Scary Face

The face is so scary, I put it at the end of the post!


However, the rest of the alley is lots of fun, so I’m picking it up from where I left off last post.


OVOA #10

OVOA #11

OVOA #12

A look down from scary face at the top of the alley.

OVOA #16

Scary Face up close.

OVOA #14

Pics taken by Resa, December 15 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

20 thoughts on “Scary Face

    1. I understand what you are saying.
      However, I don’t like the image.Yet, in terms of street art, I take a second look.
      It’s well done… but so what? I think it needs more to convey a valid message.
      This is one artist I’d like to meet up with.

  1. Dear Resa, I love this post with the colorful and mysterious graffiti. It’s very interesting and I would like to know who this person in the last two pictures is. 🙂 Do you know anything about the story behind this person?
    XOXO Julia ❤

    1. Julia!
      I don’t know who. if it is based on a real person, but it is quite marvelous in real life, I believe SKAM is the artist, or someone from a crew he put together.
      It is in the alley beside the OVO store (which is Drake’s (rap super star)brand’s store here in Toronto!)
      One thing I do know is that you would look awesome in some of your outfits with the photo taken by some of Toronto’s fantastic Street Art!

    1. I guess you have to be there, standing in the cold and staring up at it. It is very omnipresent! Plus, there are no pupils, and that always freaks me. Sigh! Apparently, I am the only scaredy cat around here.

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