Staircase of Dreams – São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil is back with a look at “Staircase of Dreams”: in Portuguese, “Escadão dos Sonhos” courtesy of  Carolee Croft! “

Photo © Carolee Croft

“Staircase of Dreams” the title given to the project by the community organization, is described by Carolee.

” This staircase is located in the Pompeia neighbourhood of São Paulo, Brazil.”

Photo © Carolee Croft

“The artwork was commissioned by a local community organization, Cidade Ativa (Active City).”

Photo © Carolee Croft
“Previously, there had been concrete walls around each platform. These structures had enabled a lot of drug deals in the area due to the tall walls that could hide dealers from view.”
Photo © Carolee Croft

“Now, the metal railings allow this beautiful art to be seen instead. There are some pictures and videos of what it used to look like and how the project was done (it looks like they had a lot of fun) at this site: STAIRCASE OF DREAMS”

More of the Staircase!

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“The first time I came across it, I was lucky enough to encounter the artist painting the fox.”
Photo © Carolee Croft
 “I got a photo of the artist’s dog as I walked up the staircase.”
Photo © Carolee Croft
Carolee has named this piece “Fox of Death” 
Photo © Carolee Croft

 “In photos taken a few days later, the “Fox of Death” is completed.”

Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft

I really enjoy the before and after shots!

Photo © Carolee Croft
“It’s a very mysterious painting, and unfortunately my Portuguese wasn’t good enough yet to ask the artist about what it means. Any ideas?”
Photo © Carolee Croft
Pics taken by Carolee Croft – August 7 & 18. 2017
São Paulo, Brazil


Carolee Croft is a Canadian writer currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. She writes novels that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob. You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon

58 thoughts on “Staircase of Dreams – São Paulo

            1. Haha… It is curious: in Buzios where I was last year it is full of argentine people!. Portuñol is a mix resulting from Spanish and Portuguese. They are quite similar languages 😉 xx

    1. On a roll, well there’s so much new Street Art around. It’s summer, the painting season. Still, it’s nothing like March, Kids’ Month. Frank, I have more pieces of art than I can count.
      The posts are quite easy, load in the pics, and a few sentences. There’s not a lot of writing. I write more in the comments boxes than in the posts.
      Trump…. How clever of you to spot that! The face was piquing me, but the nose threw me off.

  1. Absolutely stunning, Carolee & Resa… The staircase in Sao Paolo reminded me of the iconic Escadeira Selaron in beautiful Rio de Janeiro!. You can google it. All made with mosaics, though, not murals…. I will post a pic or Flipagram… on Twitter to show you, Resa!. Love Brazil. Hopefully I´ll visit again soon… Hugs ❤

    1. Thank you, Aquileana! It’s so much fun collaborating. I adore seeing Street Art from anywhere. Okay, I’m going to check out the mosaic piece! What fun. {{hugs}} ❤

      1. Hugs back (You´ll see me too, in the slideshare … and you´ll be able to listen some brazilian music by Yvette Sangalo: she is awesome!). Have a lovely weekend, dear Resa! 😀

    1. Carolee Croft

      And the amazing thing is just how much graffiti is around. Sometimes I take this staircase on my way to the grocery stores, but when I take a different route, there’s lots of other artwork to see.

        1. There must be some in London? I have seen a few great pics. Anyway, maybe you can encourage sister Wapojif to paint up a bit of the town!
          Okay, in the meantime, have an amazing weekend!

        1. There are a lot of galleries in my hood. When I walk by and look in, they seem to be copying yesterday’s street art. They can never catch up. Also, when the street artists finally get gallery shows, it’s as though the powers that be do not let them move on. There is freedom in the streets!

  2. Wonderful project, ladies! This is so much better than bare concrete walls! I like that you even caught the artist in the midst of creating the works of art, Carolee 🙂 HIs doggie was there to help 😉 I’m wondering if that one particular man is supposed to be Trump.. being shot at.. political somehow.. Hugs to you both and hopefully I’ll see Brazil one day!

    1. Yes, Carolee said it is a mix of Trump and a politician from Brazil. Great eye, Christy! I didn’t cach it, but you and A Frank Angle did. 😀
      Carolee is so great to send this in. I don’t know how long she’ll be down there, but I am hoping for 1 more! It’s Friday, so I am looking forward to your Round-up!
      Have a wonderful weekend, dear Christy! xx

  3. I thought that was Trump, too, as I see you confirmed in the comments, even if Trump’s nose is not at all that interesting.

    There is a dark fairy tale in the fox painting.

    The Bird-Mother and Her Son

    A bird-mother bargains with the west wind for a child. She breathes into the wind the names of her ancestors. The west wind spins her, lifts her wings and her belly swells, but her child is born a man.

    “Beware,” warns her cousin, the fox spirit. “Man forgets who he is.”

    She sings her son a bird-lullaby, but he cries and shakes his fist. The wheat-seed she offers makes him angry. He doesn’t understand her bird-words, and he runs away from her, leaving the ancient forest.

    He is taken in by a family of hunters. With them, he hunts the bird-people, one by one, until she herself is the last.

    She turns to her cousin, the fox spirit. “Help my son remember himself.”

    “He is past remembering,” the fox relies. “He is too far from himself.”

    She runs away, and her son follows. He trails her down river valleys, through deserts and into the darkest cave. They leave his adopted family far behind. At last, he corners her at the forest edge, where he has cornered so many others. He shoots poisoned arrows.

    She hears trees die as the arrows sink home. Her feathers and wings fall away where the arrows strike. She chokes from poison, gasping. She turns to face her son. He pauses, his bow taut.

    She sings him the bird-lullaby. He clenches his jaw and lowers his bow.

    “You’re a witch!” he cries.

    She shakes her head. “You must recognize me.”

    “I don’t!” He raises the bow.

    Her cousin, the fox spirit, destroys him before he can commit the ultimate betrayal. As her child dies in her arms, the forest weeps its last leaves around her.

    1. CHAPEAU!!!!!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write out this fairytale for me. Yes, it is dark, but it is also fabulous. I have already recited it to one of my friends today. Wonderful!!! xoxo

            1. Carolee Croft

              Thanks for the wonderful story, Brenda! It gave me goosebumps. I was hoping someone would be able to come up with a good interpretation of that pic, but I wasn’t expecting a whole fairy tale. Chapeau indeed!

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