Blue Lass & Colored Sun Glass

Guess I’m on a blue streak.

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

Paintings on corrugated walls are usually hard to see, let alone photograph.

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

However, this one works great.

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

If you look carefully, in spite of the weeds, you can see the writing says “Kizmet”.

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

It was thrilling to find a large window reflecting this gorgeous piece across the street. It’s a bit like … “Where’s Waldo?” Seriously, can you find me?

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

Pics taken by Resa – September 11, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Artist: Kizmet Gabriel

33 thoughts on “Blue Lass & Colored Sun Glass

    1. The Blue Girl is wonderful! I’m going to put her on my side bar w/ photo cred & link. I can replace the pic I already have linked to your blog, or link to Instagram??? OR???

      1. Absolutely add it, I´d love that!.. Can you replace it for the very first pic I had once sent you right below Carolee´s ?… Link to my blog: best option ((Still no Instagram for me, but I´ll tell you if I create a new account!)) xoxo 😉 ❤

    1. It’s so much fun taking pics of street art. I never know what I’ll find, how I’ll find it and the pluses or minuses of the location when I do. I am always thrilled when there is the opportunity to shoot the art in a reflective surface. Of course, it’s usually a car. 😀

    1. Yes, it went through to my SPAM folder. Everything is corrected now! I’ve been in SPAM folders! When my comments don’t show, I figure I’m in someone’s SPAM.

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