A Long Stemmed Rose for Holly

“The rose, a poem of nature” – Aunt Rose Comfort in Baby Doll by: Tennessee Williams

If the rose is a poem of nature, then Holly – House of Heart poems are naturally roses.

One day I found a single long stemmed rose taped to a wall.

I got excited, because I know giving someone a single rose holds meaning. I thought of Holly right away, because of her poetry, and all the fun we’ve had together.

Velvet Tango is an Art Gown I dedicated to Holly. The image of lovers doing the Tango, one with a rose in their mouth, was part of the inspiration for this Art Gown.

I made the gown black for its drama, and decorated it with red lace roses. Here’s a slideshow with more pics of this romantic & dynamic Art Gown!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then came drawing the characters based on Holly, that we made up together.

It began with Boogapony Holly, a GoGo Dancer who “Ponies on down” in front of alley art. Then Princess Blue Holly, Rene Rosso & AGM Holly.

Above is RR in a net and roses gown. Below is a slideshow with a mere smattering of all the drawings of Holly characters I’ve had so much fun with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent good time scouring books and internet for songs, poems, sayings or anything about/or with roses. Everything was so dramatic! Hey, we’re having FUN here with all our Holly characters! Then it came to me. The Hollies!

Cool enough, all this drawing has lead to more characters and more drawing. I’ve even made some $$$ with my new found ability.

Thanks Holly!

Pics of the rose taken by Resa – June 22, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

130 thoughts on “A Long Stemmed Rose for Holly

  1. So wonderful. What a intriguing dree, and the graffiti even with the tape that is supposed to hold the stem on the wall. Thank you for sharing, Resa! I hope you are well, and not overheated these “hot days in Canada”. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

    1. Thank you, Michael!
      It is quite muggy around Toronto right now. However, it’s not as nasty as the heat wave out west.
      I rarely use the Reader, but I did yesterday. I saw posts by you, and hit some likes.
      However, when I go to your blog, it still says soon opening! No Posts!

      1. Hi Resa! Good to hear you are not having a situation like in the old 2nd class movies with horrible titles. 😉 Sorry, it was not possible referencing it. The new blog is: https://books.eslarn-net.de. But you cant comment, like or reblog, because just this feature – provided by WP.com’s Jetpack-plugin is forbitten in Germany. Its sending data to the USA.;-) Germans only want to send rockets to the USA, not their data. Lol (Grmpf). Have a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

    1. A single rose taped to a wall… who’d of thought!
      I had to have some special fun with this one!
      Wish I could make Art Gowns faster, but they are what they are. Tim sent me pics of your tree. I have to think of something for them.

      1. Tim sent me them too. They are fab pics. Your art gowns are creations my darling of beauty. It doesn’t matter how long they take. YOu can see the love in every tuck and fold. xxxxxxx

  2. Timothy Price

    I really like that rose mural. The tape holding the rose onto the building is a brilliant touch. I would love to see Holly in that black ArtGown, Holly would be the ultimate “Long Cool Woman (in a black dress)”.

    1. Agree on all points, Tim! It’s such a simple mural, but so effective.
      I thought a Hollies song would be perfect, because there are so many Holly characters.
      Just keeping it fun!
      She would look fab in Velvet Tango!

      1. Timothy Price

        And Spunk says hi and sends is kitty greetings and blessings to you, J and J. Spunk is lying next to me blessing me with his company. When I reach over him to get my coffee cup he gives me love scratches and bites. With Spunk, “Love hurts, love scars, love wounds” for real.

        1. Back at you all with greetings and blessings!
          Spunkie💋-Poo !
          Lol! I had a cat like that. Mom… she bit everyone whoever pet her, except me. Tough ol’ alley cat. Beat off a raccoon one night.

          1. Timothy Price

            Spunk wants my attention, but then he wants to fight too. He’s really a psycho kitty. There never a dull moment with Spunk.

    1. Thanks…(as if I painted the rose! I did make that dress, and draw the pics!) Hope you and your family are okay with all the forest fires around. Take care, Rob!

  3. Dear Resa, I am so blown away by the beauty of this, you are beyond gorgeous and kind and generous and so much fun… you have brightened my days, I can’t begin to express how much I adore your unique ability to bring out the best in people. Thank you for all the fun, all the laughs and creativity you’ve shared with me, you are truly gifted beyond words. Let’s keep having the good times lovely! Bushels of Roses coming your way! 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Whew! Just clawed my way back up through bushels of roses!
      You have no idea how many roses that is!
      LOL, adore you, and we will keep having fun. I thought with all of the Holly characters we’ve created, that the Hollies were perfect. Perhaps not so obvious, but more fun!!!
      Well, I wonder what art I’ll find out in the streets next? It’s going to be hard to beat a single rose!

  4. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    Dear Resa, I am so blown away by the beauty of this, you are beyond gorgeous and kind and generous and so much fun… you have brightened my days, I can’t begin to express how much I adore your unique ability to bring out the best in people. Thank you for all the fun, all the laughs and creativity you’ve shared with me, you are truly gifted beyond words. Let’s keep having the good times lovely! Bushels of Roses coming your way! 🌹🌹🌹

  5. What a fun post! And of course I had to listen to the Hollies. I hadn’t heard that song in years. When I saw the title of your post come across my email, my immediate thought was of William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily,” which didn’t end well . . .

    1. Liz,
      There are so many Rose poems, short stories, songs with roses. Yet, as with Faulkner’s story most do not end well, or are pledging a love so deep, it does not feel fun anymore.
      I took a twist with the Hollies, because there are so many characters based on Holly… it felt tongue in cheek perfect fun.
      Then, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress was a bonus. 😀

        1. Yes, a fab character!
          I was more on the Rose thing, before I got to the Hollies.
          Truman was a great writer. Unfortunately, “In Cold Blood” left my blood frozen.
          He wrote an amazing account, but the reach from Holly Golightly to Perry Edward Smith is a distance I cannot reckon with.
          No wonder he went mad.

            1. Interesting that it would be darker. I suppose Truman had a dark side that was fluffed over by his society friends.
              Whatever, the dark side emerged 100% with In Cold Blood, and haunted him the rest of his life!

    1. Thanks Gi!
      Holly is special! So are you! Now that I’ve got 1 Frida done, I shall continue.
      That will be a post for you! (with link to your post that got this all going!) ❤ xo

    1. Thank you, Cindy!
      The rose has shed petals and thorns all through literature, music, dances, movies and gardens.
      Still, who’d have thought I’d find one taped to a wall!
      Are you travelling right now? Route 66?

  6. What a beautiful post for a beautiful lady from a beautiful lady! That rose is gorgeous – just like Holly’s poetry. and I agree with Tim. I would love to see Holly in that gorgeous gown. Perfect song!!

    1. AGM Dale! I knew you’d get the song!
      What an unusual find…. a long stemmed rose taped to a wall!
      Holly would be the perfect model for the dress! xxoo

  7. As usual, the comments have all been used and are all well-deserved. I love the dress, the street art, the story, etc. I love the Hollies, too, although my favorite song is probably “Bus Stop.”


    1. Thank you, Janet!
      Love Bus Stop! I had considered it, but it didn’t make sense in this post.
      Perhaps if I had found the rose at a bust stop, then…..
      Have a fab weekend!
      I have to run out for a bit. I’ll be by your place later!

  8. You have found another beauty with this artwork, though I have to disagree with the artist’s moniker…their talents are more than “Half Decent” And again your dress designs are amazing and so perfect for this post’s art.

    And regards songs you could have picked Lyn Anderson’s “I never Promised you a Rose Garden” or maybe Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”!

    1. LOL! “Half Decent” is actually a tattoo artist! I have found 3 pieces of his art in the streets. All are fab!
      Thank you for being supportive of my Art Gowns.
      Much like you, my art passion is NOT mainstream. The thing is, I see each of our passions are legit.
      I also feel thankful that I am getting time to do what I love, and not slogging away for a living.
      Pardon for the late response. Somehow I missed this.

  9. Resa – you have a spectacular way of bringing a celebration to us with art, glamour, poetry and and music. A rose for an amazing poet. Thank you Holly – you add the beauty of words to our community.

    1. Rebecca,
      Thank you so much!

      Do you think we’re having too, much fun out here? 🤔
      Kidding!!!! 🤣🙃
      I tried to write a poem for Holly, but the post said everything my words could not!

  10. How rare, young Resa. As I undertake my morning ritual scanning my Reader I stumble upon this, for a galaxy of fine reasons, gem of a post. As ever, in the background random music of all sorts playing. Coincidentally, the song ‘The Rose’ made its presence known as I read this post.

    What I fine way to start the day. Regards, TOF

    1. “Tis a fine way to start the day, dear TOF!
      I had considered using this song.
      However, I think the serendipity of it playing while you read the post, more poignant.
      Lucky you! xoxoxo
      Thank you for sending the video along!

  11. I believe some hungry bug ate up my comment… I hope this one will have better luck!
    As soon as I saw that rose I thought of Holly too! Resa, you sweet talented dahling, I love this rose and adore your Tango Art Gown [well, you already know that!] and amazing drawings.
    You and Holly inspire me! Love and many hugs dahlings! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Dahling Marina!

      You inspire us, too!
      We are just one big creative, inspirational bunch of love bugs. Hey, maybe a Love Bug ate your comment? I’ll bet that’s it!
      ❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo❦🐞 xo

  12. Such a lovely tribute from one talented artist to another! Wonderful rose mural, and that fabulous gown—WOW! 💙 The Hollies song is perfect.
    (I thought of the song, “The Rose,” too.)

    1. I can’t believe how far behind I am in comments!
      Is there no end to my meanderings…doing what I feel like at the moment?
      Oh.. guess not! LOL. Could not control myself from watching “Gone With The Wind” last night.
      Now, I feel like drawing the gowns from the latest Shey book I read. There’s 4! I already drew 1.
      Also, drawing Frida Kahlo! I got her portrait ok… now to do her in one of her Mexican outfits.
      The AGMs have not been neglected.
      So many drawings… not much focus.

      See what I mean, Merril!
      I wanted to say THANK YOU!
      This is what you get. I wonder if the fact I am listening to Chet Baker has something to do with that meandering?
      Velvet Tango is quite special to me. I keep it at the top of my side bar.

      I’ll almost stop… THANK YOU!!! 💙

      I adore Bette Midler! I was her personal seamstress when she was in Toronto filming Stella Dallas. The Rose was also on my list! 💙

  13. These are so marvellous presents from a adorable Lady to another adorable Lady 😍🥰 if I could include my heart in between for you both🤗🌹❤❤🌹

    1. Your heart is in between these 2 ladies!
      Thank you for you sweet words! Apologies for my late reply!
      oxoxoxoxoxo 🌹❤❤🌹

    1. Wow, JT! That is an amazing compliment.
      In a certain regard, I agree with you. It is in the aspect that my Art Gowns are made from old, recycled, repurposed, up-cycled, unwanted fabrics and items. I made a gown embellished with 300 wine corks. You would think they are magic beads.
      I have a special blog for my Art Gowns. https://artgowns.com/
      You can scroll down the side bar and visit any Art Gown you like!
      Sorry for my late reply, and thank you for your wonderful comment!

    1. Hahaha! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard the term “trompe l’oeil “, but you are right! Such is the tape.
      Been thinking of you.. time for a visit!

        1. It’s fun and rewarding to do!
          One of the things I like about WP is all of the talent here, and the way it is presented.
          Writers, photographers, artists of all kinds post their work, and there is a personal touch, unlike other platforms.
          Thank you for your lovely comment!

  14. Res, awesome poem, gowns and red rose. I have a long stemmed red rose on my book cover. A symbol of love in a historical fiction book. It’d coming out in a month or two — in the publishing process now. Have an adventurous weekend searching for places to shoot. 📚 Christine

    1. Oh wow! Congrats on your new book. You must be in a state of thrill!
      It’s so crazy hot and humid here, my walks have been shortened. However, I am now plotting shorter sojourns that should yield good results!

      1. Thanks, Resa. Yes, more than thrilled about the book. Another month or so and the final proof/editing will be done then formatted & set up to publish. Watch out in hot humid weather, it can sap your energy. Shorter jaunts out to photograph are best. You always find such interesting, amazing things to shoot. 📚🎶 Christine

  15. Roses are red. Some gowns can be, too. Combine them together, if your name’s Heather (or Holly).

    There you go! You got a free rhyme thing to go with the graffiti and gown!

            1. What the f..do otters have to do with this?
              You’re not conning them into some marketing ploy, are you? …Otter Mobiles … or Ottermatic Ouija Boards…. or Potter Noodles…

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  17. Gray Dawster

    I am thinking of the tango scene in True Lies and of Jamie Lee Curtis, almost totally eclipsing your piece and… well I am back down to earth now and find this posting not only encompasses a fine piece of graffiti art but is an added inspiration towards creativity, and of this exquisite looking gown, both beautiful in design and thought.

    I am sure that any woman would treasure such a unique chance of wearing it and to dance the tango with the man of her dreams. I love the symbolism of the rose, it is that of a romantic heart filled with eternal love etched upon a chariot of adoration.

    The rose and the gown are truly delightful, and I love the drawings too ❤

    Andro x x

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