Princess Blue Holly

After I did the comic book post, I was inspired to create Super Hero – Princess Blue Holly

For my first try I used the water colour crayons that Gigi turned me onto. It really has a nice comic book look.

Holly, Gigi, and I especially liked Poison Ivy & Cat Woman. I made the comment that Poison Ivy looked like  Holly, what with the red hair and all. One thing led to another.

Princess Blue Holly is based on the plant by that name (and Holly from House of Heart). Her super powers come from reading up about the plant. Above is my first rough up.

Of course she needs an alter ego, so I created Rene Rosso, torch singer. She wears gowns to perform in.

I painted it to look like silver lame. I used pencil, silver acrylic, water colour pen and an extra fine marker for lips and lashes.

I also did a gown using the water colour crayons. It seems more congruous with the opening image of Princess Blue Holly.

Princess Blue Holly & drawings © Resa McConaghy

There’s so much more to know: how she got her super powers, how she transforms, how she finds villains, how she deals with them, her super healing powers for good guys, etc. I’m working on all that, and one day Princess Blue Holly will be back with new sketches.

Black & White Fright Night

This sweet imaginary creature speaks loudly about this mural.

Here it is in its entirety.

The bunny fox? is in the lower left corner. I’ll move up & down towards the right, featuring my fave bits.

 OH WELL! Everything cant be a fave.

The Playboy Bunny on Meth Death?

Super Hype Shit

The rest are in a slide show.

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Pics taken by Resa – April 28, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)

A reflection

How They Met

Why does that fish have a peacock feather tail?” She asked as he sprayed more paint onto the wall.

“It’s a peacock fish,” he answered, his voice muffled by the filter mask that covered most of his face.

“But there’s no such thing,” she asserted.

“There is in my world.” His muffled voice was matter of fact. “In my world, there are peacock fish, and both the females and males have peacock tails.”

“But in real life, only the boys have fancy tails.” She wasn’t ready to leave her reality behind, as she stared at the unfinished female peacock fish.

“Your choice!” he replied.

She witnessed an ardent passion as he sprayed. She was compelled to look closer, then deeper into the mural. Suddenly she was a beautiful peacock fish, elegantly alluring the male who had attracted her attention. 

His voice broke her fantasy. “I’m done for the day.”

As the last word landed, she was back on the pavement, looking up at the painting. 

“Seems like I could just live in there, forever. Huh, well, my name’s Janie. You must be hungry. Do you want to grab a bite? I know a great place in this hood.”

“My name’s Cyan, and yes… maybe… but I’m covered in paint, and I really need to clean up first. He removed his mask. Where can I meet you in say, one hour.”

“Starboard Fish and Chips,” she laughed. “Oh, but I only eat chips, no fish, and they have a special deep fryer for the chips. No fish gets fried in it. 

Janie waited until almost closing time for Cyan, but he was a no show.  She was haunted by the experience all the next day. The day after that, she returned to the mural. Cyan wasn’t there. However, she was.

Janie was larger than life, looking more radiant than she had ever thought herself to be. Cyan had painted her into his mural, her long black hair an electric peacock’s tail. She was ephemeral, and a part of him forever.

BIG THANK YOU to GI, for inviting me to take a stab at her “How They Met”series.

Pics taken by Resa – Late 2013

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

The Artists:  Sébastien Morissette & Patrick Moss

A Comic Book Weekend & Animal Protection

SATURDAY was Free Comic Book Day up the street at West End Comics

I thought there might be something of interest for my blog pal, The Vintage Toy Advertiser.

The shop was jam packed. However, the oldest comic books were in the window display & not for give away. So, that’s what I took pics of.

A 12 cent comic book!

SUNDAY – I walked a mile to a mechanics garage. Passing on the bus, I had noticed some fresh art on the walls.  Also,  instead of the price of a lube job on his marquee, there was something about animals. I wanted to see what it was.

OMG! One of the new pieces was a tribute to Stan Lee

There was also a 1940’s style Cat Woman,

… and a Poison Ivy! This really was a comic weekend!

Totally smitten by Poison Ivy, and that she was blocked by a car, I had to shoot from 2 vantage points. The light was different each way, and I love how it effected her red hair.

Then I checked out the sign, and took some pics.

When I got home I checked out  Bill C-84 It is an animal protection bill dealing with beastiality & animal gaming (cock fights, dog fights, etc). Yet, more disgusting things about some humans.

There are many dogs & animals painted on Charlies property.

Pics taken by Resa – May 4 & 5, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Unknown at this time


If I am quiet

The Bees and Butterflies need our help. Let Holly’s luscious poem remind you of the beauty of Butterflies.
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House of Heart

I can watch  butterflies

float weightless over gardens.

Stained glass collages of

amber,  rust, and brown

set in facets of sable veins.

They hover  over  flowers,

compound eyes and fluttery feelers,

faces smeared flaxen

too fine for the eye to see.

Free from fear

death is not a concept on

their mystical journey.

If I am silent I can watch.

art by Nature Works

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Best Monsters, Ever!

I wouldn’t light a cigarette around this guy!

He just might extinguish you with some kind of fire breath.

He’s totally into the trash! Very tasty.

His pal lives around the corner.

He has bad breath.

It is a phenomenal piece.


Pics taken by Resa – April 26, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Close in bits