A Helping Hand for Butterflies

Nick Sweetman organized a Butterfly Project in an alley alongside a kids’ park.

It is part of the  David Suzuki Butterfly Project

Wish you all had been with me. It was most wonderful and delightful.

These  are 2 of the paintings.

Pics taken by Resa – 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

45 thoughts on “A Helping Hand for Butterflies

    1. You’re welcome! It’s a great project. We’re getting a Monarch on one of our walls outside. We also have Milkweed growing for the Monarchs.

    1. That’s a Nick Sweetman piece. He is bar none my fave artist in the city. His images of nature…insects, sea creatures, land animals, flora & fauna are un-paralleled.

  1. Glorious. Wings like stained glass windows, and an exquisite rose. Spring popped up real early here in sth France and I saw my first butterfly weeks ago. They’ve gone a bit quiet again now as we’ve had a lot of rain. Their presence is always a joy. Thanks as always for sharing the pics XX

    1. You’re right! They do look like stained glass wings. It sounds like spring where you are is ahead of Toronto. It is a lovely alley, and like I said, I wish everyone could see the art for real. However, I do my best taking pics. XX

  2. Every time I see the graffiti you post here, Resa, my jaw drops. The talent!! I’m just covered in goosebumps!! These are absolutely phenomenal. You are documenting history! FYI …. I laughed out loud about what Ralph said. LOL YOU are brilliant … just as brilliant as these artists are. Amazing! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Amazing!! More awareness for Bees and Butterflies should happen..
    I was so proud of my own Eight yr old granddaughter, who a few years ago was afraid of bees, until I taught her not to be..
    She stood in the playground and school defending a bee on the grass as pupils threw sticks at it… She remembered what I had told her about Bees producing our food by pollination, and that with out bees we would have no fruits or berries etc..
    Some listened and then joined her in protecting it…
    She is very insightful and said.. ‘Grandma, guess what? I am sure I heard the Bee say thank you’ as it later flew away after getting its second wind..
    I thought I would share that gem.. and know you would enjoy it.. ❤

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