Raccoons Wuz Here

These are bad boys & girls!

They’re out grabbing garbage and spraying graffiti.

Look how cute they are with their bushy tails, bandit masks and green fur!

Seems like the only thing they didn’t tag was the window.

Pics taken by Resa – December 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s):

This alley was painted as a tribute to Barry Luksenberg, who performed under the name “Feel Good”. At 24, he was killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling across Vietnam with a friend.

64 thoughts on “Raccoons Wuz Here

  1. Raccoons do what they wanna do! I once had about fifty surround me at the far end of the beach and they didn’t look happy with those dark eyes. I really love this whimsy Resa, great artist! Love the sense of humor! ❤

    1. Good grief! You were at Showdown at The Raccoon Corral. ❤
      Yeah, this is a funny one!
      Trying to show some of the other art.. not just what I think are the beauties.
      This piece embraces a humour about life's realities. That's art!

  2. Timothy Price

    This is exactly what raccoons do. When we had a pretty good infestation of raccoons, one night they discovered and opened the charcoal lighter fluid I had on a shelf in our outdoor kitchen. I assumed they only sniffed it, but they could have drank some, who knows. Either way, the went wild and totally ransacked our outdoor kitchen. Before discovering the lighter fluid, they never bothered anything in the outdoor kitchen, and after I moved the lighter fluid where they could not get to it, they never bothered anything in the outdoor kitchen again. They would just hang out under the deck and growl at us, and come to the French doors on the sunroom and beg for food. That’s not all. I had an 8 inch, flexible duct running from the main heater vent to a room I added on the side of the house. One day I noticed there was no heat blowing into the room. I crawled under the house to discover the raccoons had disconnect the duct where it connected to the register, and had dug out an area where the had the duct pointing so they had their own heated space under the house. I removed duct, and started using oil filled radiators for heat in the extra room. After we tore down the old houses on the property where the raccoons had lived in the roofs for years, they packed their bags and moved on to one of the neighbors’ houses or barns. We haven’t seen raccoons on the property in several years.

    1. Huh! Seems like even racoons can get high.
      I must admit that the part where they waylaid your heating duct to heat their own home is very impressive. They are clever creatures.
      So, they moved on, once the old roofs were torn down.
      We are still pestered by raccoons here. They eat the insulation off of the outdoor pipes, and other annoying antics. Mating season is wild!!!
      I don’t see any relief in the near future, as we live by several restaurants. The raccoons are total garbage connoisseurs.

    1. I just edited it to say what you meant.
      That was so cute! Thank you for the link.
      Why do such cute creature have to cause so much damage?
      Like pigeons, I adore pigeons, but they are not popular.

  3. What a brilliant and fun piece 🙂 I like the advert pinned up on the door with the little tear-off strips of paper for interested parties to take away (“Parties of partying raccoons wanted for party!” ?). Love it. Was also reminded of one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films – Pom Poko – a wonderful Japanese tale about environmentalism and mystical, transforming raccoons. XX

    1. A wonderful comment! I like the advert, too!
      Huh, I don’t know Pom Poko. I’ll see if it’s on YouTube.
      Well, it certainly is a fun piece of alley art. xx

    1. I see, cats and cows are not into graffiti the way raccoons are.
      You are lucky not to have these little bu@@#rs in England. Still, I bear no creature on earth malice. You’ve got to hear them mating. OMG! It sounds like bloody hell.
      Also, they eat the rubber insulation off the copper pipes. Sigh!
      Well, adorable are the babies, if they don’t have rabies. 😀

      1. Lolz, well a raccoon’s gotta do what a raccoon’s gotta do, lady. Must keep that malignant strain of rabies passing on, you know? Gives us humans something to talk about instead of, “Cold for this time of year, isn’t it?”

  4. The white van man is bound to be really cheesed off with those dratted raccoons. So he will be speeding around town much faster today. 😉 Beep Beep ! xoxoxo ❤

      1. I agree. They should go to art school and they will probably be much better than the human students who do silly things like rip open a garbage bag,, call it Cesarean birth and want 40,000 Canadian dollars for it. Oh boy ! 😦 ❤ xoxoxo

  5. nannus

    This one is really funny.
    My aunt used to have racoons in her garden sometimes. She had a small cold water aquarium on her terrace with some fish inside, covered by a glass pane. The racoons found out how to open it and get at the fish. Some racoons have been released here in Germany “to enrich the fauna” in 1934 and since then they are spreading and causing havoc.

    1. Yeah, agree, it is funny. It’s funny because raccoons are very cute, and so not funny!
      I have friends, who like your aunt have/had ponds in their yards. Yes, the raccoons made it their daily dinner restaurant. They are very clever little critters!
      So, are the raccoons “enriching the fauna” in Germany, are they just enriching the havoc?
      The little bu@@e&$!!!

      1. nannus

        yes, I am. A lot of things came in between. My mother got sick and she moved into the next door apartment in the house where I am living. I had to arrange a lot of things.

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