Here Comes the Bride

Dear Belén, I’m so happy you flew with Lúa and Mar to the wedding!

As promised, here are the wedding photos. Sol’s wedding dress is very beautiful!

She can’t stop showing it off!

Didn’t you just love the look on Drake’s face when he saw Sol in the gown for the first time?

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sol’s egg was a beautiful Flower Girl, even though it is not hatched, yet.

I thought Penelopoe The Witch did a lovely job presiding over the ceremony. I had no idea that Duck Weddings were so unique.

I loved the way Penelope led all of the Ducks in a quack-off as they circled over Drake and Sol, while they made their pledges to each other.

Of course, in duck weddings, the bride kisses the groom, and it was a beauty of a kiss.

Here’s the photo from prior to the ceremony, when the Wedding Party posed for a photograph. Click on it to see the full splendor!

From left to right: Mr. Wapojif (groom & DJ), Benji (Best Man) Drake, Sol, Mar (Maid of Honor) Lúa (Maid of Honor)

Close ups of Wedding Party

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I know you were just as excited as I was, when after the ceremony, Sol threw the bouquet.

I remember how  happy we were when Ms. Zulu caught it.

Ms. Zulu was such a doll, handing out the Wedding Programmes. She’d like to remind everyone to take a souvenir Wedding Programme. (click on Programme to view &/or download)

Here’s a picture of the Wedding Cake, taken before the “INCIDENT”, which necessitated the last minute baking of chocolate cookies.

Wedding designed and shot by Resa – March – June, 2017 – Toronto Canada

Drake, Sol, Mar, Lúa & Penelope The Witch designed and made by Belén Soto from Arcilla y Fuego Belén lives in Vigo, Spain, and you can shop her fabulous creations at Cerámica Belén Soto

Benji – The Best Man

Special thanks to Anarette for bringing Benji and Ms. Zulu to the wedding

Special Thanks from Drake to: Mr. Wapojif, esteemed editor of “Professional Moron” for doubling up as groom and DJ.


Drake offers an explanation: Another duck, who looks just like him, has moved into the neighborhood. The cats hypnotized this “other” duck into craving  Red Velvet cake, due to the dark rich chocolate.

After that, Drake pleads the Fifth.

Well, I hope you like all of the pictures. Before I go, Sol wants to show you her first fitting. Although she thought the purple was a bit dark, she thought it was a gorgeous option.

Love Resa

Meeting of the Twain

A garage door from the same alley as the last 2 posts reinforces the positive energy the residents share.

Here is the countryside.

Here is the city.

They can agree to disagree, and be cordial acquaintances. This is a small painting with a big message.

Blows up beautifully!

Pics taken by Resa – May 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Unsigned/Unknown

Pink Diamond Birdo

Did you know that pink Diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones on earth?

Artist: Birdo

Well, I don’t own one, but Birdo painted one.

Artist: Birdo

This Birdo looks a lot like a baby Blue Jay, but feel free to correct me, as I’m a bit off when it comes to nature studies.

Artist: Birdo

However, Inese, at Inese Photography is not challenged. Her nature posts are true gems.

Artist: Birdo

This post is to thank Inese for her Puffin Post contribution to Kids’ Month.

Pics taken by Resa –  February 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Photo © Inese Photography

⭐ THANK YOU, INESE! ⭐ Pic of Puffin  taken by Inese. if you want to glory in Puffins and other nature and historical pics just click on the Puffin and go to her blog!

♡ OH! Inese found a graffiti mural by Birdo in Ireland! ♡

Check out BirdO on Instagram!

Artist: Birdo

❤ I believe this is my last Kids’ Month Thank you post! ❤

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