Floral Abstractions

Chris Perez has taken his floral art, to street art rendering perfection.

Here are 4 different garage doors, with a close-up or 2 before the full pic.





Pics taken by Resa – May 6, October 29 & December 28, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: (In order of appearance)

This last entry is from a garage door in Feel Good Lane

56 thoughts on “Floral Abstractions

  1. Chris Perez has brightened up many neighborhoods with this fantastic art. Amazing how he can create the big picture, and then have such powerful details too, like dots and angel halos. Great photos, too, Resa.

    1. Who takes the pics
      95% of the pics on this blog are taken by me.
      5% are Guests

      Where are the pics
      70 % are taken in Toronto
      20% are taken in Winnipeg
      5% are taken in Ottawa
      5% are from Guests over the globe.

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    1. Lol! There’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile! I used to say; Gino Vanilla!
      It’s a fab shot with the wet street and bluish reflections. Yes, there I am, a bit far away, holding a gift of flowers.
      Thing is, faces change. So, I feel I have to update my pic. The last one was on my Gravatar for 4 years. I figure this one should be good for 8 – 10 years! 🤔😉:D

  3. I love all of these Resa, I want some art on my garage door! I have fallen in love with door number 2, it is amazing. The others are so beautiful too but I love the exotic flair of that door. I’m sorry I’m late to this party but I wasn’t feeling so great yesterday. Sending hugs and love! ❤ ❤

    1. The second one is a beauty. That’s kind of why I put them all in 1 post. Who could choose?
      I hope you feel better! ❦❦ Never worry about being late to my parties, or even missing some! We have a lot to do every day.
      Did you see the slippers the Chicklets made us a few days ago? Mine are ducks and yours are bunnies. Too, cute for words!!!! Hugs and love!! ❤ ❤

  4. Nawfal

    Very smooth transition in colours, very nice. Hi Resa! Hope you are well. The WP blog notification “thing” is quite frustrating because I rarely see new posts of other bloggers I am subscribed to. For example, your two recent posts….it was not listed in the notifications of bloggers I am subscribed to. And it isn’t just your blogs, it is a lot of other bloggers blogs I am subscribed to. By now, WP should have figured out to put notifications of bloggers, at the top of the lists, of those we interact with the most (using some algorithms of blogs we interact with most means we are more interested in getting notifications from those bloggers). Nevertheless, many of my favourite blogs, like yours, are rarely showing up in that notifications (recently published posts) option. I have to intentionally go to your blog icons, click on the icons and go to your blogs to see new posts, and you always have something new and interesting to see, but these posts, and posts of other favorite blogs, don’t show up with any priority in the WP notifications, and thus, it is frustrating. I’m rambling….sorry, woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep, and thought of getting some work done. Take care!

    1. No worries, at all! Same for me over here! Notifications disappear sometimes, and are hard to get back. The Reader is unreliable, at best. I try to remember my faves, best I can. You take care, too!!!!!

  5. That is a true feast for the eyes, conceptualising those pieces must have taken time, it is truly impressive, and the colours work so well complementing each other.

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