art collection for Halloween) | Rethinking Life

  7. I Wouldn’t miss this party… all my best buds will be there. 🧛‍♂️ I’ll be the cow 🐮 in the corner, I hope the udd… ER…others will pop over to say hi, especially Sherrie. I would love it if Resa could whip up a gown for me. lots of hugs Meece! xoxoxo

    1. I thought I scheduled this for tonight. OOPS
      Now I’ve got to get back to my pies! (apple, cherry and blueberry!)
      Your Hallowe’en gown will premiere on Gi’s blog!
      Yes, the udders are here! They arrived early.
      Will send AGMs pic when pies are in oven. It looks great! xoxoxo

  8. What a fun Halloween post, Resa. I love the ghouls, devils, dinos, and skulls. And what a perfect place to feature some of Robbie’s spooky creations for kids from her book. You just got me in the mood for Halloween! ❤

    1. It was a lot of fun making this post.
      A lot of gals have inquired about Snarl and King. Yes, they are single. However, they might not be if they could only stop eating their dates!
      Glad you got in the mood. ❤❤

    1. I did have a good one and hope you did too!
      I know this reply is a tad tardy, still I do my best to keep up.
      I look forward to reading the rest of Robbie and Michael’s books!
      Take care!

    1. …. but I see the dust, so you must be in there! 😂
      I like Jack Frost’s nose, too.
      If I was to eat a fondant Jack Frost, I’d start with the nose.
      Like, with chocolate Easter Rabbits, I always start with their ears.
      Must be I want to eat what sticks out most! 😖

  9. They’re creepy and they’re kooky and altogether spooky, but in the end they put the fun in funky. Just so long as you don’t overstay your welcome, that is. Frightfully cool finds, Resa.

    1. This was a super fun post to do Rebecca!
      Yes, we are partying on down… even 2 days after the fact.
      I’m quite focused on the last 3 drawings before I can finish the last episode of PBH on Art Gowns.
      I drew myself into a corner, now I’m drawing my way out!
      How is War and Peace coming along? 🤗

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