Boogapony Holly – Magic Carpet Tour


With all new costumes,

and a brand new playlist.

Pony on down with Boogapony Holly and her all new back-up dancers, the Boogapony Poniettes!

Let them thrill you in front of some of the best street art in the city’s alleys!

And don’t miss out on the special midnight rooftop performances at Resa’s Mural!

Featuring retro fashion shows.

and live music.

Be there or be 🔲

Boogapony Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since January, 2018

85 thoughts on “Boogapony Holly – Magic Carpet Tour

      1. Saint-Laurent of course… Memories mixed up. Courrèges was more in white or one tone if I recall… 🙂 But you’re the expert. Do you remember what artist posed with that YSL/Mondrian dress? Françoise Hardy? I don’t think it was Sylvie Vartan. Hardy posed with the metal dress, that I’m sure.

        1. There were several models, but I was so young, and models were not SUPER MODELS at that time… of course now Super Models have been replaced by movie stars and celebrities…
          Still, then the models were muses, and therein lies inspiration.
          Helen Mirren is a different situation.

  1. I’m rather liking the individuality of your artwork. I thought it before, yet here with a comprehensive assortment of lovely gals in posh dresses, their very being born of hand crafted drawings by you, now I’m certain. Book covers come to mind as a spin off to their original catwalk purpose. Splendid. Regards, The Old Fool

    1. Hello Mike aka TOF!
      So happy you like my drawings! I can’t seem to make myself draw, but when I like an idea, feel inspired and there’s music… then I can draw, apparently.
      So, Holly is a fun model! We joke around about lots of stuff, and that’s how Boogapony Holly, PBH & RR were conceived.
      Over at Art Gowns, there are more gals I’m learning to draw. I’m already pretty good at Marina & Gigi, getting better at Shey (the viking story is HOT), Dale and Aquileana.
      Book covers sound good!
      Anyone want a book cover out there?
      Maybe that’s a future post?
      Well, {{{hugs}}}

      1. The sketch is a much maligned artform. I like them a lot. Character sketches…to me at least…live somewhere twixt reality and a cartoon, hence their possibilities are infinite. What better than a clutch of lovely gals all dressed to the nines. Creativity owns the creators. Many get that wrong and think ‘tis but the other way around. It’s not, as your inspirations prove. Wonderful stuff. The Old Fool

        1. TOF!
          I had no idea that the sketch was a maligned art form!
          Go figure!
          Well, how like me to chose the unpopular, the obscure…the maligned, even if I don’t know I’m choosing it.
          I make Art Gowns. I don’t sell them, as they are made from trash, basically. Also they are so opulent with tails that you can only wear them for still photography.
          Yet, I feel good because I am using trash. There’s enough ugly garbage in the world.
          I could fit and alter one for a formal function, but no one wants to say …”yes, my gown is made from trash by an unknown designer.”

              1. Thank the Lord of I don’t know what. I truly thought I’d inadvertently offended you. My artist chum…even older than me…who worked for years in New York constantly had his magazine sketches belittled in the press far and wide, yet it was…and still is…that those sketches that he sees as his greatest work…not the oils; not the watercolours. His reasoning? Sketches capture nothing; better than that, sketches are creations. I tend to agree with him as I do you. TOF is a gem I shall dine out on. Were it my dear Shirl it would read FSI. Manners in the company of a lady prevent me from decoding that! Regards, TOF

                1. Yes, these are all out of my mind. I get it!
                  I love that. I’m not painting something in front of me, rather drawing something out of my mind. As I am out of my mind, this makes perfect sense. x

    1. As long as you like my art! Lol! It’s been a struggle to get where I am, but I’ve been encouraged by many gals here on WP who agreed to let me draw them.
      It’s a good thing I didn’t start out on art, I think would have been a starving artist.

        1. I am in the biz of movies, stage and designing looks & costumes for various productions, but I didn’t get to draw a lot.
          I did the best I could on period productions, to show what I would build, but after the first few, people trusted me.
          So much is contemporary, as well.
          So I’m a Costume Designer…. but being an artist is coming late in life. I think my Art Gowns are art. Ain’t nobody telling me anything else. Is that a blues song?
          I’m actually over on your blog.

    1. Still working on it Shey!
      The Paris tour on Art Gowns is coming up. I still have more of the Art Gowns models to draw..and Rene Rosso in her fab cabaret costumes. You’ve seen yours. I’ve also done Marina’s and Gi’s.

      PLUS, I’ve just started a new Art Gown. (1920’s inspired)

      About 3/4 the way through your most imaginative book! Love it, Shey!
      Will figure a way to work a decent, plug for it into a post on Art Gowns. OR, better a review on GLAM, with the right street art.
      How’s the new book coming? I’m looking to outdo my O’Roarke’s Destiny review!

    1. PBH aka RR aka BH… yeah!
      Lots of fun, dear Holly! Now I work on starting a new Art Gown, and drawing the rest of the Art Gowns for the Paris trip.
      Thank you for all the fun & inspiration! xoxo

        1. Hahahaha! How many times I have said Peanut Butter Holly!!! You should be on a jar of organic Peanut Butter. I’d buy it!
          PARIS!!! Yes, RR has been booked at one of the famous cabarets there. She sold the idea with an Art Gowns Fashion Show, and a promise she would wear very revealing gowns. (cleavage, midriff, slits… it is a cabaret, after all!) She’s still negotiating about the headdresses. You know how touchy she is about her hair!
          Gi is bringing a Chiclets’ beauty team, hair, make-up and wardrobe, so the gowns and models will be well taken care of.
          I wonder what will befall in Paris? Will there be need for PBH (I don’t mean the Peanut Butter one) There could be crime in the streets!
          See you over at Art Gowns for a fitting!

          1. Rene is going to have to show some skin and wear stilettos 👠, Paris is her big break. She’ll be hanging over your shoulder like a diva of course. So exciting. Without the chicklets she would absolutely lose it! 🥂

            1. Skinlettos!
              Well, she does like her heels.
              The Chicklets’ Beauty Team will be keeping the Art Gowns models happy.
              RR has negotiated a French Beauty Team, for herself. Although, they will be working under Chicklet advisements.

  2. Timothy Price

    Wow, Resa. They are all such beautiful drawings of Holly in fabulous dresses. Billy Idol does a wonderful version of Mony Mony. Is your video one of the groups that play in the place on street level when you do drawings? I really like your video. It would be really great if you could bring up the exposure a bit. Do you have any video editing software?

    1. Thank you, Tim! It was a lot of fun recreating the YSL Mondrian dress and the new Boogapony outfits. The Poniettes were fun, too!
      I love Billy’s version of Mony Mony!!!
      YES! That is the band under my bed. I get invited down once in a while.
      So, I use Google Photos and IPhoto program, but I can’t edit video in either. I did upload to Vimeo, but there doesn’t seem to be any thing in there, but maybe I just can’t find it.

      1. Timothy Price

        You cannot edit video in most photo programs. Do you have iMovie? It’s a standard Mac application. That’s what I use for all my video editing. It’s pretty straight forward and you can change the exposure and white balance, add effects, detach the audio it you just what the audio from the video, etc.

        1. YES! I have I Movie… and Garage Band. They aren’t on my dock, so I never think of them.
          So, when I get a chance… I’ll put another tune by the band under my bed into I Movie.
          I’ll just try stuff out. I have 46 seconds of 18 by Alice Cooper.
          If I have questions… or am stumped, I’ll probably ask you.

              1. Timothy Price

                Thanks. It’s not big deal on the phone number. It’s on my T&L site. It’s also in an “About” page that doesn’t show on my current blog theme.

              2. Timothy Price

                When I got in the car to drive home this afternoon “Call Me” came on the radio. I thought that was really cool and a blessing on your upcoming adventures into video editing.

                I was thinking it’s too bad the band you did the video of wasn’t play “Magic Carpet Ride” for Holly’s magic carpet. However, “Born to be Wild” is perfect for Holly. She and her husband rode a Harley motorcycle from one end of Route 66 to the other. I’m so impressed with them for doing that.

  3. Easy Rider lives. Your butterfly is fantastic. The entire wall is gorgeous. Your pictures of Holly and the backup singers are wonderful. I’m on my way to your place for a fabulous time, and maybe pie. Keep the music going. Resa this is wonderful. Just love it.

    1. IKR! The Easy Rider thing is cool. I’ve tried drawing a motorcycle, for the Art Gowns. Or for Boogapony, but that’s a bit away at this point!
      Another fun post, for me, and I’m happy that many like it!
      Thank you, Gi!!! xx

                    1. Woo Hoo! That’s one helluva party.
                      I’m all excited, because it’s supposed to be like 2 degrees warmer than freezing.. like 34F.. +2C on Monday. If I am not lied to (the weatherman lies a lot)
                      That means I can go out and find some art!!!
                      Unless, the streets are slippery with semi frozen slush.

                    2. Sun sigh! We had a bit today, but what’s the use when it’s -11C!
                      Oh, I know, my house plants love it! This is a big time of year for indoor gardening up here!

  4. Sounds like a date. 🙂 I love that first blue dress and do I see go-go boots? Are they made for walkin’? I can’t listen right now, but I’ll try to remember to come back later and listen. Love the street art, too, and to the right of my comment is an amazing hummingbird by Carolee Croft (or the photo is at least.) It’s gorgeous. Thanks for brightening my day and happy Friday to you.

    Just an aside. I have to laugh at anything cleavage-related because I’m too small to have any. Not that I mind, as I played sports all my life and wouldn’t have wanted to drag too much around all those bases or down the track, but…in the days when women slipped billets-doux down their fronts to keep secret, mine would have fallen to the floor. 🙂


    1. Indeed, they are go-go boots!
      It’s just a fun post with a retro feel. Boogapony Holly will be back!
      First I want to do more Art Gowns sketches.
      I never had any billets-doux, but mine would be on the floor, too! 😀

  5. Hey, where was I when you posted this?
    My goodness, WOW and all the wowing words around….
    what a groovy post and how gorgeous your Holly Art Gowns are!!!!
    Oh, that Mondrian dress!!!!!!
    A huge hug!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Marina!
      I’m glad you think t’s groovy. I meant it to be.
      You know, that Mondrian dress was the most difficult to draw. This was my 5th try, but I got it. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo {{hug}}

    1. ⚡️💥Thank you! ⚡️💥
      I’m just trying to have fun, enjoy my life the way I want to. It’s a short ride.
      I’ve always been with musicians and artists on a social level. Now, I feel like I’m with them on a creative level.
      Working in film was creative, but it was applied art. I used talents to bring other’s visions to life. Now, it’s my visions. I am very happy to find pals who enjoy them, and even let me draw them!! What a hoot!

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