Don’t Leaf Me

Sath speaks on old wood, in an alley in Toronto.

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Sath’s paintings can be pretty, humorous or fanciful, and he conveys messages one way or another.

Leaf #4

Artist: Sath

Leaf #9

His style is loose and defiant.

Leaf #5

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

I had the privilege of watching Sath paint this piece & being the first to snap a few pics. You can see his paintings on “Sath on Facebook” or on “Sath’s Website”

Leaf #3

Pics taken by Resa, August 22, 2016

Toronto, Canada

⭐⭐ Thank you SATH!⭐⭐

Artwork by:


Sath was assisted by: Zé.

Leaf #1



Nesting Ukrainian Dolls = Matryoshka

Mshka #1

I wondered why the dolls were all different sizes, and now I know.

Mshka #10

Each doll fits inside another, except the biggest, which houses the lot.

Mshka #3

The mural is old and flaked, but the colours remain vibrant.

Mshka #4

This mural is a beauty.

Mshka #2

Mshka #5

Mshka #9

Mshka #17


Mshka #7

Mshka #13

Pics taken by Resa, July 5, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

Mshka #14


Mshka #16


Mshka #12

Mshka #15

Canadian Black Drake

This Black Drake is obviously adored in Ottawa, Canada.

BlkD #1

First off, he is set amongst luscious red flowers ….

BlkD #3

…set at the foot of an important clock tower …

BlkD #2

…. and guarded by Highland Regiment.

BlkD #5

I also see Canada has imported an Alien to watch over the Black Drake.

BlkD #6

Pics taken by Resa, July 8, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

Dedicated to: Le Drake Noir

The artist:


BlkD #4

Surrealist Mural in San Juan, P.R.

Humongous thank you’s to Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone for submitting this fab mural.

SurM #1

Photo © Maria Firpi

“Having multiple meanings, it could be about the past lives of  Spanish and African American Heritage influences on the island. If you notice the mural is signed by two figures from the past who according to the mural have died.
SurM #2

Photo © Maria Firpi

 “The mural is open to multiple interpretations but seems to emphasize on the colonial influences of the past. There is a white man sinking in the water, but there is also an African American man who is heading towards the water also. The  wooden branches tied together seem to represent part of the Spanish colonial vessels who traveled west to colonize the islands of the Caribbean and brought both the Spanish and African culture, symbolized by the multiple shells which can also suggest the presence of the Caribbean Taino Indians already inhabiting the island
SurM #4

Photo © Maria Firpi

“The white man is portrayed as sinking in the water, yet the African American sinks also”
SurM #5

Photo © Maria Firpi

“Hands also seem to represent the acceptance of fate, although, as said earlier, this is open to interpretation”.
SurM #6

Photo © Maria Firpi

“Flowers can symbolize the aspect of transition and transmission of culture, since they carry seeds which could germinate in distant places, and spread cultural influences, if that were to be the interpretation”.
SurM #7

Photo © Maria Firpi

“This has been one of the most surreal murals I have ever seen seen. However, its symbolism seems to highly relevant to the Puerto Rican people and its cultural heritage.”
SurM #9

Photo © Maria Firpi

“Shells and flowers may have multiple meanings”.
SurM #3

Photo © Maria Firpi

Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – 2016

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only did Maria send us these amazing photos, but she penned the words! I am very grateful.



Winnipeg’s cultural murals depict herstory, history & theirstory.


HRsty #1

Artist: Mike Valcourt

This post celebrates herstory in India, Vietnam & Poland.

HRsty #6

Artist: Mike Valcourt


HRsty #2

Artist: Jill Sellers

HRsty #10

Artist: Jill Sellers


HRsty #3

Artist: Mike Valcourt

HRsty #5

Artist: Mike Valcourt

Pics taken by Resa on April 18, 2014.

Winnipeg, Canada

The Murals of Wonnipeg

Artist: Mike Valcourt

Artist: Mike Valcourt

HRsty #9

Artist: Jill Sellers

HRsty #7

Artist: Jill Sellers

HRsty #4

Artist: Mike Valcourt

Storia Italiana

In Little Italy, Ottawa, find this low, long running mural.

Ital #5

Of course, it’s in a parking lot, so I shot around parked cars

Ital #1

The mural is about 4 ‘ high & 40 ‘ long.

Ital #14

I shot it in sections, & am presenting it left to right.

Ital #10

All panoramic shots look great blown up.


Ital #7

Ital #9

Ital #3

Ital #2

Ital #4

Pics taken by Resa, June 29, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artists:


Ital #13

Ital #6

Ital #8


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