Tallinn, Estonia – Street Art

This blue elk is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, who travelled to Tallinn late last year. I got these fab pics.

The area I am showing is the old industrial area. All types of artists have moved in, and the area is gentrifying. This is the main square, of that area. Notice a couple of men at a magazine stand far right, but first a couple of closer ups.

Here’s the magazine stand. There is a wonderful owl over it.

The wings of the world are below. You stand in the centre, and have your photo taken. You’ll look like an angel.

I call them “wings of the world”, because they are in many, many cities around the world. I know where there are 3 sets of wings in Toronto, and I can walk to them all.

Turn the wings corner, and find yourself in a graf writing paradise!

More street art.

Tallinn City’s population is 427,000. The city centre is a mix of fabulous old world, and modern architecture.

Below is L’opéra national “Estonia”

© Guillaume Speurt – click on pic to go to his Flicker page

Thank you for checking out the street art in Tallinn with me!

Photos (except L’opéra national “Estonia”) © N. Orenstein

55 thoughts on “Tallinn, Estonia – Street Art

    1. Yeah, the wings are fun, and I adore that they are an interactive universal part of street art….. or something like that. It was very interesting to see wall art in this part of the planet. xoxo
      (music night & I only have a few sheets of drawing paper & the art supply store is closed and guess I’m gonna have to be uber creative)
      The guys have an industrial size hand sanitizer, and they stand about 6-8 feet apart. They have space.

        1. Almost out! It’s crazy here. I wish people would stop panic buying. It’s bad enough I’m out of drawing paper… et tu toilet paper! ❤

  1. Timothy Price

    You found some fantastic art. The selfie with the skeleton and the squirrel sculpture over the magazine stand are both super. The elk is really interesting because it’s between the prickly pear cactus. We have elk and prickly pear cactus, those two together don’t seem very Canadian in my mind. Tallinn is a photographer’s paradise.

    1. Yes…. my owl …. squirrel. The round beak should have been my clue. Lol!
      I can see why a photographer, like you, would find Tallinn to be a paradise. It is definitely different from North America. I bet you would find tons of oddities and interestings.
      I do adore the selfie w/ skeleton, too!
      Yes, we have no prickly pears up here. Maybe in the Okanagan.

  2. I loved Tallinn! Have you ever heard of the Baltic Chain? The Baltic Way or Baltic Chain was a peaceful political demonstration that occurred on August 23, 1989. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675.5 kilometres (419.7 mi) across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which were considered at the time to be constituent republics of the Soviet Union. We can do great things together!

    1. The Baltic Chain… I do believe I remember that.
      You should market yourself as a living encyclopedia!
      And, yes, we can do great things together!
      When were you in Tallinn?

      1. Many years ago back in 2010. What was amazing about that trip was that I met a women who was married to someone my mother, Frances, knew back in the 1940’s. They came from the same small town in Nebraska. Frances was so happy to know that he had had a wonderful life. We live in a big world, but a marvelously small community.

    1. Hahaha!…
      For some reason, unknown to me, I thought; Louis the Sixth!
      Having said that, I looked up Louis the VI. LOL.. He was known as Louis le Gros, or Fat Louis.
      TOF, knowing you is quite the fat learning experience….. so far!
      Am in 1926, working towards the moon.

      1. Many years ago for a short period in my life I allowed myself to become ‘Fat Mike’ to the extent I ended up with Diabetes 2. Most unpleasant. 7 months later and 8 stone lighter I left the diabetes 2 behind and have been out of the zone ever since. There you have it, a ‘fat learning experience’. I live in hope you enjoy The Moon. Regards, Once Fat Mike or OFM

  3. What a cool collection. The elk, yes, and I was watching an old episode of Walking Dead last night with an elk in it. The 3D wall sculpture is utterly amazing. The weird buildings/kiosks taking off into space is fascinating. The death selfie and wrestler VS demon are fab! Great share :)X

    1. Was the elk a zombie?
      LOL! Glad you enjoyed this. You’re the first to mention the wrestler vs demon. I quite like that piece.
      All in all quite an interesting place through the purview of street art. 😀 X

  4. Most beautiful pics on walls at Tallin,Estonia.you have introduced me from amazing painting on street walls. I like very much the first painting because of its spiritual meaning.and owl’s image are superb.you all effort of showing those amazing paintings are so much admirable👌👌👌👌i love those painting❤

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