Boogapony Holly – Magic Carpet Tour


With all new costumes,

and a brand new playlist.

Pony on down with Boogapony Holly and her all new back-up dancers, the Boogapony Poniettes!

Let them thrill you in front of some of the best street art in the city’s alleys!

And don’t miss out on the special midnight rooftop performances at Resa’s Mural!

Featuring retro fashion shows.

and live music.

Be there or be 🔲

Boogapony Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since January, 2018

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

I’ve wanted to shoot this for several years.

Thing is, it’s in Kensington Market on one of the main streets, and a slew of humanity is constantly walking by. The vehicular traffic is also a deterrent.

Today, a winter’s Monday was my opportunity.

It’s…. like… so cool!

There’s little else, no single. It’s the album or this unofficial bit.

I found this segment from the documentary about him quite interesting.

Pics taken by Resa – February 3, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

On A Frank Farewell

Much to my consternation, my dear blog pal, A Frank Angle, is retiring from the blog world. Good-byes are difficult, so instead, I have decided to induct him into:

Opening this tribute, direct from Holly’s House Of Heart, is Rene Rosso doing her rendition, of renditions, of a song by:

…one of Frank’s fave bands;

Here is one of the many renditions.

Frank has written some very popular posts over his 11 years. One of his most interesting regular articles was “Opinions In The Shorts” aka OITS.

The first time I ever read an OITS, the opening shot was a bunch of shorts on a clothesline. I figured huh, this guy sits around in shorts, writing opinions. Cool!I was wrong; opinions yes, shorts no.Dale, from A Dalectable Life has been a lovely, loyal co-host on many of Frank’s posts.

For this special occasion, Dale has cut short her Paris Gown fitting at Art Gowns, to model this OITS outfit I designed. We hope you have an opinion about it!

Frank is from Cincinnati, and is a huge baseball fan.

Direct from  Art Towards A Happy Day is Marina Kanavaki. Marina graciously agreed to model this Cincinnati Reds Art Gown. This and all Art Gowns art here today have been specifically created for Frank.

Music has always been a big thing on Frank’s blog. Most recently Frank has been producing music concerts. However, before that he produced many Theatrical Musicals.

That’s me above, in a pair of tights with Marina’s artwork (Paths of Color) on them. I’m off to the theatre, to see one of Frank’s productions. As a matter of fact, the post was titled “Off to the Theatre in Paths of Color”. If you click on the pic you can read the post!

Frank, here’s Rene Rosso with another song for you!

To all reading: Frank’s last 3 posts are scheduled for: January 28, January 30, February 1 & February 2. Click  on the pic below,  to check out the first  of the last.

 Now, here’s Rene Rosso with her special choice of song for you. As always, with RR, the Torchier, the better.

Eye will miss you.

Dear Frank,

Time is such a thief. I just found you several years ago and now after a short time, you will not be around. The photo below (also the header, which I tried to filter into looking like one of your cosmic headers) was taken when I was in my 30’s. I dug it up for this post.

Dale, Marina and Holly were all in cahoots with me. They knew what I was up to, and they all approved their outfits.

-Resa xo

Mermaid Corner

Traffic heavy corner, and the best spot was in the middle of the street.

 Middle of the street was a no go, so, I took the first 2 shots & the 6th shot from across the street.

I took these next 3 from the same side of the street.

I thought, it’s black and white, so I put it through a black and white filter for the next pic.

Pics taken by Resa – January 3, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Ness Lee

Red Dawn

Some beautiful words by Holly and a gorgeous video. I’m neck deep in paperwork, but will be back to my abnormal routine next week. In the meantime, enjoy this!

House of Heart

At night we entwine
interlacing tendrils weaving
bodies stretching, limbs
reaching, giving way, every ripple
replicated in the amber sand.
Nights are as sweet as dew drops
on a rose and each breath is a vow.
A silent Oracle I inscribe Arabesque
across the grain of your skin
so that when you wake
you will remember.

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