Birdo – UnderPass Park

Yes, it’s a fish, but it’s a “Birdo” fish in Underpass Park.

Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo

His grafics & colors never disappoint. He paints 2 sides of a truss.

Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo

The “Birdo” Bird is always the best.

Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo

Pics taken by Resa, November 16, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Side 1

Artist: Birdo

Underpass Park


Side 2

Artist: Birdo

15 thoughts on “Birdo – UnderPass Park

  1. Love the fish dear Resa. I wonder why ?
    Hey ! You’ve been in this Underpass Park for far too long. I’ll be sending you thick warm socks and a bowl of soup. Okay ? 😉
    Big warm hug. Ralph xooxoox ❤ #<

    1. Hmm, will the soup be okay in the envelope? ❤ It was -13C yesterday, and the power went down for almost 7 hours. Thick warm socks are welcome.
      There's a lot of art in UPP. It is a huge area with skateboard ramps and 2 1/2 basketball courts. I still have a dozen pieces in my archives….. along with another 300 pieces I haven't time to post.
      LOL xoxoxo _Resa #<

      1. Ummm … probably not a good idea, so I’ll forget ….. eat the soup then.
        Oh no ! 7 hours ? Thermals and warm socks a definite must then.
        Heck ! You’ll be posting about the UPP for ever !
        Stay warm my dear friend. xoxoxo _Ralph #< ❤

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