Art in Profiles

I drew my niece. It came out pretty okay. I repeated her profile, & got arty with it.

Aural Essence

20th Century Pop Culture

Woman within Woman

The Watchtower/Thick Jam

Wanna Be

First Experiments

Permanent Wave

All images © Resa McConaghy – December, 2018


103 thoughts on “Art in Profiles

    1. Thanks Frank! Yes, it was a creative experiment. I had a lot of Zen fun doing it. I adore the way everyone has a different take on their faves! 💥🥂💥2019 💥🥂💥

    1. Thank you so much! The best is, you actually like some! I keep changing my my mind about what I like the best, but there is something about 20th Century Pop Culture that’s hard to let go of.

  1. Timothy Price

    Wow! I love all of these. I especially like the “First Experiments” with the mixture of the grid, colors and curves. Laurie really likes “Permanent Wave”. Excellent work with beautiful results from your experimentations.

        1. YAY!!
          Okay… what is the 4th emoji?
          We have 2 glasses of wine… oh hell, let’s make it 4! 🍷🍷Then a shooting star then a… ? Is that me in another life form? Then LOVE!!!!
          Love to you! ❤

    1. Thanks Dale! I’m my happiest when I’m on a creative roll. I may not be a Picasso or a Warhol, but then they’re not me. Street Art has really influenced me.
      The best thing is that you have some faves! 😀

    1. Thanks Gi! ❤
      About the AG – Johnny says he didn't do it. Jeep says he did. I'm thinking they might vomit tonight, and each blame the other for …. well you get the gist!

  2. I found this series utterly fascinating, Resa. Your love for street art came through, as well as your love for your niece and your hopes and understandings of her. I tried to decide which one I liked best, but it was difficult because I thought each one had its own strong and beautiful merits. But I pushed through this conundrum and chose the Aural Essence as my favorite. Wonderful art here, my friend.

    1. Thank you so very much, Jet! I only ever studied fashion drawing. However, I picked up pencils and a bit of paint last year, and believe I will be sketching more in 2019. It may be mostly fashion or street art style, but I enjoy it.
      Aural Essence is a fab choice. It’s so neat everyone has a different fave! Thank you for visiting!
      💥❤️💥Happy New Year! 💥❤️💥

    1. Oh, thank you, Eddie! I adore the art I find in the streets, free, for all.
      I also look forward to a new year’s worth of your wise and beautiful posts!
      May the new year bring you much happiness.
      💥❤️💥Happy New Year! 💥❤️💥

    1. Francina!
      I’m so happy you got to see some of my art. I also think I have many talents. I believe we all do. However, life won’t be long enough to explore them all, let alone bring them to an exceptional state.
      💥❤️💥Happy New Year! 💥❤️💥

    1. I’m so very happy Wanna Be is your fave, because I wanna be!!! Which one is Natascha’s fave?
      To you, Natascha, Sonic, Murli and Samantha:
      💥❤️💥Happy New Year! 💥❤️💥

    1. Christy! You are the only one so far who picked the last one! 😀
      So great you dropped in just before the New Year here in Toronto. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s already 2019 in Samoa, Australia, China and many more countries.
      💥🥂💥🧡💥HAPPY NEW YEAR 💥🥂💥🧡💥

    1. Sweet! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. It’s always a bit scary when I put my sketches out there. Gowns are easy, drawing is more difficult. 😀 3 & 4 are interesting choices. I keep changing my mind. Well, dear Aq, wishing you and yours a:
      💥💜💥🦄💥HAPPY NEW YEAR 💥💜💥🦄💥

  3. How much creativity, each sketch is a story, a different moment for the artist, I love it!!
    I like “Aural Essence” … those drops of cyan, speak of a wonderful artist, this is how the great creators express themselves 😉
    Happy New Year!!!

    1. Yes! It is cyan. It is not just blue, but cyan blue. You know your colours.
      Thank you very much for your wonderful words, Belén!
      Besos y ambrazos

      💥🍷💥🦆💥❤️💥Feliz Año Nuevo 💥🍷💥🦆💥❤️💥

  4. We were doing so many things I totally forgot I posed for you LOL. I guess I got sidetracked by Janis and Burton 😉

    Fun times with you in Toronto, as always. Love you, miss you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Happy New Year!

    1. I love you and miss you, too!
      Has Burton gotten well enough to sing, yet?
      💥❤️💥🌹💥💝💥HAPPY NEW YEAR! 💥❤️💥🌹💥💝💥

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