46 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Do you believe in serendipity? We had a cloudy morning and when I opened your posts, the sun came out. I’m sending the rays of warmth your way. As for dreaming – here is another serendipity moment – just came back from House of Heart, which is a profound reflection on the state of dreaming. Yes, I do believe in serendipity.

    1. Yay! Yeah, serendipity is.
      HoH’s poem today is spectacular! It makes me dream of running with the wolves.
      So, sun and dreams are serendipitous, today!
      (I’ll take any sun you have to spare! I’m dying to shoot the new Art Gown)

  2. The Clan Mother is amazing. This is also amazing and so apropos on the wall of a children’s playground. There is beauty every where , we just have to find it and I always find it here Resa. xo

    1. Thank you, dear Holly!
      Arts are a wonderful thing. (music night tomorrow)
      Toronto can be a cold city, however, the street art is making a lot warmer.
      I was drawn in by this beautiful child’s face. ❦

      1. It’s heartwarming to find that a gifted artist wanted to make this a beautiful place for children. It restores one’s faith in humanity. You show us that with your amazing shots of wall art !Thanks for

  3. Timothy Price

    What a cool mural. I love the how the spaceship, Saturn and bubble like forms are funky drawings in contrast to the style of the dreamer. It is really effective for evoking a Dream.

  4. Hi Resa, a great image I can really relate to as a Sci-Fi geek! This is so beautiful, the dreamer gazing through the visor of their helmet and looking out at the depths of space which are probably the same sketches we scribbled as kids. It’s amazing how well a cardboard helmet protects you from space rays. Thanks for sharing a dream!

    1. Ahh, so happy you l like this. I can imagine you and many kids playing spaceship in a cardboard box. Interesting, I was always turning boxes into doll home, or doll beds.
      If earth is ever invaded by aliens with space rays from their ships, I will definitely remember to wear a cardboard helmet!
      You’re welcome, and very neat comment!

        1. YES!
          Finished watching all…. twice.
          I have a definite fave and second fave… and a 3rd consideration.
          I just sent them to Holly!
          I’ll let it be a surprise, as to which one we pick.
          I can’t thank you enough, but will attempt to in the post!

  5. Amidst the big and in this days before Christmas hectic town of Munich I’m often dreaming of spending my life in a little lodge deep in the silent, peaceful mountain forrests oft the Northern Alps… 😉

  6. So cool to see this, Resa, and the image woke me up, especially as Serendipity was mentioned earlier in the comments. Early yesterday morning I was staring up at the starry sky and saw some odd, moving lights, this was followed by a shooting star. Of course, I made a wish, and it was a special moment but one that for certain became lost with the toil of the day. Today though, seeing your post, and the starry-eyed kid in his cradboard space gear looking up and dreaming… was just the reminder I needed how magical life can be when stopping a while to stare. Thanks for sharing space kid and his cardboard dreams 🙂 🚀🛸👩‍🚀👨‍🚀😊

    1. This is a very lovely and sweet comment, dear TVTA!
      As you know, I was over on Art Gowns. Whenever I do a new Art Gown, I’m entrenched there for about a week.
      I love the shooting stars, and I love wishes. Cardboard boxes are pretty great when one was a kid. I used to make doll homes in them. 😀 x Talk soon!

    1. It’s a sweet and wonderful painting, especially in a kids’ park!
      Apologies for not replying sooner, Charlie, but I’ve been over on Art Gowns for a week.
      I just posted Velvet Tango, and it was very busy over there.
      I’m heading over to see what you’ve been up to!!! ❦

      1. No worries my friend. 🙂

        I’ll be stopping by soon at (Art Gowns) and see what you’ve been posting. Excited! 🙂

        Paintings bring everyone together and that’s what I love about street art and what it captures in all of us. Heart, and emotion. 🙂

  7. The rocket shows that imagination can take us anywhere, space being such a wonderful place for one. I love the what looks to me like a cardboard astronaut helmet. An inspiration to kids to imagine the impossible.

    1. Yes… a cardboard helmet.
      It’s so imaginative. My friends 3 year old can’t put down the IPad.
      I guess he has an internet helmet?
      Maybe I’m old fashioned.
      Happy Holidays!

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