Guns Guns Guns – “Eagle all Gone & No More Caribou”

When I found this eagle I thought:

AH, a simple post… I’ll dedicate it to my nature pal Tim

….and maybe my pal Cindy who said she saw more Bald eagles in Canada than the USA.

I sure hope this is an eagle!

In my world, I see more nature in alleys, than anywhere else.

Pics taken by Resa – May 5, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Guns Guns Guns – by; The Guess Who

“God Speed Mother Nature, I never really wanted to say goodbye”

A song of warning from 50 years ago.

I’m in tears.

On a more reflective image:

Eagle drives the car

Another Pretty Face

Starting with the eyes would be more logical, but I love these lips.

Found her in an alley in Kensington Market.

Was all giddy and happy when I did.

Amazing how a pretty piece of wall art can make my day.

Fortunately, the tagger didn’t annihilate the beauty.

Pics taken by Resa May 5, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Psychedelic Psilocybin

I’ve only ever posted 3 other commercial murals, street art that is advertising something.

One is a mural on a local restaurant. Jimi and Jimmy, is an inside mural in a local coffee place. The third was a SONY ad for Camila Cabello’s album “Liar”. There is some sneaky street art around, looks fab, but then you notice a logo on a bag, t, or box somewhere in the piece.

This one, in an alley by a parking lot is advertising “Beatrice Society Inc.” I didn’t know what that was when I shot this. However, I love faces, and am fascinated by the technique.

It is on a dense screen, in 2 halves. Upon second & third looks, I could see brick and windows through it.

Of course I looked it up when I got home. It says“Your Trusted Source for Navigating the World of Alternative Therapies & Functional Adaptogens”. One article is titled “The Science of Treating Brain Injuries With Psilocybin”. They seem to use a lot of mushrooms, psychedelic plants and fungi.

Pics taken by Resa – March 9, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Should you want to see the 3 other fake street art pieces, use the categories scroller  near the end of the bottom footer, and select Commercial Murals.

Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix

Marina does fabulous retrospectives on artists throughout history. Here is her piece on Eugène Delacroix. Thank you, Marina!

Royal Tiger
Watercolor and graphite • Drawing • 26,8 × 17,8 cm • c1830


Marina Kanavaki

Self-portrait • 1837

One of the last old Masters of painting,

French Romantic

Eugène Delacroix

was born on 26 April 1798,

at Charenton-Saint-Maurice

in Île-de-France.

He was regarded as the leader of the French Romantic school.
His use of expressive brushstrokes and his study of the optical effects of colour influenced the work of the Impressionists, while his passion for the exotic inspired the artists of the Symbolist movement. A fine lithographer, Delacroix illustrated various works of William Shakespeare, Walter Scott and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

In the words of Baudelaire:

“Delacroix was passionately in love with passion, but coldly determined to express passion as clearly as possible.”

Together with Ingres [his chief rival], Delacroix is considered one of the last old Masters of painting, and one of the few who was ever photographed.

His legacy: 9140 works, including 853 paintings, 1525 pastels and water colours, 6629…

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Alley Bird Beauty

An odd, gorgeous find in the alley.

You can see how beautiful this painting is.

Yes, that’s a heat lamp obstructing a full on shot.

Turns out this bird is under a makeshift …. car port, thing. I figure with the heat lamp, they bring out a table and chairs.

There was no sign saying I couldn’t enter the space, so I just took my pics.

Pics taken by Resa – April 5, 2022

Toronto Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

From this angle, you can see that it is painted on plywood.

The Poetess

First mural hunt of the season, & I found this beauty. She has Holly’s soft brown eyes.

Whew! She is high up in the narrowest lane, although a compact drove through, very carefully.

Yeah, I stood on someone’s steps.  Also, there were a couple of discarded mattresses taking up space. Sprayed my NEW sneaks with bleach when I got home, just in case of bed bugs.

So, she has very long dark red hair, burgundy almost. Holly has lighter red hair. Still, I kept thinking of Holly.

She wears a beret. Makes me think of Beat poets and the Left Bank in Paris known for: jazz, the Latin quarter, and a long and historic string of writers, artists, and philosophers.

Then all these gorgeous flowers come in.

I see these as Holly’s luscious poems.

Poem after beautiful poem, just like Holly’s.

Pics taken by Resa – April 5, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

 Haley Alcott