Karmen Electrik

Found this beauty on an electrical box on Lakeshore W.

I fell in love!

Not only is she on an electric box,

…. she’s electric with flowers!

The piece below repeats on the front and back of the box.

The repeat is to the left of the part below. Don’t know why I didn’t get the whole backside.

Probably due to sheer excitement.

Pics taken by Resa – January 5, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Below is one end. The other end is a continuation of the red, blue and yellow swoops behind the girl’s head. This can be seen in the last pic of the regular roll.

57 thoughts on “Karmen Electrik

    1. I just adore this power box!
      It’s too, cold to go walking these days. However, I’m going to be remembering all that gorgeous street art in Montreal come spring!

    1. It’s a great face. I adore street art faces. Ah, green eyes are rare. Hers are half green, half blue. Adore the liberties one can take with art. 😀

      1. I feel the same. I have seen so much over the years. I’m very fond of the big murals you find on the side of houses. I need to dig out some photos at some point. Like you though, I have a huge backlog of posting I want to do, and not enough time.

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