Holly’s Upside Down Garden

A canvas of flowers in Holly’s

Upside down garden.

I love hanging round realities of prose

No right, no nor wrong

Just a song

Metaphors & entendres.

Roses in bloom & sea birds in hand

She hangs her fruits from stray branches

In Holly’s upside down garden.


Pics taken by Resa – February 18, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Written for Holly – HoH

This is a very old mural, painted on stucco, chipped & weathered. Still, when I saw it, I loved it and I thought “OMG that’s young Holly”

PS. She did hang upside down from the monkey bars. So did I. The rest is secret!

134 thoughts on “Holly’s Upside Down Garden

  1. Resa, such awesome happy photos. And of course, that’s young Holly upside down. It brought back memories of monkey bars and looking at the world upside down in my own kid hood. Happy Weekend. πŸ“š Christine

        1. Yes, I did! OMG! So sorry I did not send a Thank you. I usually do. I must have got called away.
          They are in my Tim’s Trees folder. Marina’s tree really is incognito. I’ll need a bit of a reminder help when I post. There’s the Black Bamboo and the… gorgeous bush with the red flowers.
          I forget the name. Am I crazy, or is the Black Bamboo green? Does it turn black?
          Anyway, I was going to consult you before posting.
          Lol! There’s 25 trees in there now. I love them all!
          THANK YOU!!!!!

          1. Timothy Price

            I just wanted to make sure. Yes the black bamboo starts out green, turns black and stays black until it dies. Then it turns gray after it’s dead. The giant rosebush next to it is Dr. Huey. Dr. Huey is the rootstock used for roses in the western US. When the grafts die at the bud union, Dr. Huey grows in place of the grafted rose. We get late freezes out here that kills the bud union, so there are lots of Dr. Hueys in Corrales.

            1. Well, that’s quite the bamboo life cycle. I might be able to use that.
              Yes… Dr, Huey!
              Rootstock? So, Dr, Huey is like … a mother/father plant.
              I’ll have to educate myself a bit more on that.
              So much info here that I can use for my RR/PBH adventures!

    1. You like my prose!!!
      Thunder roars in my ear!
      Of course, I’m no Holly, but I aspire, hanging upside down with my bestest poet!
      IKR! It is a young Holly!

      1. I do!
        Holly is frankly in a class by herself. I like to surround myself with talent like hers, hoping it’ll rub off πŸ˜‰
        Definitely a young Holly!

        1. We should all soak up her talent! It’s a beautiful thing.
          I’m trying to draw you , and the other AG models as Can Can Dancers. LOL!!!
          It’s for the finale of the Paris Adventure on Art Gowns.
          Hmm, seems I’m living in a fantasy world. YAY!!!! x

            1. LOL!!!
              There is a new adventure in mind!
              Dale needs a magic thing. Do you follow Timothy?
              He is the on who has Resa’s Tree, Holly’s Tangle Heart and Marina’s Pear Tree on his property.
              I think there are a couple of trees left. I’d love it if you had a tree!
              The trees are important to the stories!

                    1. Hahaha! I’ll pay for the kayak! Ahahahaha!
                      Of course I’ll expect him to selfie it all the way. Le Laff & a Half!

                    2. Cool!
                      ….BUT you know Chiclets are square, and the hole will be round. I see cognitive skills issues! πŸ˜€

                    3. AH! My bad!
                      Well, yeah, that would be cool!
                      He could become famous, as the first person to swim the Atlantic! πŸ˜€ x

                    4. xoxoxoxo
                      Heading over to Dan’s to catch up!
                      Hey… I found some street art that looks like Hera, Marina’s doggie! Working on that now. So happy I went out for a walk!
                      Did I mention to you that a tent city has sprung up about 8 blocks from me… on my street?
                      Some of the tents are blankets & it snowed today!

                    5. I just came from Dans, I’ve been busy as a bee at work the last few days. Omg. A tent city? Is it a hospital? For the homeless? Whats. that about? Marina will be delighted with a wall art for Hera. We all will! ❀️ xo pets to Jeep.

                    6. It’s just homeless people! Uch. I feel sorry for them, but I could not walk far enough away when passing. I could feel germs everywhere.
                      It’s okay to be busy, but I hope you are safe and have all the PPE you need!
                      Pets for Tide and Basheera!

                    7. It’s pretty bad down here. I think Trump is going with herd immunity, opening everything up and the numbers keep going up. It’s sad for those people, it’s not good for your community re C-19. Be safe !!!

                    8. Herd immunity? What are we, cattle? That’s what Boris (UK) was going on, and he ended up getting Covid!
                      drump is an idiot, and so are his supporters. Now there is C-19 in the White House.
                      You be safe, too! xo

  2. Ahhh, Resa, you are the best, I love this so much, I need you hanging there beside me so we can work on our little conspiracy! Upside down, girl you turn me 🎡 ❀

  3. Secret gardens and upside down. What’s not to like? When I was in grade school, we had a chair that I always sat in to read and I used to (when not reading) like to hang over the side and imagine what it would be like if the ceiling were the floor with the lights sticking up like flowers on stalks and having to step over the bottoms of the “doorways.” Great memories.


  4. Loved this, Resa; a great tribute to Holly and hangin’ upside down!
    I also loved the Paloma Faith video. I hadn’t heard this for such a long time. What a fabulous song!

    1. Dear Christy,
      Right now we need all of the fun memories of innocent days that we hold in our hearts.
      There is not much innocent about the pandemic days, but even in isolation, many of us are building new memories of strength and sharing.
      I hope kids who are living through this have some sweet memories when they grow up! ❀

  5. Hyperion

    Perfect glimpse back at those fun times. Trees always looked out for us and gave us so much fun. Such a fun nature in the paintings and poetry. Music just adds the icing and cherry on top. 😊

    1. Thank you, Dan!
      This is a great moment to look back on sweet things and times.
      This mural was Holly the moment I laid eyes on it. I’m not in Holly’s poetry league, but I loved making this poem for her (our) secret garden.
      Going to head to your place, and see what you are up to! 😘

      1. Hyperion

        It was a beautiful connection and you presented it in such a good way. It plastered a smile all over my face and brought back happy memories for me. You deserve a safe cyber hug for the joy you bring Resa. πŸ€—

  6. The last time I was upside down was in the wake of the angry mob catching up with me. Notwithstanding, a multi-faceted post, at its spine, lovely young Holly, poet suprΓͺme and artwork merveilleux. Fine work, young Resa. Regards, TOF

    1. My dear TOF!

      Thank you so much. Yes, a multi-faceted post, Holly is the best poet, and art rules.
      Okay, now that we have that settled, tell me TOF, about the angry mob!
      You know, being chased by an angry mob makes you seem quite sexy. Like James, James Blog!

      1. Well, young Resa,
        It was a few years back, yet I found myself having fling with Cleopatra…I have to say at this juncture I did not bath with her in the infamous donkey milk tub. Oh no! β€˜Twas only when Mark Antony and chums heard of the affair that he gathered up an angry mob bent on killing me…true. Good fortune was on my side for no other reason than the stark fact that I am a time-traveller. A tap on the time-machine watch and I was gone like a rat up a drainpipe into another realm.
        There you have. Regards, TOF

        1. AH! I see said the time travelling blind person.
          Funny, I watched Cleopatra last night.
          EGADS Elizabeth was a spectacular beauty & her costumes were to die for!
          I didn’t see you there, but then again the cast was massive! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

          1. The real Cleo, a charming gal, was cursed with halitosis. Even with a clothes peg affixed to my nostrils I knew in my heart of hearts that the fling we had would never progress into true romance. I agree that when she bothered she scrubbed up well.
            May I ask a question on the basis you have superlative expertise in such matters? I’ve been writing about a Goddess of a new deity, replacing the current God. She smokes roll-up cigs; drinks absinthe like there’s no tomorrow, has a foul tongue, and dresses in whatever she fancies…I have to say, she’s already lost me a few followers on WP… c’est la vie. However…given that I’m trying to extend her tale into something much bigger…what would this ‘autumn leaf hair’ cinnamon coloured skin gal choose as a gown for a posh occasion? I’ve racked my brain, looked at tons of suitable gowns from various periods of history to no avail thus far. Should the question bore you senseless, then please ignore. Regards, TOF

            1. Dear TOF,
              I’ve heard this about Cleopatra and hr bad breath, before.
              You are not the first man to be put off by the aroma.
              Fortunately bot Caesar and Anthony were anosmic.

              Let’s see… I’d love to help with the gown!
              Hopefully, due to the length of time it has taken me to respond, you haven’t selected one, yet. OR worse some other brazen hussy from WP has thrown one your way.
              Autumn leaf hair… cinnamon skin…. The bluish/green colour of copper patina pops into mind.
              I see the Directoire Period. She sounds like a free spirit. In this period, Josephine Bonaparte made this style all the rage. It was the first time women threw away their corsets, and were comfortable. Also, tobacco had been popular in Europe for centuries… I do believe Absinthe was a bit later, but if she is to be a goddess… no problemo!

              1. Perfect, young Resa. I had not even considered the Directoire Period…mainly because of my ignorance in such matters. Perfect x 2, methinks. Especially so as she has settled for the Palace of Versailles as her Garden of Eden equivalent. β€˜Tis not too late for I’ve been stuck on the general demeanour of the last living male on Earth…I have the urge to make him β€˜blind’ for reasons I cannot explain. Never mind, and sincere thanks. The gowns of that period that I’ve thus far checked are an exact fit. A hint of risquΓ© coupled with grace and…in her case…false purity. Splendid, TOF

                1. Blind eh?
                  You know, when I was young and the movie “Cleopatra” came out, I was not allowed to see it. I’m not sure what it was rated back then, but my parents also forbade “Green Acres” because Ava Gabor wore negligees.
                  When I saw the movie poster for “Cleopatra” in the newspaper,(Liz dressed as Cleo, lounging on cushions) my mom told me that it was not Liz Taylor’s body in the picture.
                  Mom said, it was Liz’s head, but they had used a woman with a lesser body for the poster.
                  Mom said they had to do that, because Liz Taylor was so beautiful, that men would become blinded if they gazed upon a complete picture of her.
                  So… you might have something there!

                  Glad you like the Directoire Period! It was brief, but offered a small window of change. Of course that got changed back after Napoleon, and men put women back in corsets.

                  1. β€˜Men would become blinded if they gazed upon a complete picture of her’? Well then, I can report that having checked out her version of Cleo on Google I too have the eyesight of an ailing bat. Aphrodite caused my limp, Athena my deafness, now this! Regards, TBDLOF

  7. All that upside down at the beginning made me feel a bit dizzy, but thankfully the details of nature made me happy again. You can’t beat a good bit of nature!

  8. What a beautiful Mural Resa.. and I giggled as I can see why you See Holly πŸ™‚ Lovely garden painting .. And I too remember hanging upside down on bar railings near my grandmothers home… I dare not think if I had fallen.. But when you are a child danger isn’t in our thoughts..
    Wishing you well my friend.. ❀ and a Big Hug to Holly too πŸ™‚

      1. OMG!
        There’s so many comments.
        Sue, it is easy to see Holly in this mural. As you remember your upsidedown hangings from railings, we had monkey bars.
        Lol.. we could have fallen.

    1. Yay! I agree!
      especially about upsidedownedness.

  9. Oh, Resa, this is absolute happy in a post. I can see how Holly came into play, perfect. And your words and photos took me back to when my own kids were that young. Wasn’t it just yesterday? I’m still 35, right? :O Wonderful! xo

  10. Oh, Resa how wonderful… this perfect garden is just perfect for the perfect girl! How sweet of you! I love it! Sending love and tail wags! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Aww, thank you Marina! The moment I saw this mural, I thought of Holly!
      Listening to Oannes RIGHT NOW!
      Loving the podcast, big time!
      Furs, purrs and love to Hera, and you!!

      1. As I said it’s perfectly perfect for Holly and a perfect garden that I love very much too!!!!!
        I know [on the podcast]!!!!!!
        woofs and licks from Hera
        and love from me!!!!!

        1. ❦🎭❦🎨❦❦🎭❦🎨❦❦🎭❦🎨❦❦🎭❦🎨❦❦🎭❦🎨❦

          1. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  11. These images are so lovely and playful. Everyone needs an upside-down-garden, I reckon. I certainly want one:) Hope you are well dear Resa. Had a passing in the family and had to recover a bit, so was less online… missed your beautiful posts. Hugs xoxo

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