I found a Great Blue Heron, on a garage door.

It’s one of the pterodactyl’s relatives, a great blue heron. The great blue heron is the largest heron in North America.

I’ve never seen one in real life.

However, I have seen many on Tim’s blog. Check out Tim’s night shot of one of these Blue Beauties wading in water.

Tim’s blog – Off Center Not Even is resplendent with nature’s beauty. He’s got magic trees, owls, biblical skies and more. I can’t thank him enough for allowing me to use many of his stunning photos.

Pics taken by Resa – December 1, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist is unknown. The door was unsigned when I found it.

108 thoughts on “Pterodactyl

  1. Toronto is really a town of mural artists, Resa. The Blue heron paintings are remarkable .
    I know a Word press friend whom the season leasure is to watch the blue heron ( she lives in the coast in South California )
    Love ❤

  2. Timothy Price

    That’s a beautiful pterodactyl on the garage door. Pterodactyls were about the size of a GBH. I think the herons are truly descendants of pterodactyls. The GBH has a loud growly squawk that I could imagine sounds very much like a pterodactyl. Our pTer really appreciates you including him in your post. So do I. Thanks for the mention.

    1. Thanks, Tim!
      I’d like to hear a GBH’s squawk.
      The only squawk I hear around here is Johnny, in the middle of the night. He must be related to the pterodactyl. Surely that noise is not from cat lineage.
      It was fab to find some art where I could give you a shout out. You are very good to me. ❦❦

    1. How did I miss this comments?
      You always send the best links. I’m off to see the Red Crowned Cranes!

      We need more of that power of kindness in Canada. I signed a petition about how we treat and kill our unwanted horses…. to end the horrid inhumane practice that Canada is #1 in.
      Between that, the baby seal hunt and no fresh water for many aboriginals; we should not be allowed to call ourselves a first world nation.

      1. We define who we are by our kindness and respect for our world. Thank you for your kindness, Resa. I’ve been enjoying Flapper Press, which you first introduced to me a couple of years ago.

        1. Agree!
          Unfortunately –
          “There are many here among us, who feel that life is but a joke” – Bob Dylan
          So happy you like Flapper Press!
          Lizzie tackles a lot of important issues in her magazine. I’m so happy to be her friend.
          The Art Gown I did for her was an inspired piece, inspired by her.
          I have fab stories about when we worked together. LOLOL!
          One of the best things about being a costume designer is working with the actors.

    1. Lucky you!
      I see pigeons, grackles, sea gulls…. and sometimes sparrows. The sparrows have been dwindling over the last several years.
      AND…I think someone is poisoning the pigeons around here. I’ve seen many dead pigeons in the last month. I think in my whole life I saw maybe 2, until now. Besides the fact I like pigeons (ok…the poo is a bit off putting), it’s illegal.

    1. Tim is wonderful to me, letting me use his pics!
      He lives in a rustic paradise.
      Can’t believe I missed this comment.
      Anyway, 2 more drawings and it’s the roaring 20’s post.
      I’ve got the new cover for the Viking and the Courtesan ready to go! xoxoxoxo

    1. I’m always thrilled to find beautiful art in the streets and alleys.
      Since Covid, I prefer to stick with alleys. I’m usually all alone! (except for cars cutting through)

  3. A great way end December finding this Blue Heron. As a youngster I used to go angling and once saw a Heron but just a normal regular species not this exotic breed. But having said that the regular Heron had an awesome delicate sinewy look. I can’t imagine seeing one in the wild if Tim’s photo is anything to go by…Blue Herons look otherworldly.

    1. Otherworldy is a great description. Tim lives in this otherworld place. Soon the owls will be nesting. The beaver are cute as buttons, and there’s no end to magic plant life. The skies are deadly gorgeous. It’s a visual feast on his blog.

    1. Dave, there is so much fab art in our streets and alleys. Between the COLD & virus, it’s difficult for me to be out and about. Still, I try.
      Main thing is…I’ve started a new Art Gown.
      It’s so exciting. The bodice is made out of a 1970’s pillow case!

      1. There definitely IS a lot of great art, Resa — and kudos to you for getting out to document it despite the challenges of winter and COVID.

        A 1970s pillow case among your latest art gown materials — fantastic!

  4. Beautiful artwork , Blue Herons are among the most spectacular birds! Tim really has some great shots , I’ve posted a few pics of Blue Herons that we have here on the barrier island at IG, somehow they aren’t as stunningly blue as Tim’s. This is a gorgeous find Resa

    1. I would LOVE to see a Blue Heron.
      I saw Pink Flamingos when I was in Trinidad. There was like, this secret water where they gathered. There were LOTS of them.
      I was in a remote area – Rampangenalis…is the best I can remember the name. I never get any hits when I search. There was a field of hibiscus across the road from the home/house we rented. Hundreds of hummingbirds feeding.
      Anyway dear Meece, we have some gorgeous birds on our planet.

      1. Flamingos are amazing , we have so many Flamingo’s here. Such odd and beautiful creatures. I think they deserve a poem. I have not been to Trinidad Meece. Such an enchanted tropical destination, I had a friend from Tobago, a nurse. It must have been awesome there. We do have gorgeous creatures of all kind , we should take better care of them, mostly by leaving them be. xoxoxo 🦩🦩

        1. I agree! Even when we let them be, we take away habitat.
          I was in Trinidad for Carnival, years ago. It’s my second fave Caribbean place.
          Puerto Rico is the best! xoxoxo

            1. I like anywhere south of the snow belt! It’s been crazy dark here… & cold.
              AH, I just looked. 3 mostly sunny days in a row coming up! Okay so it’s going down to -20C, at least I can take some pics of my drawings! xoxoxo

              1. That’s a plus! It’s sunny here , gonna take a sun bath later. 😎, that’s what I like about the south. No confederate crap though. They could screw up paradise and still trying. Get us some pics xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Trent!
      OMG! I want to HEAR some blues from you.
      I know you work on a synth… I also believe you can break my heart…like the blues do.
      I’d love to use your blues in a post!

      1. lol, sounds good (and I hope the blues do as well 😉 ), I will post some blues. Unfortunately I will be away for a few days so won’t be able to write/play anything until early next week. That being said, I have two ideas in my head right now, and may do both… Did you were the 80s style techno-pop tune I recently posted? I recently put a Sparks cover on YouTube and perhaps I’ll do a post about it today… Anyway, on to writing The Great Blue’s Blues!

        1. Yay! I’ll head over later to check out the 80s style techno-pop tune .
          Sounds like you’ve been busy!
          Oboy…blues. That will be interesting…to hear what you come up with on a synth. Does the synth have a beat up old guitar setting? (kidding)

          1. lol, I think I’m going senile – “recently” for the techno pop tunes was November 23 and you might have seen them already. Glad you saw the Sparks cover though. I do have some ideas for the blues and can’t wait to get back to the “studio” to work on them. No beat up old guitar setting…

  5. I’ve never seen a Great Blue Heron in the flesh…perhaps I should say ‘in the feathers’. However, these paintings are a fine, fine substitute. Superb, young Resa. Regards, TOF

  6. Oh, look, Tim’s Pterodactyl flue over to you!!!!!! What a beautiful find, dahling!
    I love it!
    Hera does too!!!!! ❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕❤️🐾💕

    1. Yes, Tim’s Pterodactyl flew over! It is gorgeous. I thought of Tim immediately when I saw the painting. I sent it to him that night, and he confirmed it was a Blue Heron.

  7. Beautiful mural and photos. We have great blue herons here (and smaller ones, too), though I haven’t seen any since it got cold.
    Have you seen cormorants? I call them dinosaur birds. 😀

    1. Maybe they all flew south for the winter?
      No, no cormorants out here. However, Tim posts many pics of them.
      The cormorants are dinosaur birds!
      We have pigeons, grackles, sea gulls and a few sparrows. Yes, I know, a virtual bird paradise.
      Still, they are all very cute. OH, we get some ducks and swans on the lake in the summer.
      The sea gulls pretend to be ducks, so they can steal the duck food. 😀

          1. I have something for you I think you will like. So before the world began to change, into what we have now September 2019, I took Ryan my son to see this concert. (Link below) Watch it from beginning to end full throttle, its a great recording of that concert. Listen to it loud. 🙂 It is unbelievable at least IMHO. Watch it full screen to you will experience what Ryan and I experienced that night. i promise.

            1. I checked it out… not the whole thing, but a third. Then I checked out some other stuff of theirs. They are excellent.. I hear a lot of Zeppelin & Robert Plant in the music. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you! I look forward to my next serious walk, and art hunt. We are in a freeze right now. Way below freezing every day. I only need it to heat up to about +3C.. then I can wlk for at least an hour!
      Be well, Sidran!

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  9. Its wonderful. For me it also it looks like a little bit like Pegasus. 😉 Thanks for sharing, Resa! As i had again a delay and not visited your blog since the solstice. Let me wish you and yours a happy, blessed and wonderful New Year! Stay save! 🙂 xx Michael

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    1. At least you’ve seen them! Aw, how wonderful that they had a pond to pillage. I love that! We need to be better to earth’s animals, and so you were.

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