Sath – Rockabilly

Sath, Spanish & currently based in Bangkok, continues to romance lovers of Street Art.

Artist: Sath - Photo © Sath
“Rockabilly” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Since my post on SATH  July, 2015,

“Rainblow” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Sath’s work remains socially relevant, and with a sense of humor.

“Exodus” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

With permission, I’ve acquired this post’s photos from Sath’s Website

Plan(e) – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Or – Sath on FACEBOOK

“Lollipop” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath


“Rock café” – Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath
Sath will be painting at the Cambridge Street Art Festival
August 13 & 14 2015


Check out the Cambridge Street Art Festival website or on The Facebook Site

Cambridge STAF

& the Press Release below

PRESS Release LetterHiRez


23 thoughts on “Sath – Rockabilly

    1. I discovered it almost 4 years ago, and it blows my mind to see how much popularity it has gained in certain parts of the world. Toronto is definitely having a love affair with street art.

    1. I love that piece, too! He’s such a great artist. I sure hope I can get to Cambridge for the festival in August….. so many amazing artists will be there!

    1. I agree, which is why I haven’t been to a gallery since I found street art. There’s plenty to find & it’s healthy walking around finding it. Of course its ephemeral, which is why I am recording some of it.

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