Waterford Walls 2019

You must check out this spectacular post from Inese!!!!! Thank you Waterford Walls!!! AND thank you, Inese!


Making memories

I was out of town during the Waterford Walls festival this August, and only recently took some photographs, probably covering only a half of the walls. Here is a link to the previous Waterford Walls blog posts if you need it for a reference. Please visit the artists websites. All the links in this blog open on separate pages and your reading won’t be interrupted.

Yasja’sNorthern lights-inspired work wasn’t included in the festival map, but I knew it was a recent work. I would have noticed if it has been there before. Yasja is a brilliant artist from Amsterdam and I choose her work for my opening picture.

I walk wall to wall, and it takes me about two hours to see all these wonderful murals.

Niamh Curry  grew up in Clonmel, Ireland. She is a self-taught artist, and her works are recognizable for their bright colors and…

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51 thoughts on “Waterford Walls 2019

    1. They are stunners!
      I’m good, dear Lonely. You?
      Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. We had the big family meal yesterday. I’m still recovering, and I only eat the vegetables. Okay… the wine was as fluid as the ink from your pen’s poetry.
      Hmm, that’s interesting. I can get as drunk on your words, as I can on wine.

    1. I am quite happy out here. So, I guess it shows. You’re the same!
      I’m slow with all my responses, as it’s been busy Thanksgiving!
      A Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!

      1. To be truthful?? Forget Waterford–no disrespect. Just WANT THEM on me Davidson St. walls… Or even me Ferry walls/ No such luck though. Just too bad. Too bad. xxxx
        ( Need to content myself with gowns instead. Not so bad mind you… x)

  1. These are fantastic. The dog in the clerical collar reminds me of a wonderful show I have watched on Netflix, “Herrens Veje”. If you have not seen it yet you should, I think you would love it. 😉 (Danish subtitles)

  2. I was over at Ines’ blog earlier today and saw the mention of lovely YOU! Well done 🙂 The street art in her post is awesome – I loved seeing all the female depictions on the walls.

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