En Masse

Graffiti Alley is changing.

Old buildings are being torn down. New ones are going up.

Still, it seems to be embracing street art, but will the hardcore graffiti disappear?

This En Masse mural is in the parking entrance to a new building.

Above, a Poser Bunny welcomes us. Poser’s Bunnies go way back, and are an old fave of mine.

Lots to cover in this one. Here are some of my faves.

The ceiling is a work of craziness.

I put the rest in a slideshow for my hardcore street art pals.

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Pics taken by Resa – March 28, 2023

Toronto, Canada

The Artists: Birdo, Poser, Ness Lee, Blackburn & more

There was a second floor of fun mayhem, but I couldn’t get up there, yet.

By the River

If poems were gowns, Holly would need a mansion to keep hers in! Maybe 2 mansions.

House of Heart

There’s a cabin set back in the trees, hidden like rabbits among the autumn leaves. In the window that looks out on the sleepy river, there is a writer’s desk  with printer’s ink and fresh flowers kissed by the sun. 

Do you recall the peaceful days we shared  among the redwoods that spoke to us?  Memories evoke such nostalgia for that ache, that fierce crushing devotion.

I left a basket of seeds in the arch of a tree for the birds to scatter, then I etched our names in its bark. I will always remember you and the cabin by the river, the sultry nights I danced for you, sheer layers of silk floating to the herringbone floor.

SteveHanks Art

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Lion Scream – by Robbie Cheadle

I thought I knew what was happening to earth’s animals. Now I know what I knew, but better.

Through the use of syllabic poetry, photography, video and text, Robbie takes us on a learning tour of South Africa’s creatures and their environment. I even learned a new term: Sixth Mass extinction.

I don’t know much about poetic structures, but I know what poetry I like when I read it. I like all of Robbie’s  poems, even when the message is haunting.

I also know I love animals. Please enjoy Robbie’s videos! They are only a few seconds long.

Robbie teaches about the BIG FIVE: Rhinos, Lions, Elephants, Leopards and African Buffalo.

Did you know Rhinos cry tears when poachers dehorn them?

It’s sad that when teaching about animals we need to teach also about their impending demise. Back away, or put your head in the sand and be part of the problem!

Did you know there are White Lions? They are not albino, but rather white due to “a recessive trait called leucism.”

Robbie has confirmed that the lion at the foot of the tree in the following video of a “Lion in a Tree”, is a white lion. She also says that she has never seen a lion climb a tree before. Imagine having seen enough lions in your life that you could make that statement?

Living in captivity is necessary for survival of many. This baby leopard is so cute, a delight to witness.

Robbie teaches about the UGLY FIVE:  Warthog, Vulture, Wildebeest, Marabou Stork and Hyena.

There are many other mammals included in her book: Cheetahs, Wildebeests, Tigers, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Jackals, Antelope, Monkeys, Giraffes, Lizards, Flamingos and more.  She does not forget insects, sunflowers, bushes, fires and all that contribute.

“The Nutcracker” is a short story at the end of the book that for me tied my experience together. Yes, this book is an experience, not just a read.

I would have gluttonously included all of her videos in this post, but have controlled myself. You can find her African Animal videos on her Youtube Channel.

Robbie’s Youtube Channel

Click on Robbie’s pic below to visit Robbie on her blog, and connect to her other blogs.

Click on “Lion Scream” book cover to buy it on Amazon.

Roberta Eaton Cheadle aka Robbie Cheadle; click on her bio below and see all of her books on Amazon.

Gemini the hyperactive thinker

From Marina Kanavaki at Art Towards a Happy day, here is the third sign of the Zodiac as imagined by Anakreon Kanavakis, Marina’s father. Seeing each astrological sign go by, in a drawing by him, is adding another joy to my life.

Marina Kanavaki

[21 May – 20 June]

Today is the first day of Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac.

Gemini is amutable air sign, ruled by Mercury.

Quick-witted and sociable they are always ready for fun [or not!] with a curiosity about the world that knows no bounds …but is there enough time?!

Starting from the last [12th] sign, I’ll be posting these original illustrations, Anakreon Kanavakis created for a calendar. [check it out here]

I love these so much, I designed a whole set of products with them at my art shop.

Here are a few.

Happy Sunday!

and… Happy birthdays to all Geminis out there!

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Sea Turtle

Found this on the side of a big ol’ house in an alley.

The alley was narrow, so I shot mostly on an angle.

Love the colours.

Made the alley come alive!

Pics taken by Resa – May 8, 2023

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:


Opossums Eat 5,000 Ticks Per Season

Let’s see! 5,000 tasty ticks per season.

Each season is about 90 days.

5000 ÷ 90 = 55.555555555555556

So, the opossum eats about 56 ticks a day.

That doesn’t seem like a meal.

Must be their snacks.

Pics taken by Resa – March 21, 2023

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

Daydreaming – Friday Fictioneers

A fab mural and a good luck splat. Thanks Thunder!

A Dalectable Life

Very sneaky, Rochelle!  You go to great lengths to get me to play Friday Fictioneers!  And it worked, too!  If you’re inspired to write a 100-word story based on my photo (thanks for choosing it, my friend), please do so by clicking on the frog below and adding your link.  G’head, it’s loads of fun!

"Frog flying in the sky with clouds " Stock image and royalty-free ... Click to play


She stepped away from her cottage onto the grass, cool and springy beneath her feet. She lay on a small hill, crossed her feet and interlaced her fingers to cradle her head.  Gazing up at the blue sky, her thoughts drifted with the clouds, dreamily.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to ride one of those clouds or up and fly to diverse destinations with the birds.  To experience new cultures, go on adventures, to see—


Right on her forehead.

“Thanks a lot!” she shouted to the now empty…

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