Nina Simone

In Kensington Market, on Augusta Avenue.

Took me ages to get the few shots I did. The tourists were out in full force, and I had to wait on many walking by.

There was a sun issue as well. It was peeking over the top of the building, making streaks and blinding me. So I also waited for clouds to come.

The message:

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto Canada

The Artist:

106 thoughts on “Nina Simone

  1. I like your photographer talents , Resa . The photos are taken closer and closer. Great!
    I like also the reflections by Nina about what our behavior has to be in front of the societal evolution.
    Love ❤

    1. Yes, thank you Michel!
      I wonder when she made those comments?
      I’m just learning about her, thanks to this painting. I never know what I will find in the street! Resa ❤❤

    1. A commercial? This is killing me. So many great songs are now commercials.
      Nonetheless, she is a brilliant singer and I’m thrilled to have found this art!

    1. It was my pleasure to wait. It’s always something when art is in the street, or a parking lot, or behind a tree… LOL OR has a parking violation sign on it. Oh how about waiting for a delivery truck to go away!
      Glad you saw this! xoxo

    1. My pleasure John!
      I’m hoping to find more art on my next long walk. Looking for a day when the humidex doesn’t take us into the 90’s. It’s like walking around for hours in a sauna!

        1. It’s crazy because we are 2460 kilometers (1528 miles) north of you. We have had days in the 100’s with the humidex.
          Something is off kilter.
          I think our 250,000 lakes (contain about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water) are about to boil!.

  2. Oh, what a find, dahling!!!! Well worth the wait for people to walk by and clouds to come! Beautifully photographed. What a musician!
    ❤️😘🤗❤️🤗😘❤️ ….and 🐾😘🐾😘🐾😘🐾😘🐾😘🐾😘…….

    1. Dahling,
      I knew her name, but not her music. OMG! What a great singer she is.
      Amazing what we can learn from street art!
      Thank you re: my photography!
      OH GEEZ – HERA!!!!

    1. I was wondering if anyone would note that graffiti on the cement thingies.
      It is interesting. It reminds me of the artist, Anser. He draws line faces, without the pencil… spray can…. leaving the canvas. However, Anser’s art is much more developed and perfect.
      Many a brilliant street artist has started with graffiti in Kensington Market. xxoo

    1. Shey, I’m just learning about her, because of this art. Wow, yes, the voice…the phrasing and the delivery are all unique and special.
      I was probably living in a cave, as I did not know about her! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Great mural for a great artist, it is a beauty, thanks Resa for the shots and patiently waiting for correct lighting, sometimes we just want the sun to go, but just for the time to take the pics..:)

  4. I adore Nina and this is so fabulous. Such a wonderful find and obviously not easy to capture. To top off this awesomeness you’ve added my favorite song by Nina! Thank you dear Meece! xoxoxo

    1. LOVE that song!
      Meece, I knew her name, but did not know her music or anything about her. This art has me learning more. She’s amazing!

      Almost finished AGM Mermaid Marina!

        1. Okay…. Feeling Good! xxxxxooooo
          OMG… good thing Tim sent me (thank you for the swear jar) supplies. The biggest art supply store in Toronto is closing 4ever in 3 days!!!!!!!
          I need a few things for my new commission. I refuse to use my Art Gowns drawing supplies.
          Heading to the store beside the Ontario Academy of Art and Design on Monday.

                1. I will! I pity anyone or thing that tries to take me down.
                  Egads I was thinking alleys and rats. Art supplies…. no worries!
                  Love you! xoxoxo 🤗👯‍♀️🎶🤗🎶👩‍🎨🎨

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    1. Thanks Beth!
      I’m lucky I got any shots at all. Kensington has become a busy tourist destination. I lived across the street for years… going back 20 years. It was not a tourist place then. It was a bohemian happening where you could buy food.

  6. This is an extraordinary mural, Resa. This post prompted me to listen to Nina Simone’s songs and read a little more about her background. What I didn’t know about was her friendship with Langston Hughes, one of my favourite poets. I love meeting up with you because you always give me a story with your photos. Hugs!!

    1. This is a really great find! I’m so happy to know about Nina now.
      Langston Hughes, cool! A couple of people have left good links here!
      Do I feel a Langston Hughes poem coming on?

      1. I am writing again, young Resa. Covid is fading away now. The thing is I’ve got read what I’ve already written in order to remember writing onwards. A pain in the arse…my apologies for foul language…for sure. Regards, TOF

  7. Hi Resa, Nina Simone had the most astounding voice, so interesting. A marvelous mural find. I had issues with the sun during my recent trip away. Unfortunately, animals don’t hang about for the clouds to come so I had to make do.

    1. Lol… you made me laugh, Roberta! Of course animals do what they want.
      Once in awhile the sun can do some magic streaks, or something unexpected that is artful. However, if you want to see the art or animal as is, it needs to be behind you. Other than that, a cloudy day rules.

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