Sath – Renaissance via Art

First things, first! Congratulations to Sath & Johanna!

They have created the most beautiful 👼 Lila 👼!

I’ve always believed Sath would be an amazing father. Much of his art is for kids & he teaches them through interactive art experience.

Two recent pieces Sath has done are collaborations with SIK. Above is Crow-n. I absolutely adore it. Below is a 21 second video of a mural with a big message about “the orangutans, the palm oil industry and the deforestation”

Check out the details of the mural from Sath & Sik!

“about one of the main causes of climate change. The logging and burning of forests by the timber industry, as well as by obtaining soil for agriculture and livestock are razing the lung of the planet and the species that live there.”

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Above is ZoOrquesta Decoración” The slide show above is is filled with animal instruments Sath did for a Music School. La Escuela de Música local del @ajsonservera.

Dalmatian 103

Work done live during the last Nit de l’Art de Son Servera. As always, a real pleasure to paint in a place as magical as the Església Nova and see so many known people.”

What a fab frog! An animal may not be able to change its spots, but Sath can.

“I present to you Toni Serra, the student of Aproscom chosen through a draw to be the image of the 4th edition of the @proyecto.somriu.” SOM – RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities.  Learn more! Visit a previous GLaM post: SOM – RIU. 

All Art & Photos in this post © Sath

The Artist at Work

The world has not heard the last from Sath. He has just begun.

Sath on Instagram or Sath on Facebook

Visit all of the posts GLAM has done about Sath by clicking on the pic below:

My sincerest Thank You’s to Sath, for allowing me the privilege of of continuing to cover his career, in the world of art and humanities. Also, gratitudes to Johanna! Her ongoing work for our planet began with Greepeace, & now with an NGO called Compassion in World Farming. They are truly a Renaissance Couple! – Resa

Below is an interview with Sath. He’s that uber happy, proud daddy you see above.

SATH – Visual Communicator


Artist: Sath

“The wall with the judge was painted in the village of Son Servera, and it talks about the freedom of speech. A Spanish rapper was condemned to jail just for the lyrics of his songs… ridiculous.”

Artist: Sath

The wall “Congreso De Los Imputados” is about politics.

Artist: Sath

“At the entrance of the Spanish parliament (congreso de los diputados): I changed the word diputados for imputados, (that means imputed). There are 2 lions, so I painted 1 of them (changing the ball for a prisoner ball), to criticize the government and the corruption.”

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

“I also attached the image of the last wall with my project “Som-Riu”. This week I’m gonna start another “Som-Riu” project in another village.”

SOM – RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities. Learn more! Visit a previous GLaM post: SOM – RIU. 


Artist: Sath

Sath’s sense of humor is precious, whatever he decides to say with it.

“By the way, this wall painting is the new Spanish gastrobar Broken Eggs by the Galician Chef Jacobo Astray, in Ekkamai. Great selection of wines, craft beers, amazing food and service. All for affordable prices! Buen provecho!”

The CANVAS below is titled: UNI-CORN

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

For the live painting shows, I paint in front of the public during music festivals. They can get tickets to win the painting with a raffle at the end”.

Sath paints B.B.King

I asked Sath about the above shot.

 “The organization in that case was called “renou col-lectiu” that in Catalan language means “collective noise”.

All art © SATH

All photos © via SATH

Sath hails from Mallorca (Spain). He uses spray & acrylic paint to create colorful pieces, slightly surreal.  He uses figurative elements, & impossible situations or actions, but he never neglects the message.

Check out Sath’s Website!

Follow Sath on FaceBook!

Sath sent me a FaceBook link to a short sweet video of himself painting the wall below. I can’t seem to embed the video. It’s not on YouTube, but if you click on the pic below, it will take you to the video. If you do not have a FB account (like me) just click on “Not Now”. You will be able to view it!

SATH – Art Angel: Just Ask the Kids

“I’m sure that art can transform spaces but also people!” -SATH

Photo: Antolín Avezuela

Above: “Team work! Wall in progress for Greenpeace Thailand.”

Below, the finished product: “Windmill is a project for Greenpeace during Wonderfruit festival, in Thailand, February, 2017.”

Artist: SATH & children -Windmill

When I first met SATH, he was involved in a project, SOM-RIU This is a  participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities at the Joan Mesquida Special Education Center, located in Manacor (Mallorca).

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

This project continues, and here is the latest mural.

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

“I present to you Caterina Infante, the student chosen by a raffle to be portrayed during the project Som-Riu of this edition. As always, a pleasure to share time and colors with the students.”

Artist: SATH

Above: “Student” painted in 2016, This girl welcomes you when you get into the office of Save the Children Thailand.

Below:  SATH got married in the summer of 2016. Check out his proposal!

Artist: SATH – Photo © SATH

When I asked him where this was he said:  “In front of my parents house! “ Click on the pic to read an article on SATH’s most unique proposal.

 Sath says: “I just moved back with my wife to Mallorca, my island in Spain. I will miss Bangkok but I’m really excited for the new projects here.”

Artist: SATH

So, what does SATH do when he gets back to Spain, he paints a child titled “Want to fly” at “Saladina art fest, in Mallorca.”    ‘

His sense of humor follows his dedication to children’s & human causes.  As seen in –  Monkey business | 2016 – I hate Mondays.

Artist: SATH


You can now buy SATH’s art in prints & on many products at Society 6 I have bought many things from S6 & I must say the quality is excellent.

“Cheetah” on a tote

SATH, an acronym for Sandro Thomàs, is not just an amazing artist, he is a wonderful person.  The world needs a lot more SATHs. You’ll want to visit  SATH on FaceBook or on SATH’s Website


❤️ These 3 videos from Som-Riu will melt the “cockles of your heart” ❤️ They are about 3 minutes each.

Header Image: Bi-polar bear | 2015 – Thailand

Artists: SATH and Mauy

I have bought many products on Society6. The quality is excellent. Keep track of discount days & free shipping days. Sometimes both happen on the same day.

Click on LOGO to go to SATH’s shop.



Don’t Leaf Me

Sath speaks on old wood, in an alley in Toronto.

Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Sath’s paintings can be pretty, humorous or fanciful, and he conveys messages one way or another.

Leaf #4
Artist: Sath

Leaf #9

His style is loose and defiant.

Leaf #5
Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath

I had the privilege of watching Sath paint this piece & being the first to snap a few pics. You can see his paintings on “Sath on Facebook” or on “Sath’s Website”

Leaf #3

Pics taken by Resa, August 22, 2016

Toronto, Canada

⭐ ⭐ Thank you SATH! ⭐ ⭐

Artwork by:


Sath was assisted by: Zé.

Leaf #1



SOM-RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities…

Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

… at the Joan Mesquida Special Education Center, located in Manacor (Mallorca),

Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

  It is created by the urban artist Sath and Aproscom Fundació.

Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

With permission, I’ve acquired these photos of one of his wall murals on the Son Servera coast, Mallorca, from Sath’s Website

Artist: Sath - Photo © Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Students will receive workshops on mural technique before doing the main mural.

Artist: Sath - Photo © Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

I was impressed when I watched the promotional video.

SOM-RIU is partially crowd funded, & it comes with rewards, donation dependent. 
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath
Check it out for yourself. Click on the SOM-RIU wall image above.
You can also find Sath on FACEBOOK
Sath will be painting a wall at the
August 13 & 14 2016



Sath – Rockabilly

Sath, Spanish & currently based in Bangkok, continues to romance lovers of Street Art.

Artist: Sath - Photo © Sath
“Rockabilly” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Since my post on SATH  July, 2015,

“Rainblow” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Sath’s work remains socially relevant, and with a sense of humor.

“Exodus” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

With permission, I’ve acquired this post’s photos from Sath’s Website

Plan(e) – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Or – Sath on FACEBOOK

“Lollipop” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath


“Rock café” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath
Sath will be painting at the Cambridge Street Art Festival
August 13 & 14 2015


Check out the Cambridge Street Art Festival website or on The Facebook Site

Cambridge STAF

& the Press Release below

PRESS Release LetterHiRez



Sath is a Spanish artist currently based in Bangkok. 

“Con-tenedor. Mallorca (Spain, 2012)”

Artist: Sath - Photo @ Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

⭐ I have visited Sath’s Website and am so honored that he has submitted pics of his Street Art to GLaM ⭐

“Binary system. Mallorca (Spain, 2013)”

Artist: Sath - Photo © Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

I find his work to be socially relevant, and with a sense of humor.

“I be-leaf in you. Penang (Malaysia, 2015)”

Artist: Sath - Photo @ Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

You can also find Sath on FACEBOOK

Love is in the h-air. Mallorca (Spain, 2014)”
Artist: Sath - Photo @ Sath
Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

 Pics taken by Sath- 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015

Spain & Malaysia