All of the Murals or Graf featured on this page are gone. They have been painted over, tagged into oblivion, the building demolished or met another ill fate. To view what once was, click on the pic below the title of the post.

R.I.P. sweet art!

Night Fever

Sherrie:Ralph #4

Lime Refresher

Lime #3

When You’re Hot

Artists: Jarus and Wysper
Artists: Jarus and Wysper

Adventures in Graf with Sherrie 2


Destination Mammal Cabana

Artists: Birdo, Spudbomb and SKE 1
Artists: Birdo, Spudbomb and SKE 1

Adventures in Graf w/Sherrie – Call Girl


Call #1

Adventures in Graf 5 w/Sherrie


Anser at the Market

MarAns #2



Alien Alley Kat


Water Birds & Rhino Love

Artists: Viviana Astudillo and Logan Miller
Artists: Viviana Astudillo and Logan Miller

Stone Free

A Fairy’s Secret

Fairy #2

Aquarius, Phoenix and Dragon

Aquarius #1

A very Handsome Man

AMan #1

Clark Gable

Buddha by Jarus

Artist: Jarus



I Want Your Skulls


Tat Parlor Art

EKtat #7

Market Madness

Artist: Mike Parsons

Lo Zingaro

Lo #12

Adventures in Graf w/Sherrie – The Mother Lode


“The Mother Lode” Center Section


Chainsaw Girl


The Winds are Changing – Part 1

Artist: Andrew Schoultz
Artist: Andrew Schoultz

Art Nouveau Beauty

Nouveau #3

Phoenix Queen

Queen #3

Welcome to the Jungle

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson

Blue Prince

Artists: Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson
Artists: Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson

A Rose Reflection

Rose #2

Lucky Seven Lives

Angel Carillo

I ♥ Angel Carillo

Angel Carillo ★★★★

Cruz #11

Interesting Alley Art

GardenR #1

Ice Blindness

Ice #3

Queen of Hearts

Hearts #1

Man Eats Fish

Fish #1

Street Groove

Dancers #2

The Guy Between

Guy #2

Wild Horses

Wild #1

Theatre Engagement Four

Gas #20

3D Graffiti

3d #1

Even Teenage Vampires Cry

Artist: unknown
Artist: unknown

Graf Reflection Glutton

OMG #1

Sea Bugs?


 Lone Wolf

Wolf #1

Alley Girl

Bluebelle #1

Midas Tooth Man

Midas #7

Popeye Beside & Behind

Popeye #1

One Rain Girl Gone

Artist: François Pelletier
Artist: François Pelletier

Graffitification +3


Graffitification +4


Two Faced

2face #4

Buff Monster

Buff #1

Ottawa Man Head

Ottawa #1

Alien Invasion


This Mural’s Roasted

RocaJ #1

Natasha Silver

Eagle ! to Natasha

Other Mother Brothas

OMB #1

Cat or Rabbit


Same Lot Different Car Graf

Cars #4

47 thoughts on “R.I.P.

    1. I know, but that’s what happens outside because the art is unprotected.
      Happily, I’ve documented some here, and new pieces get painted every day!! 🙂 🙂

  1. Reminds me of the time I watched several Buddhist Monks create a sand mandala for peace and then, at the end of a week, they blew it off into the aethers. It was magnificent, yet they were illustrating that nothing lasts forever. But I just can’t get my mind around that, especially when the Egyptian pyramids are still thrilling people after centuries. I’m glad you were able to document these wonderful paintings!

    1. Thank you!
      You know, it could take thousands of years more, but the pyramids could be gone.
      Also, horrific people such as Daesh could destroy them.
      We live in an odd world, and we must fill it with all the good we can. Much love to you!

  2. Timothy Price

    Great you got them recorded before they were painted over. I have a lot of photos of architecture and things that no longer exist.

  3. Thank goodness you had photos of these, Resa.
    When I relocated, I had to give away 4/5ths of everything I owned (along with all my furniture). Moving it was too expensive. That included my collection of colorful blazers and jackets — they were my identity. I didn’t think to make photos of them, but (post move) I found images of some from the retailer. LOL, I commemorated a RIP for my jackets. ^^’ Hugs on the wing.

    1. I love street art. However, it gets mutilated by young brats…rapscallions!
      You have a new ID now! You are very sentimental, as m I.
      Anyway, back on GLAM to work on the post!

  4. It’s sad that these gems don’t exist anymore, Resa, but wonderful that they are kept safe right here. Because of you, I notice murals more often now. It’s like when a family member or friend buys a new car, suddenly you see that make and model everywhere! Now, whenever I see a mural, I think of you. 😉 I’d love to capture some in photos and send to you if I ever get the chance. Happy Monday! 💗💗💗

    1. Lauren!

      Took me only 1/2a year to find this comment. LOL!!!
      How sweet that you think of me when you see a mural. Hey, I hope you get the chance. I sure welcome guest art posts! Not a big deal, but I use one of the pics a person sends in, put it on my sidebar, and link to your blog! xoxoxo

      1. No worries, Resa! 🙂 Yep, I do think of you whenever I see a mural, and I actually captured an octopus a while ago. I don’t know if the shot is good or not, but if you’d like to see it, let me know where to send it to…or I can check on your blog again. Happy weekend! xoxo

        1. Yow… Love to see the octopus!
          resaswork@gmail dot com
          I write out dot com to fool email vacuuming bots, but you know what I mean.
          Also… it’s supposed to be Resa’s Work …long story short…. Gmail has decided I am Resa Swork.
          You have a fab weekend too! xxoo

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