Jarus Sunglass Lass

“Le Gasp”, another Jarus beauty captures me.

Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus

At Queen West on Spadina, her face adds intrigue and beauty to a grey city street-scape.

Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus

Pics taken by Resa, on June 19, 2014

Toronto, Canada

31 thoughts on “Jarus Sunglass Lass

    1. I really don’t know if Jarus is male or female, but the art is fabulous.
      Look, I say it again…you need to do a piece on the street!
      One of your girls in boots would get covered around the world by street art lovers.
      I don’t know of anyone who went to jail for painting on a wall, and there are legal avenues.
      Perhaps you know someone who would allow you a wall? 🙂

        1. “lol”
          Love your work!
          You know, some of the artists use projection.
          So whatever, you use boots!
          I must say I am very much enjoying your photographs!
          xo Resa

          1. Thanks, I guess if I would be younger, I would like to try it, but someday my back hurt pretty bad, but I know it is not a good excuse, I would have to learn how to do it and what to use, it is quite different working on a small canvas, usually 22 or 24 inches by 28 to 36…and the products and techniques must be quite different, maybe I could find a way, and time is missing,,,:) still have to come around and do something with yours gowns and photo…I would need to be able not to work…;D and try new things…:)

            1. Of course I have some of the same impediments, in my own artistic areas.
              Well, you do what you do well, and you will keep doing it well.
              But perhaps one day, if someone asks if you will paint their garage door and you do, I will travel to Montreal and take pics of it!
              Take care, don’t worry and keep painting and taking pics!

    1. Jarus definitely uses spray like an airbrush! I think the muted colors help that feel.
      This person’s work is some of my very favorite. It’s crazy how I’ve gotten to know so many of the local artist’s styles.

        1. Yes, it was! At that time this vid made me feel great because I had fab legs…not breasts .. or thinnest … or anything else
          And I love that we can all have 1 thing… eyes, lips, hair, feet, hands, comments .. 😉

            1. Aww, you’re so sweet! Hoping you’ll see some when I can get anyone to take pics of me in the blue pair of Marina’s leggings. Wish Sherrie was here! She knows how to take a pic!

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